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    Warbler, Portugal (Iduna/Acrocephalus)

    Hi all, I watched this warbler on Sep 8th at Doca de Faro, in the Algarve (Portugal). In the field, I saw a medium-sized warbler, Melodious-like, which was clearly whitish below with no traces of yellow, and was dull brown above with no visible contrast in the plumage. The bird kept feeding...
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    Tundra/Taiga Bean Goose, Portugal

    Hey everyone, Currently there is a bit of a lack of understanding about which taxa have occurred in Portugal, and I would like to hear some opinions on one of the birds which has occurred in the past. I attach the best pictures of the bird taken by Pedro Marques. Video...
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    Yellowlegs ID Portugal

    Hi everyone, This bird was spotted today in southern Portugal by Michael Davis. Credits of photo and observation go to him. This image is the only one we got, and it got people thinking if it could be a Greater Yellowlegs, which is a mega in mainland Portugal and would drive people to a big...
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    Gull ID, Algarve (Portugal)

    Hello everyone, I spotted this gull on Sep 4th 2014, but after reviewing photos, I found this to be a good candidate for Herring Gull. However, I'm afraid it might fall into the hybrid category, or even a weird-looking LBBG or YLG? Any opinions? Thanks in advance!
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    Warbler ID (Acrocephalus/Iduna) Lisbon, Portugal

    Hello everyone, This bird has been staying for a few days, on top of some trees, near Lisbon, Portugal, discovered by Nelson Pereira. Some doubts have arisen regarding the bird's ID, namely if it could be an Iduna species, which are significantly rare in Portugal. Some calls can be found on...
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    Dowitchers (Limnodromus) ID, Portugal

    Hello everyone, I'm posting here because there has been a recent sighting of 2 Dowitchers around the Lisbon area, in Portugal. At least one of the birds looks promising (to my eyes) for Short-billed Dowitcher, however it would be really great to hear some actually experienced opinions on the...
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    Wheatear ID (Northern/Isabelline) Portugal

    Hello everyone, I've had this bird stuck for a long time now, and I've decided I need to have new opinions just to be done with the issue. This bird was seen around the Lisbon area, on Oct 20th, the morning after an Isabelline Wheatear (which was never confirmed) was reported there. It seemed...
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    P. collybita tristis/abietinus? ID Portugal

    Hello everyone, Today, at Tagus Estuary Reserve (Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal) this little beauty was found flying around the bushes, near the rice fields. It immediately stood out due to its unusual extremely confident behaviour, and also due to its obvious pale grey/brown-ish tones, without...