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    Canon 10s or new epson

    I have a collection of Panamas now built up. Alas my Canon 10s doesn’t do panoramas, I refuse to subscribe to adobe, which will go some way towards alleviating the situation. Seems that unless I subscribe to adobe the Canon is useless, which is a shame as the printer is fantastic, so was...
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    Bog orchid new forest

    Having trouble this year in new forest not in usual places is it too late???
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    Canon 10s printer

    Print studio pro, I have this downloaded within the my image garden in canon utilities and as a plugin on my MacBook Pro 2018. However it never opens ( print studio pro) is it because I do not use adobe.? When printing I can use my image garden but not print studio pro. I’ve twice got in touch...
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    Ochid Id Please

    Last few please no1 Croatia high up no2 Croatia high up no3 By the side of Loch arkraig no4 By the side of Loch arkraig thank you
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    Orchid Id Please #2

    Hi just cleaning up various libraries ready for the new season please help with ID no1 Suffolk no2 Suffolk no3 western Scotland by the side of loch Arkraig no4 Croatia High ground no5 croatia high ground
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    Moth Id> Please

    I was browsing my moths and noticed this under the heading of LATTICED HEATH and now believe I am wrong please help found on window in july
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    Has anyone visited In December, any and all ideas gratefully received. Kind regards Mike
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    Catalogue/ libraries and Mac

    My mid 2010 Mac is showing its age, I still use iPhoto and find it better than their new system photos. This system does suit my needs as I do not do any fancy software changes to the images. The iMac is a 1tb with 16gb ram i3 however this iMac is creaking a bit and being USB2 its slow. It's...
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    Hi all, since upgrading from the 7d I first noticed that my Hahnel HL-E6 spare batteries have suddenly stopped working one by one of a total of three Batteries. They all worked good in the 7d battery charger and got to full charge ok. However in the new 7dmk2 charger it will only charge them to...
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    7D2. LCD screen

    My 7D2 screen image displaying juddering. The menu and in fact all use of the screen is juddering when used, I have tried a reset and full battery but nothing seems to solve the problem. My images and focus etc are ok and all works good. I can use the menu but it's very disconcerting. Has...
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    Warbler Id Please

    Please could anyone help taken last week not sure which could it be a wood or icterine by any chance. thanks kind regards mike
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    Digger Wasp???

    Hi all, could anyone ID this wasp for me please, could it be a BEE KILLER or other type of digger wasp?
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    em1 and METAbones

    Hi Last week I spent a couple of hours in a hide taking photos of kingfishers using theory EM1 with metabones and sigma 500mm F4.5 shutter priority @ 1000. Hand held IS set to 500 mm. The lens is the sigma 500mm F4.5. Processed in iPhoto. The subject (kingfishers) was approx 30-40 metres away...
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    Entoloma Id Please

    Hi all please can someone help with these two photos. Found on chalk downland.I realise there kind regards mike
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    Fungi Id Please

    Hi Please can anyone help with these 2 fungi? Found in Hampshire decidious woodland.the first I guess at FOMITOPSIS PINICOLA??? But that fungi is rare the second is abit like tiered tooth (hericeum cirrhatum) but the texture is wrong the spines are much shorter than tiered tooth? kind regards mike
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    Please help ID OF 3 FUNGI

    HI Two found on unidentifiable dead wood the polypore looking specimen on silver birch Maybe Dichomitis? all in deciduos woodland N/hampshire kind regards mike
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    Fungi Id Please

    Hi all can someone please confirm these 2? the white /grey larger specimens in phot 1. and the two in the foreground of photo 2. are they all dead mans fingers? also is the 2 in the foreground of photo 2 dead molls fingers? or are they something else its the white parts that are confusing me...
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    Moth Id Part 2 Please

    Please could someone with more knowledge than i help with these moths kind regards mike
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    Uk Moths Id Please

    Please could someone with more knowledge than i help with these moths kind regards mike
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    Reference Book On Slime Moulds

    Could anyone suggest a good guide/reference book on slime moulds ID please Kind regards mike
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    Id Please

    Hi all, Please could someone please ID the four below
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    Imac And Syncing Ipad

    Hi all, I upgraded my Mac quite a while ago to Yosemite as did with the iPad. I checked out the new (then) photos which was to eventually replace iPhoto. At the time I decided it was not as good as iPhoto and placed it in the applications section and carried on using iPhoto. My Mac has a 1TB...
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    CANON 7Dmk1 problem

    HELP. my sample has been exemplary, but now the camera is not switching OFF, yes the switch goes into position but it's still live if I press the shutter button it livens up ready to go, has anyone had a similar problem? It doesn't seem to drain the batteries either? Kind regards mike
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    CANON 100f2.8 is usm

    Hi please correct me if I am wrong I believe this lens cannot adopt a 1.4 converter? I am hoping someone knows better? And if it does will it retain A/F. Not from the canon camera point of view. IE is the converter fully electronic? Kind regards Mike.
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    CANON 7Dmk2 prices?

    Hi all I am considering upgrading from my 7d. Has anyone dealt with this company http://www.expeditelectronics.com/ if so what are your comments, I would definitely think its an import? Pm me if you want to! Kind regards mike