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  1. K

    Acrocephalus Warbler

    Thank you very much for your replies! That transcontinental mimicry is fascinating!
  2. K

    Acrocephalus Warbler

    Hi all I photographed and managed to sound-record this small acrocephalus warbler in Pretoria, South Africa, but was hoping for some opinions on it from some international/European birders with more experience with this genus. The two regular options for South Africa would be African...
  3. K

    Wild or Escaped Duck in South Africa?

    Hi all This single male Knob-billed Duck has been hanging around on a suburban dam in Pretoria, South Africa, for at least 5 years. Although they are rarely reported as nomadic wanderers from the the wider area, wild Knob-billed Ducks are pretty much unheard of within the city. I've only ever...
  4. K

    Warbler - South Africa

    Hi all I recently photographed this warbler at the edge of a large reedbed without any stretches of open water in Pretoria, South Africa. It seems to have the general looks of an acrocephalus warbler, and the heavy bill seems to fit Great Reed Warbler (The smaller reed warblers and Lesser...
  5. K

    Falcon in South Africa

    Thanks all! I did have to overexpose the photos to make any details show up against the clouded sky. Would an Amur possibly have a thick moustachial stripe like in photo 2 then?
  6. K

    Falcon in South Africa

    Hi all I photographed this falcon over a golf course in Pretoria, South Africa. Possibilities here would include: -Lanner and Peregrine - resident -Amur Falcon - common summer migrant -Eurasian Hobby - uncommon to fairly common summer migrant - Eleonora's and Sooty - extremely rare vagrants and...
  7. K

    Chat? Warbler? South Africa

    Definitely Kalahari Scrub-Robin - common in the Pilanesberg :t:
  8. K

    Help ID with bird @ Lower Zambezi National park

    White-browed Coucal - Burchell's Coucal (which is sometimes considered a race of White-browed) doesn't occur in Zambia.
  9. K

    Lark, Kruger NP, South Africa

    The giss of this bird points more to a pipit in my opinion (or maybe the distortion just affected this) - and possibly Bushveld Pipit. Do you recall how big the bird was? Sparrow-sized? Larger perhaps? Keanu
  10. K

    Greater/Southern Double Collared Sunbird, South Africa

    The breast band looks to me within the range for Southern Double-collared Sunbird subspecies capricornensis (see photo attached https://www.theflacks.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Magoebos-3-415-2.jpg ) which occurs in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, and looks a bit on the narrow side compared to...
  11. K

    Kaeng Krachan 5_thailand_June

    #5 Rufous-breasted Bush Robin
  12. K

    Large orange-billed tern - Walvis Bay, Namibia

    He's still out in the field, but will email it to me shortly and I'll post it :t: .
  13. K

    Large orange-billed tern - Walvis Bay, Namibia

    He has since sent me another picture (these are all framegrabs from a video) - I'm not sure if the bill still appears as heavy in this picture? He is also pretty adamant that the bill was distinctly orange - separating it from nearby Swift Terns.
  14. K

    Large orange-billed tern - Walvis Bay, Namibia

    Thanks for the quick replies! The bird was apparently preening and ruffling its feathers so maybe that's the cause of the dark blotches on its mantle?
  15. K

    Large orange-billed tern - Walvis Bay, Namibia

    Hi all A friend of mine recently photographed a large orange-billed tern in Walvis Bay, Namibia. It was subsequently identified as a Lesser Crested Tern by a local expert. However, surely the bill is too heavy and the bird too big in comparison to the surrounding Common Terns, for it to be...
  16. K

    Some Kruger N Park birds

    Agree with 1 - Sabota Lark, 2 - Southern Grey-headed Sparrow, 4 - Common Greenshank and 5 - White-headed Vulture. Number 3 I think is a Monotonous Lark, due to the stout bill, rather plain face, compact build and the yellow gape (Monotonous Lark adults retain this feature). The bird doesn't...
  17. K

    More South Africa (Kruger) birds

    Yes, 1-3 Southern Grey-headed Sparrow, 4 - Bateleur and 5 - Fork-tailed Drongo
  18. K

    ID Birds Namibia

    1 - African Grey Hornbill female - grey bill with red tip 2 - African Pipit - dainty build, marked back, well-defined facial features and yellow mandible base 3 - Cape Starling - yellow eye, absence of dark blue ear coverts Keanu
  19. K

    Zambia, cisticolas

    The 2nd and 3rd photos are of Tawny-flanked Prinias by the way. Keanu
  20. K

    Last ID query from South Africa trip, Feb 2017

    Levaillant's Cisticola - very dark back and grassland/wetland (not bushveld like Rattling) habitat Keanu
  21. K

    Another set of queries from Kruger Nat'l Park, Feb 2017

    1-3 Yellow-breasted Apalis 4 - Scarlet-chested Sunbird 5 - Red-faced Cisticola
  22. K

    Temminck's Stint, Nepal

    Yes, it is ;) Keanu
  23. K

    Raptors - Zimbabwe

    1. Hooded Vulture - note long thin beak and pointed head 2. Gabar Goshawk or Ovambo Sparrowhawk I would say, quite difficult to tell apart in flight 3. African Harrier-Hawk - white band across tail, yellow face 4. White-headed Vulture - white underparts and white edges to the underwing coverts...
  24. K

    Fish Eagles - Zimbabwe

    The second bird looks like a first year juvenile - they have much more black and brown colouration on their bodies than the second year immatures typically depicted in field guides. They become paler and finally attain adult plumage after at least 5 years. Keanu
  25. K

    Some birds from Namibia to ID

    4. White-rumped Swift - note the rather deep fork to the tail and white rump extending onto the tertials 8. Little Stint - note the small size, brown upperparts, lack of black shoulder patch etc. 9. Southern Fiscal - this bird is of the western subspecies, hence the white eyebrow 10. female...