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    Sunbird ID - Sri Lanka

    Hi, I have photos of two Sunbirds, which I assume are both Female, but are they both Purple Sunbirds? as they seem to have a range of different colourings based on what I have been reading, or is one a Purple-Rumped Sunbird? Both taken near Yala in February 2017. Thanks for any help...
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    Egret ID - Sri Lanka

    Hi, I have a number of photos over a number of days in Sri Lanka in February 2017, which all look slightly different. I think they are all Great Egret but would like confirmation if possible. many thanks, Regards, PhilB40
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    Tern ID - Sri Lanka

    Hi, I have a number of photos taken in Sri Lanka Feb 2017, I think they are all Whiskered Tern, but would like confirmation if possible. Unfortunately the photos are all at some distance. Any help gratefully received. Regards, PhilB40
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    Goose ID - Draycote Water UK

    Hi, I noticed this goose swimming with a small flock of Canada Geese, when it came to feed I was fairly sure it was not a Greylag goose, which were a pair already feeding. But I m not sure what it is. I have included a photo swimming to show the size vs the Canada geese. Regards, PhilB40
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    Gull ID - Draycote Water UK

    Hi, Not great at Gull ID, I took these at Draycote Water (Near Rugby) on 12 & 14 December 2020. They are clearly different, but what are they? Regards, PhilB40
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    Pipit ID - Sri Lanka

    A couple of photos of what I assume are different individual birds taken at different times in February 2017 at Yala. Currently I have concluded they are Blyths Pipit, would this be correct?
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    Bird ID - Sri Lanka

    Hi, I have this photo which I am not sure is a Common Iora, there certainly was one very close, so I may be assuming they were a pair, when in fact the were not related. First is the the Common Iora, but the second is the mystery bird. Both were taken in the Yala area in February 2017. Regards...
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    Bird ID - Sri Lanka

    Hi, could someone please confirm if these are Barn wallows please. They were taken in the Yala area in Feb 2017. There other Swallows in the area, which I took to be Barn Swallows, but looking at these in more detail, certainly the second I am not so sure. PhilB40
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    Bird ID Confirmation - Sri Lanka

    Hi, 2 birds that I would like confirmation that my ID is correct if possible please. First one was taken fairly late at night, and seemed to be building a nest inside the hotel complex, which was near Sigiriya Rock. I think it may be a Dusky Crag Martin? Second one was in Yala National Park...
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    Bird ID - Sri Lanka

    Hi, Saw a small group of these while on a tour in Yala National Park 10/2/17. There were about 10 birds, but our guide could not identify them, thinking they were possibly migrants? I think the photos are male and female rather than two different types of bird. Any help?? Regards Phil
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    Hello from West Midlands UK

    Hi, Just retired into the lockdown! have loads of time to catch up on Photo management going back years, so have a couple of Birds I would like Id on if possible. Also looking for different places to go locally - looking ideally for finchs etc. - any ideas would be welcome. I live near the...