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    ID help for 2 African Birds

    Sadly I only get to have "Kenyan birding days" once a year when we make our annual birding trip. The rest of the year my Kenyan birding days are confined to agonising over what species/race we've captured on our photos .... and feeling very envious when we get the latest sightings from Kenya to...
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    ID help for 2 African Birds

    I agree with Tim and Steve - you've got Lamprotornis purpuropterus (Rüppell's Long-tailed Starling) in picture 1. The white eye and long tail is a give-away with the glossy starlings. In picture 2 you've got Baglafecht Weaver (Ploceus baglafecht) - it's a male (distinguished by the yellow on the...
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    Yet more Kenyan birds

    No, but the enhanced image is clearer (I would never accuse you of fiddling a bill ;) ).
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    Yet more Kenyan birds

    Thanks for the rescan. I'm back with the Northern Anteater Chat. The bill doesn't look sufficiently shrike-like in the enhanced image.
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    Yet more Kenyan birds

    Unfortunately the same is true of the Northern Anteater Chat! I think my original id was based on the fact that there may be a hint of a paler colour showing in the wing (although that may have been the lager). I'm more and more drawn to your id but I wonder if Andrew has any other shots from...
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    Yet more Kenyan birds

    Tropical is black and white except for a rare dark morph found at the coast. I thought about a Boubou but the bill doesn't appear to have the shrike-type hook to the tip (although it does look quite heavy).
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    Yet more Kenyan birds

    No 2 reminds me of Northern Anteater Chat - it has that "chunky" feel to it which the Sooty Chat doesn't. Agree on the Vulture, Starling and no 5 as a Brown Snake Eagle not sure about the flight shot).
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    Stonchat SP

    Looks to have too much orange below to be Siberian.
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    Kenyan bird

    Yep - that's Pagani - the orange throat gives it away!
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    Kenyan bird

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    Insurance... do you or dont you?

    I go with a specialist and use Glover and Howe.
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    My favourite place for birding - go back every year. If you want the name of a good guide or any other info then pm me.
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    Kenyan hornbill

    Thanks for that. Very interesting indeed (must look at some of my Samburu photos again!). Helen
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    Kenyan hornbill

    Thanks Steve. I'll have to look up the references. Helen
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    Kenyan hornbill

    Andrew: First shot is Jackson's, the chunky bill with cream/yellow tip coupled with the white-spotted back is a really good id feature for this bird. The other 2 Tsavo shots are Red-billed ........ Steve: 5 species!!!! Blimey .....
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    Anyone using a handheld for birding?

    If you go for something really basic like a Palm m105 then you can get weeks out of 2xAAA batteries. This is the setup we use for keeping our birding records. We use HanDBase on the Palms and output the data in csv format for uploading to our main DBase.
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    Help with ID please.

    When we first started visiting Kenya there was no Zimmerman (Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania) so we learned the "Williams" names - as used by the local guides. We spent our time referring to Ploceus cucullatus as the Village Weaver. Things started to get confusing as we met more and more...
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    Favourite Bird Name

    Donaldson-Smith's Sparrow-Weaver - evokes hot days in Samburu Game Reserve. Kakapo - which always makes me feel just a little bit sad (after watching the Attenborough film that showed the last remaining male Kakapo on an island trudging up a track to the top of a hill, where it called out...
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    photo gear insurance

    Sorry - don't know if they assess by postal address but I would guess they do (most insurance companies seem to).
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    photo gear insurance

    Just to provide an alternate view - I have separate camera/optics cover from Glover and Howe. It covers me on a new for old basis for all my kit both here and anywhere abroad. The only exclusion is that damage due to acts of terrorism isn't covered (this is post 9/11 and the same is true of my...
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    1Gb card question

    Have you tried using "The Pod" camera support? They're available from Jessops...
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    "A little bit of bread and no che-e-e-e-se"

    OK - so now I'm trying to imagine what the song "Tea for Two" would have sounded like had it been written by Tchaikovsky with a cannon accompaniment. And I'm failing (but having a good time nonetheless). I love Jason's "Tea for two and toodle-oodle-oodle-oodle" - sounds like a line out of PG...
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    ID Golden Oriole?

    If you're certain on the size (ie close to a Blackbird) then I'd be surprised if it was a Village Weaver - they're only about 155mm at max size. That said they're chunky birds which can look bigger than they actually are! Of course it could be an escaped cage bird - are weavers bred for size by...
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    Uk government Biodiversity report Published

    Thanks for highlighting this report Jane. Looking at the BBC site I was struck by the statement: "... the starry breck lichen which grew in eastern England, appeared to have become extinct in 2002, probably because of airborne pollution." This would seem to be despite it being on the GB Red...