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    Observation distance

    What sort of distance usually separates you and the bird(s) of interest? -Garden distance -Pasture distance -Other end of the beach distance I find I tend to need my binoculars most in the garden to look at the bench where they perch and INSIDE hedges, and then around 200-400m. In the middle...
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    Longer eyecups for Victory Pocket 8x25?

    Held away from my face I get insufficient stability. So I have unglued the rubber on my Pocket, so as to be able to get the eyecups I need. Is there a way to get longer eyecups? I would pay ... Edmund
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    Nominate the extraordinary!

    Some instruments are very good, some are extraordinary, head and shoulders different from the crowd. Nominate yours, and then we can do a by-category poll. My own nominee is the Zeiss Pocket 8x25 in the “superlight real glass” class. Part of the fun, of course, is naming the class. As I’m...
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    Sand in UV focuser

    I think some sand or grit got into my UV HD 7x42 focuser somehow. Any way to get rid of it easily? It's not a big issue, but annoying. Edmund
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    If you own one pair of glasses ...

    And if they're a good pair, you have a pleasant binocular experience. Which leads you to get more, and increase the probability that you will have only a partially nice experience. B (: Edmund
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    Jupiter Satellites

    So Jupiter is now on our side of the sun. When you point your bins at it do you see the satellites? I can see what looks like 2 satellites on the left with my 8x25 Zeiss Victory , and also less distinctly with my 7x42 UV, although I would have assumed the opposite. Btw, I know what's supposed...
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    New Black Victory 8x25

    I got a pair of the *black* Victory 8x25. One minute in the shop convinced me, and that was *after* trying out the 10x42 SF which I'd come to look at. I THINK THESE MAY EAT A CONSIDERABLE PIECE OF THE 8x42 and 8x32 MARKET. They seem *much* brighter than the old ones, and very contrasty...
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    Tiny, Miniature, Pocket instruments

    Hi, I keep thinking of buying a Nikon Mikron via ebay but can't decide between 6x15 and 7x15. I have heard there is a version with better prisms. And then there are used Trinovids and Ultravids, even I think an old 6x20 Zeiss, and of course the Svaro 8x25 and the incredible Zeiss Victory...
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    Cleaning Objective Dust

    So I carry my Ultravid HD with no objective covers under my jacket every day. I have a raincatcher, so the oculars stay fairly clean. Unsurprisingly, dust accumulates on the objectives. I just want to get rid of the dust - not clean the lenses. Advice? PS. I know how to *clean* my lenses...
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    Why 8x32 are replacing 8x42

    When looking at a bird (Corvis Cornix?) on a tree against a white sky through my Leica Binos today, which are 7x42 Ultravid HD, I realised the bino view was about 2/3 brighter than the direct view. From there I expect that 7x42 or 8x42 when adopted was historically a lens dimensioning where...
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    What I learnt from a trip to GlassParadise(tm)

    I'm a painter.. I raise my glass for a few seconds to make out details and "feel" the urban landscape. My 7x42 UltraVid HDs are at Leica repair for a check, and I would like a smaller glass anyway, went to the local Swarovski rep, who sent me to a really nice retailer called Le Vieux Campeur who...
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    Which of the better bins survive hard knocks?

    Looking at the self-repair thread, and people who mention their bins damaged by drops, I wonder which of the better bins survive drops best? I assume that every piece of equipment one really uses ends up knocked/dropped once every year or two, or at least the backpack that contains it gets...
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    Hi from a bino-using watercolorist

    Hi, I have nothing to do with birds, but I felt the need for a pair of binoculars as a watercolor artist. I read the excellent advice here, and got a Leica 7x42 Ultravid HD (non plus). You can see my watercolors at http://instagram.com/edmundronald and I wish you all lots of birding fun...