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    UK Birders- the worst month for Birding?

    What do you consider the worst month for Birding??? Remember,I said Birding!!!
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    Nikon lense

    Hi,I currently shoot with a Nikon D7000 and sigma 150/500 lens. I am interested in the Tamron 150/600 lense for the focal length it gives but am slightly wary of certain issues I have read about. Ideally I would like a Nikon fixed lense which gets a decent focal length but these are obviously...
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    Nikon D7000 possible problem

    After a bit if advice if poss!!!! I have 2 SD cards,1 16GB which I pretty much use all the time and a smaller 4GB card . This morning I went to use the camera and it wouldn't let me shoot anything and all I got was an hourglass coming up in the display. I took the card out and put it into slot...
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    Miserable Birders???

    I have always thought of Birding and its Followers as a little bit odd,or at least some of the behaviour by some in this hobby,towards others.I first noticed it as a teenager when I walked into a bird hide,asked the chap who was sitting in there if he had seen anything,who replied "you've got...
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    Rare birds

    In response to the conversation currently going on on the Black Woodpecker thread,I would be interested to find out what birds people have seen,subsequently reported only to be turned down for whatever reason by the BBRC or other countries Rare birds committee ???
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    Essex birding trip

    Would anyone be up for a trip outside of Essex one Sunday. My next free Sunday is the 3rd March I can fit 8 in my bus,plus myself,plenty of space for scopes,bags,cameras etc. Was thinking Norfolk or Suffolk,with a start of around 5am to get up there for dawn(ish) It's a non profit making...
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    Dungeness Today

    Went down to Dungeness today with our local group "boozy birders" taken by Howard from Rainham RSPB on his day off. Absolutely fantastic day down there,will probably miss some of the highlights as there was so many but here goes Started off at Dungeness beach with hundreds of red throated...
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    Norfolk next week

    Am going up to Norfolk next week,Tuesday till Friday,am going up on my own,haven't sorted any accommodation out as such but there's plenty on offer,will probably stay somewhere between Hunstanton and wells and bird the coast. If anyone is up there the same time and fancies some company,send me a...
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    Barn Owls

    Just wondering what other members thoughts on Barn Owls are,how they are doing compared to previous years. The reason I ask is that this year I have seen far more than any other year.Not including Norfolk or Suffolk,where I bird a few times a year and see them regularly,I have seen them locally...
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    January trip

    Would of thought it unlikely now we can organise something for January as time is getting on. I did put something on here the other night but the moderators must of moved it,despite me not putting costs etc on.I havent heard back from them so i guess its a no go. Will probably just go up on my...
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    Dead Waxwings

    Had a text from a birding friend of mine this mornng,regarding a few dead waxwings. The text read "wondered if you knew anything about dead waxwings,found 2 on my godfathers conservatory and Andy H said another 2 were found at a local school" I assume it may be to do with tiredness,or maybe...
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    Hi guys,reasonably new to photography,for a while I have been touching up my pics with just the basic windows tool but really want to get photoshop. I bumped into someone today who said there are ways of getting it cheaper than the RRP,Anyone know how? We have a student amongst us,this was...
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    Birds,dogs,feeders,country Parks

    Been out today to Belhus woods Country Park,which is situated between Upminster and Aveley in South essex,about 2 miles from the Dartford Crossing. A wet and windy but pleasureable day was spoilt by dogs yet again,why oh why do Dog walkers have to take their dogs to areas of a Country Park which...
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    More from reserves

    Hi there Have had a couple of recent experiences with Roads into some of our top nature reserves,mainly the state of the entry roads,should such organisations like the RSPB Or Various county Wildlife trusts etc spend more money on maintaining their entry roads.One recent site I visited,I spent...
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    Eagle England

    A few days ago i asked a question regarding a sightings of 2 Golden Eagles seen in Northern England and the possibility(from what I heard) of the RSPB releasing the news. I have just checked for the thread and it seems to have been removed/disappeared I was very careful not to put exact...
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    The Essex Winter Waxwing Thread

    Thought i would start a thread on the arrival of any Waxwings in the County,sightings from this winter. 9 Laindon last week 1 Brentwood Last week c30 at Bradwell the last couple of days Please add as you hear news of any Essex Sightings,or neighbouring areas.
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    Nikon D7000

    Hi guys. Am looking at the Nikon D7000 I was speaking to a guy who runs photography courses yesterday,he recommended the D7000 to me,I currently have a D80 but just want that bit extra out of the camera,I currently use a sigma 150/500 lense,which I like I did try someone else's D7000 yesterday...
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    Essex Birding

    I have been thinking about this for a while. I believe we (essex) have bird reserves to rival anything in the country but we still fall short of other counties in terms of rarities although the last few weeks with the desert wheatear,olive backed pipit,bazillions crake etc show we don't seem to...
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    Viewing bird forum

    Was undecided on where to put this,so I put it here,apologies if its the wrong place!!! Was just wondering how other members view Bidforum? The reason I ask,is that because of the nature of our hobby there are so many different sub forums/threads that it must be difficult to see everything on...
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    Birding burn out/fatigue

    Do any members suffer from birding burn out? I have noticed in the last couple of years that I start the year going out pretty much at every opportunity,this seemed to carry on until April/may then I somehow lose a little bit of interest,although I still actively look at birds all the time in my...
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    Nikon D80

    Hi folks,just after a bit of advice I have had a Nikon D80 for about 9 months,I was using a 300mm lense but upgraded to a Sigma 150-500mm a few months ago I was just wondering what settings others with similar equipment use as I tend to fiddle about with it and don't seem to always ge the...
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    Up in Norfolk

    Hi folks Am going up to north Norfolk coast,probably basing myself somewhere between Holme and cley Is there anywhere cheapish you recommend,don't want anywhere fancy but do want my own room as I snore for Europe?? I haven't decided on dates yet as I can go pretty much anytime but was wondering...
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    Down in Essex,there seems to be a few reports of Nuthatch outside their traditional sites recently. Has anyone else nationally noticed a trend.Someone on another site i frequent said that this happened about 25 years ago but the trend soon reversed naturally???? Just wondered what others...
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    Help Needed

    I have just bought (about a month ago) a Nikon D80 and a 70/300mm lense. After a few weeks of getting used to it and getting okish photos i started moaning that i wanted to get closer,spoke to a friend who said that he knew someone selling a sigma 150/500 lense with convertor. I bought them and...
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    Broadfield farm,thames chase,Upminster

    I have taken on the role of Wildlife Liason Officer at this site as a Volunteer,i spend alot of time there and know alot of people there so i hope to be of some use to the people there if i can.I have already noticed more birders attending the site since i started reporting my sightings there on...