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  1. marek_walford

    Canary Islands logistics

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering if doing 3 islands means a lot of time in airports, on planes and picking up hire cars?
  2. marek_walford

    Canary Islands logistics

    Hi I'm planning a trip for May 2018. The plan is to do Tenerife and Feutureventura and clean up the endemics. We hoped to ferry between islands but there doesn't seem to be many options for taking a car and leaving it on a different island (plan is to fly into Tenerife and fly out of...
  3. marek_walford

    Collins Bird Guide for Android Survey

    Sound is included. UK BTO distribution maps is an in app purchase. Video is an in app purchase on the IOS Apple version so hopefully will be an option in a future release of the Android version.
  4. marek_walford

    Collins Bird Guide for Android Survey

    Best email [email protected] Don't forget to mention the phone make and model and the version of Android.
  5. marek_walford

    Collins Bird Guide for Android Survey

    No problems for me. What problem are you having?
  6. marek_walford

    RFI Cyprus, September 2016.

    I'd be interested too. Going tomorrow on a "non-birding holiday".
  7. marek_walford

    Collins Birds Guide App.

    The company doing the Collins Bird Guide isn't the same company that did The Birds of East Africa. Bad news for Android users is that they have no plans for an Android version, although they say they haven't ruled it out for the future.
  8. marek_walford

    Mystery bird - UK

    Near Reading, Berkshire.
  9. marek_walford

    Mystery bird - UK

    Here's some more photos of the tail. It really does look like white outer tail feathers, even in multiple photos at different angles. The call sounds much flatter than the one on xeno but I admit does sound Bullfinch-like. Juv Bullfinch sounds plausible, assuming the tail is a trick of the...
  10. marek_walford

    Mystery bird - UK

    The tail is odd, being very short. It may be regrowing. It appears to have white outer tail feathers.
  11. marek_walford

    Mystery bird - UK

    That was my best guess at the time but it's got white outer tail feathers. The call isn't as soft as Bullfinch either. It was also larger.
  12. marek_walford

    Mystery bird - UK

    Hi, Seen today in the UK. Calling continually (MP3 sound clip attached). Extremely elusive! Despite calling constantly it took over 2 hours to get a view of the bird high up in poplars (hence the terrible photos looking up at it). Any ideas? Cheers, Marek
  13. marek_walford

    ID required North Devon

    Yes, it's a Buzzard.
  14. marek_walford

    Wader Norfolk uk

    Possibly Wilson's Phalarope, especially in pic 5, looks small headed and pot bellied with a long thin straight bill. Doesn't look like enough white on neck and head on other photos though but it's a distant blurry shot so possibly artifacts.
  15. marek_walford

    Tablet Computers

    I've got the Nexus 7. If you want a 7" device it's easily the best out there. Two possible negatives - there is no card slot so you can't expand the memory (16GB is the largest available) and there's no HDMI out (so you can't plug it into your TV). If that doesn't matter to you and you're Ok...
  16. marek_walford

    Ruddy Shelduck...

    You can count whatever you like on your personal list! Otherwise, depends what authority you want to follow. If you follow the BOU you can't tick Ruddy Sheluck as no modern wild records have been accepted and it isn't on category C as a self-sustaining feral species. Good info here...
  17. marek_walford

    Out Skerries June 2012

    "Braving the slightly hairy crossing to the Mioness peninsula today" I bottled that last time! Going again this year so might have to pluck up the courage! Best of luck.
  18. marek_walford

    Snow Geese - what's the current position?

    Snow Goose is on category C by vitue of a self-sustaining population in Argyll, so you can count those. Elsewhere, you would have to prove your bird is from the Argyll population or is a genuine wild bird. However, there are so many escapes and feral non-sustaining populations all over the...
  19. marek_walford

    Snow Geese - what's the current position?

    Snow Geese are very common in captivity and escapes also very common. Birds in Pinkfoot flocks on Scottish islands may be more likely to be genuine vagrants. I live near the Hampshire flock which has all but died out now. I still see Snow Geese locally every year of "unknown origin" but they're...
  20. marek_walford

    Bird ID, Martil (northern Morocco)

    Could be Marsh Owl.
  21. marek_walford

    Lost screw

    Thanks for the reply. I haven't got it with me but it was one of the tiny 3-4mm-type screws on the lens body. I think there's 3 or 4 of them on that section. They're always working lose and this one worked it's way off without me noticing.
  22. marek_walford

    Brighton Birding

    Sheepcote Valley, Woodvale Cremetorium and Brighton Marina are all close together and offer enough to amuse yourself for a few hours.
  23. marek_walford

    Lost screw

    Hi, I have a 400mm f5.6 and one of the tiny screws has gone missing. Does anybody know where i could get a replacement? Thanks, Marek