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  1. J

    Just received a 10x42L

    Dave Welcome to the dark side. Jeff
  2. J

    Pocket binoculars or larger monocular for spotting?

    In my experience, the real issue is not the size of the bins. It's the size after you've added a bag to stop the other stuff in your pocket from damaging the glass. On my Zeiss Terra 8x25s, I have 4 plastic lens caps attached to the bins with thin bungee cord. This adds virtually no bulk, and...
  3. J

    EL 8.5x42 Mk1 vs new kids on the block

    I've got a similar aged pair that I bought second hand a few years ago. I've never regretted it. Every now and then, I'd go into an optics shop, and try the latest and greatest from Zeiss, Swarovski and the like but I rarely if ever saw anything with a better view (apart from the Canon IS bins...
  4. J

    Canon 10x30 IS stabilised binocular sticky covers

    About four years ago, I bought two identical kitchen knives from Marks and Spencer for about £2 each. The handles were made from the same kind of black 'soft grip' rubbery/plasticky stuff as the coating on the Canon IS bins. After a couple of months one handle had gone sticky and melty, and I...
  5. J

    Canon 10x30 IS stabilised binocular sticky covers

    That sounds great. Have you got any pictures of the finished item? Cheers Jeff
  6. J

    Canon 10x30 and 10x42 focusing

    I had the 10x42 for a while. The view was fantastic, but I got rid of then because of the weight - I'm pretty ancient, and holding them up for a prolonged look at anything was impossible for me. I really didn't get on with the ergonomics either - the IS button just didn't fall under any of my...
  7. J

    12x36 with glasses

    Firstly, thanks to all the people who replied to this thread which I started a few weeks ago. Much appreciated. After I sold my Canon 10x42 IS bins (brilliant view, but way too hefty for me), I finally bought a pair of Canon 12x36 lll bins a couple of weeks ago when I spotted a nearly new...
  8. J

    Favorite bino/bird experience?

    I was watching a marsh harrier at Ham Wall when it decided to put on a display worthy of the Red Baron. It circled up to about 1,000ft, and then descended doing a series of aerobatic manoeuvres (including going close to inverted) all the way down to about 15ft, spread it's wings and landed in...
  9. J

    12x36 with glasses

    Thanks for the replies - very helpful. I've put the purchase on hold until life returns to normal post corona. Cheers Jeff
  10. J

    Opticron Imagic IS Binoculars

    I'm planning to get some new IS bins to replace my Canon 10x42s which were too heavy for my ancient arms. The shortlist includes the Opticron 10x30. I've tried them in a shop and was quite impressed. The other one on my shortlist is the Canon 12x36. I tried this out as well and also liked...
  11. J

    12x36 with glasses

    I've just sold my Canon 10x42s because they were getting too heavy for my aged arms, and I'm thinking of replacing them with some 12x36 llls. I tried some in a shop and they were great. However, I need to wear glasses all the time, including when using optics, and I was a bit concerned by how...
  12. J

    Binocular bargains

    Canon IS bins UK Canon is having its "Spring cashback" fest in the UK. The 10x24 comes with £300 cashback making the price £999 from Clifton Cameras or WEX. There is also cashback on the 18x50, 15x50, and 12x32s. I'm tempted by the deal on the 10x42s!! The offer started 14th March 2019 and...
  13. J

    RSPB HDX binoculars - equivalents?

    You may well find that a fairly old pair of top-end bins (mine are now 14 years old) will serve you better than a same price brand new pair. A few years ago I bought a second hand pair of Swarovski 8x42s (manufactured in 2004) for around £800 from London Camera Exchange (LCE). Every time I go...
  14. J


    I use the Optech stuff for all my stuff. Decent price, comfortable, and versatile.
  15. J

    SLC 8x42 WB HD alternatetive rainguard

    Opticron do a good range at good prices.
  16. J

    Canon SX70 .... September

    If you look on Amazon UK, it's available for next day delivery. There's also a customer review.
  17. J

    Doubler/Booster Recommendation Please

    Dd61999 I can only comment on a Swarovski booster that I use with my 2004 ELs. It works beautifully. At one time I had two boosters and converted my 8.5 bins into 17 power bins, and this also worked very well. I don't believe that my booster will work on more modern bins. Jeff
  18. J

    Your dream binocular

    A couple of points. Gijs van Ginkel says "I must have missed something, but if you take into account the different models made by the different companies from different countries in the past two decades and you compare them with earlier instruments, there have been a lot of new spectacular...
  19. J

    Your dream binocular

    Re Peter Audrain's post. Peter My own sentiments precisely. I wish I could have articulated them as clearly! I use 14 year old Swarovski bins, and whenever I look through newer models I see no real improvement that makes me want to reach for my credit card. If I'm typical, and - binophiles...
  20. J

    Sports / Concert Binocular recommends needed

    I bought a pair of Zeiss Terra 8x25 for exactly this purpose. To keep them small so that they fit in my pocket, I don't use a case, just lens caps to protect the glass. They're brilliant for daytime sports, and floodlit nighttime sports, so they'd probably do well at your concert. In the UK...
  21. J

    Are EL 8.5x42 made in 2001 still considered good?

    Whenever I'm at an optics shop I try out the newer models to compare them to my 2004 8.5 x 42 Swaros. None have come remotely near to providing £1,000 worth of improvement over my 14 year old model, which is what an upgrade would cost. To my 74 year old eyes, some of the newer models are a...
  22. J

    Finding out what you like - What matters?

    A couple of comments relating to point 4 in Chris's original post ("sweet spot"). I have 2 pairs of 8x42 bins - some newish Hawke Endurance EDs which live in the car glove box, and some 14 year old Swaro ELs which I carry around. I would say that the Hawke bins produce an image just as...
  23. J

    Win Opticron Binoculars answer two questions!

    London Camera Exchange, Bath Wide range of well priced, good quality pre-owned kit.
  24. J

    Lens Cleaning Nikon Prostaff 7s 8x42

    A cautionary note. I was once told by an optician not to use Kleenex type tissues to clean spectacles because they're abrasive and damage coated lenses. I always use a newly laundered hanky or teacloth.
  25. J

    Low priced, compact spotting scope needed

    I was struggling to carry my 80mm Swarovski scope, so I bought a second hand Opticron MM3 with a 12-36 eyepiece for £260. It’s brilliant! My 74 year old eyes can’t see much of a difference between the scopes until the light starts to dim, and the low weight and small size more than compensates...