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  1. steve covey

    A trio from Marrakech, Morocco for ID please

    A friend has recently been on a short trip to Morocco, staying at Marakech. He was mostly hoping to see and photograph local insects so didn't really have the right lens for getting close ups of birds. Hence the accompanying shots are quite enlarged and a little grainy as a result. The bird of...
  2. steve covey

    South African Moth

    Hi all, my friend Wayne has just got back from a holiday in the Cape area of South Africa. The attached photo was ,in his opinion, the best moth he saw. But as neither he or I have literature on lepidoptera of the region I was hoping someone on here might be able to help with ID. TIA, Steve.
  3. steve covey

    Kirstenbosch Sunbird, South Africa

    Here's another shot my friend took on his visit to the Western Cape, South Africa last year. It's a juvenile male [I think] Sunbird taken at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on 7th December 2012. I wondered if it could be Double Collared or Malachite Sunbird. Not much colour showing through...
  4. steve covey

    A Scrub-warbler? Western Cape, South Africa

    A friend recently [8th Dec 2012] visited the Western Cape area of South Africa. It was mostly a trip to find and photograph Odonata but he took some bird shots too [he's not really into birding and I'm only familiar with European species!]. Any chance of identifying this one please? I'm guessing...
  5. steve covey

    Shanghai Wagtail

    Hi again, my friend has sent me another bird pic from his trip to Shanghai in August this year. It's obiously a wagtail of some sort but not sure which. Any help gratefully received. TIA. Steve.
  6. steve covey

    ID req'd please for Nairobi, Kenya Skipper/Dart butterfly

    Hi all, my friend had a brief trip to Nairobi last month and this lovely skipper [hesperidae] was one he saw. Any ideas as to it's name would be very welcome - even if it's only down to genus. TIA Steve.
  7. steve covey

    Babbler sp.? Shanghai, China.

    Hi, a friend had a business trip to Shanghai last month and photographed this bird in a 'nature reserve' on the outskirts of the city. We think it's a Babbler - but any idea as to species? TIA. Steve.
  8. steve covey

    Colourful mystery bird from Huangshan, Anhui, China.

    Hi all, a friend visited the above area recently and took the attached pic. Any idea on what species this is. It's beautifully coloured whatever it is! Many thanks in anticipation. Cheers, Steve.
  9. steve covey

    Starling or Cuckoo in KL?

    Hi, a friend photographed this in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago - any idea what it is. I don't have any field guides to the area, live in UK and my friend is a beginner... TIA Steve.
  10. steve covey

    Salisbury Plain, UK - escaped lizard - ID please.

    I have been sent a pic of a lizard found by an animal hospital worker. He found it on Salisbury Plain [near Tilshead] last summer. The pic is taken recently and it is about 14" [32cms] long now. When found it was a lot smaller and much brighter green with the blue spots not being so obvious...
  11. steve covey

    Kuala Lumpur Bird for ID

    Can anyone tell me what species this is please. I don't have a local field guide and so far not found it in a google search. It's on Flickr at: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3121/3097322880_a710dd1249_m.jpg TIA.
  12. steve covey

    Zakynthos in late September

    Hi all, my wife and I have just made a last minute booking for the week 21st-28th September on the above Island. We'll be staying at Alikanas on the north coast. Does anyone have any experience of birding Zakynthos/Zante at this time of year. I've seen reports from June 2004 but wondered if...
  13. steve covey

    San Francisco puzzlers

    Hi all, a friend recently visited San Francisco on business and in a brief break from meetings managed to snap off a few shots of some local wildlife. Between us we've managed to ID most things but [bearing in mind he's only visited the US twice and I've yet to 'cross the pond'!] these two are...
  14. steve covey

    Another Heron from Dominican Republic

    I think this is a juvenile/first spring Black-crowned Night Heron but couldn't totally discount Green Heron juv. [Bear in mind I only have National Geographic 'Birds of North America'!]. Any help will be appreciated. TIA Steve.
  15. steve covey

    Dominican Republic Hummer

    Hi all, as promised I'm back with another puzzler from my friends visit to the Dominican Republic. As always I'll jump in with both feet and open myself to ridicule with my best guess first;) Could this be a female Hispaniolan Emerald Hummingbird? TIA, Steve. [another coming soon - this time a...
  16. steve covey

    Bittern or Heron?

    Hi all, got another puzzler taken by a friend of mine during his recent holiday in Dominican Republic. At first I thought it was a juv. Green Heron but then thought it can't be as it was taken on 10th June. Could it be a Least Bittern? If so it looks a bit pale, but that could be the light. It...
  17. steve covey

    Dominican Republic Woodpecker

    A friend sent me this photo taken on a recent holiday to said Island. Neither he nor I have field guides covering this region so can anyone tell me/us what it is? He said it appeared to be living in colonies in the palm trees. Cheers, Steve. Edit: Just done a search and found Hispaniolan...
  18. steve covey

    Two Handsome Hovers

    Not for IDing - I know what they are. But just to share their beauty [well I think they are anyway!] Cheers, Steve.
  19. steve covey

    Vanessids at last!

    There's been a lot of talk on various egroups/fora lately about a lack of vanessid butterflies. But, at last, yesterday I suddenly started to see my buddleja bush being visited by more than the usual whites. Several Painted Ladies, Red Admiral and Peacock [but still no Small Torts yet]. Here are...