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    Chinese knockoff 8x20 Conquests.

    I was walking to the store yesterday and some guy I know says, "Saw you coming from way down there using these, they're from Zeiss. Only problem is they weren't real. They felt half the weight and where the plastic meets the objective was all wrong, they didn't look or feel right but they had...
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    8x32 Conquest vs 8x32FL

    I still use my 8x32FL as one of my main binoculars but there have been a lot of new releases. So how are the FL's holding up? They still go for more on ebay than new Conquests.
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    10x42 HT vs 10x54HT

    I had the good fortune to try out both these bins. Unfortunately I tried them a week apart. First off 10x42's were great ergonomically they felt nice and light and great in the hands, focus was perfect for my tastes. I brought my 10x42 Nikon SE's to compare them against. Sharpness was a tie...
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    Eyecup mod for 8x25 CL Mini's.

    As with so many other binoculars I have bought the Cl 8x25's and they have an amazing image quality but there was only one thing keeping them from perfection. The eyecup was a bit thin and pulled up a bit short so that I couldn't put them to my eyes without either holding them a bit away or...
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    8x20 Victory Eye Cup Mod

    I loved my 8x20's but hated the eyecups. They let in too much back light and had numerous other problems IMO. (Most Mini's do) So I lengthened and widened them using plastic covers that were meant to go on the bottoms of chairs so you wont scrape your floors. These are not rubber but a tough...
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    8x20 Victory Eyecup Mod I loved my 8x20's but hated the eyecups. They let in too much back light and had numerous other problems IMO. (Most Mini's do) So I lengthened and widened them using plastic covers that were meant to go on the bottoms of chairs so you wont scrape your floors. These are...
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    Dropped my Action Extreme 16x50's

    Ok so these things are not rhe greatest. Pretty sharp and work well in low light. Also give about the best moon view I've ever gotten because the moon is so bright I think I'm seeing more detail than the high light transmission glass. But, they fell 3 to 4 feet out of my packpack while in the...
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    Barrel Stuck in Conquest 8x30's

    So one of the barrels on my Conquest 8x30's is now stuck all the way as far out as it can go, the other side will focus but all you see is blur through one side. Amazingly enough the image is not as bad as you'd think, your brain still assembles together a pretty decent image even though one eye...
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    Vortex Recon 15x50

    I went to check this out at Camrealnd against my Zeiss Conquest 12x45's. It is extremely light, if I had to lug this up a Mountain I'd be thankful for that. It had these weird rubber bendy half inch or so protrusions on the focus wheel and at first I was trying to turn it using them and then I...
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    Conquest 10x56

    31 ounces, 344 FOV sound very interesting. We know they wont compare to the Victory's but will they beat the 10x42 FL in general? http://www.cameralandny.com/optics/zeiss.pl?page=525014 I'll try and get to Cameraland and find out.
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    8x16 Minox Monocular, Extremely Dissapointing

    The coatings are very poor and even for an exit pupil of 2 they are dim. I would probably even stay away from the 6x16. Spend the money and get a Zeis or something. It's a shame the ergonomically best pair perform so far below par, at least in my eyes. The Zeiss 8x20 only has an exit pupil of...
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    Monarch vs Dielectric Monarch.

    So the new Monarch ATB is exactly the same as the old one so many of us have except that it has dielectric prism coatings. Has anyone done a side by side comparison? It seems the perfect chance to see just how much brightness Dielectric adds in the real world.
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    10x42SE vs Zeiss 10x42FL

    I'm thinking of selling my FL's and since relatively speaking the SE's are reasonable priced I was wondering how they perform against each other. I figured there was a good chance the SE is downright superior in many area's. Sharpness and brightness were my main concerns but I'd like to hear...
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    Just Ordered Zen Ray 10x25

    http://www.zen-ray.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65_69&products_id=197 I have been looking for a halfway decent pair of 8x25's for my daily carry around bag for a while now but all the good companies make only 8x20. Why is that? I had a Zeiss pair a few year back and...
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    Conquest 8x30 vs Victory 8x32 Color Cast

    Hey all. I'm thinking of upgrading my my Conquest 8x30's to a pair of Victory 8x32's but I was wondering about the color rendition in the victory's. I like the richer view my conquests have over that of my 10x42FL's, Yes the FL's are brighter and whatnot but there is a washout effect and a...
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    Binocular Coatings: A Comparison

    http://img195.imageshack.us/my.php?image=coatingsfinalsmall.jpg After receiving my New Pentax 12.5x50's and being shocked how dim they were in comparison to my expectations so I decided to do a little writeup on binocular coatings. The Pentax DCF SP has a very poor coating considering it's...
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    New Nikon Monarch X

    Nikon has upgraded the Monarch line with two new bins called the Monarch X. They come in 8.5x45 and 10.5x45. and they now use a dielectric coating on the prisms. So a bit more magnification and light gathering all around, I'm going to assume the rest of the glass is the same. They also went to a...