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  1. J


    We have a Merlin in the back yard that just killed a European Dove (?). She's back there chowing down now. She can kind of see me through the window but I move slow, so she's continued eating. Then she hunkered down over the dove now, frozen, she quit eating and started looking up from her...
  2. J

    Roadrunner question

    We are on the Arkansas River near Cotopaxi. After 21 years, we have our first Roadrunner hanging around. We've read up on what they eat, thermoregulation, social habits, etc. The bird is getting brave and starting to come closer to us when we are out working. We think it might be a new...
  3. J

    Wilson's Warbler, maybe?

    I was just down on the river that runs through my place (Arkansas river, south-central Colorado mountains) and saw a little bird that was a golden-green, pecking around the mud at water's edge. The closest I could come in my bird book was a Wilson's Warbler. However, the golden stripe over the...
  4. J

    Dove observation

    I'm just here to share one observation. I grew up in CO with Mourning Doves. They have the gentle, mourning coo sound. They are petite, with no ring on the back of their neck. Flash forward to today. There has been a larger dove, with a more obnoxious call, and they have a ring on the back...