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    Result after cleaning binoculars: normal or not normal?

    Hi, unless the lenses are water repellent, I always have this terrible result after cleaning my lenses (see photo attached). I use brush and then professional liquid applied on a microfiber cloth. Do you have the same result? It looks like all stains and smears are gone but the liquid leaves a...
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    Need feedback: Nikon Monarch HG durability?

    Hi, I have been buying and returning quite a lot of binoculars these days, failing to find the ones that would suit me. I'm considering to go well above my budget (initially 600£ max) and try the Nikon MHG 8x42. My question is: has anyone been using it intensively - let's say once a week - for...
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    Vortex Viper HD VS Opticron Imagic BGA VHD

    Hi, if you had a chance to try them both, please let me know which one you liked best and why (pros & cons): I'm seriously considering to buy one of them. Thank you 👍
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    About Vortex Viper and Vortex Diamond: sharing info with you

    Hi, I'm not interested by this comparison but I just came across this very useful info from the online retailer First Light Optics so I wanted to share it with you: [Customer Question] "Is the Viper HD noticeably better than the more affordable Diamondback HD?" There are some minor mechanical...
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    Looking for new binos 300-500£: help me to reduce my list of options plz

    Hi, after my first year of birding with some modest Opticron Adventurer TWP 8x42, I'm ready to invest in decent ED binoculars around 300-500£. Here are the binoculars I short-listed: • Vortex Viper HD 10x50 - 580£ • Opticron Imagic BGA VHD 10x50 - 540£ • Bushnell Forge 10x42 - 490£ • Zeiss...
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    North London: would like to do a session with experienced birdwatchers

    How do you clean your binos? I followed the procedure using first a brush and then a microfiber tissue with a liquid product but I always have blue marks remaining on them. Do you press the tissue against the lenses when cleaning them? Thanks :)
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    Where London birders go (online) to talk to each other?

    Hi, obviously this forum has little activity so I suppose London birders all go to a certain place to talk with each other. Where's this place plz? Any forum, wiki or social network group to recommend? (I'm looking for the place where there are hundreds of active users) Thank you :)
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    Hi! New to birdwatching: live at Finsbury Park

    After watching an interesting documentary on common birds and having a couple of Great Tits nesting 1m away from my kitchen window, I developed a sudden passion for common birds 1month ago and here I am: hi everybody! So here's my question: at what time of the day can you see the broadest range...
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    Opticron Adventurer T WP 8x42

    Hi, I'm new to birdwatching and I have just received these binos today: https://www.opticron.co.uk/our-products/binoculars/adventurer-t-wp-binoculars/adventurer-t-wp-8x42 Problem is: the left exit pupil has a slight indent on the up-right corner (see photos attached or this link for high...