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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Gloucestershire study on night roosting habits

    Study of the European robin, Eurasian blackbird, great tit and dunnock Gloucestershire study finding out where garden birds go at night
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    Question about updated BD II XD models

    Thanks for the information. The older Kowa description that I read said there was fluorite in the glass, and the newer marketing material specifies Prominar glass, so I wasn't sure what the difference was. Based on your feedback it doesn't seem like a significant change?
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    Both Canon and Nikon seem to be phasing out DSLR cameras. People are reporting good results for birds in flight photos with the new Sony a6700 and the lenses mav12 recommended.
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    Bay Area/Sac - Northern CA Dealer Suggestions

    There are also a few Wild Birds Unlimited franchises in the Sacramento and Reno areas.
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    Question about updated BD II XD models

    The Kowa BD II XD series is currently advertised as having Prominar glass, like the Genesis models. Does anyone know if this is an upgrade over previous BD II XD models? Or more of a marketing thing?
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    New Binocular Bargains Thread

    B&H has some deals through 12/28 11:59 PM EST Vanguard 10x42 Endeavor ED II $209.99 Vanguard 8x42 Endeavor ED $149.99 ZEISS 10x25 Terra TL $199.99
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    Monoculars - anyone use these things ?

    The Endurance 7x42 is sharp with accurate color. The focus knob is near the objective lens, which makes it easy to focus one-handed.
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    Advice: Not too expensive toss in the pocket/bag compact binoculars?

    Have you considered a monocular? I have a 7x42 and an 8x42 and prefer them to compact binoculars due to better low light performance.
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    Monoculars - anyone use these things ?

    I regularly use a Hawke Endurance 8x42 monocular. Also use an Endurance 7x42. Both are small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and the views are very good. I often go birding late in the day and the 42mm is helpful when there's less light. I'm able to focus the 7x one-handed, which is a plus. The...
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    Entry/Test 8x32 binoculars

    There's so much variation in the different 8x32 brands/models. I briefly had the Kowa BD II 8x32, which gets great reviews. For me it was too heavy, eyecups weren't comfortable and the focus wheel was finicky. I now own the Explorer and use it often. But it's not on the level of an alpha. So I...
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    Where are Hawke monoculars made?

    Interesting. By law, products sold in the U.S. are supposed to be marked with the country of origin. I don't think the product boxes had the country listed, either. Maybe these Hawke monoculars fall under some exception?
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    Where are Hawke monoculars made?

    I have the 7x42 Hawke Marine monocular and recently tried the 8x42 Endurance. Couldn't find the country of manufacture on either monocular. Curious if anyone knows where they're made?
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    Cornell's review of 8x32 compacts under $500

    Best Affordable Compact Binoculars (8×32) The Best Affordable Compact Binoculars (8x32): Our Review
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    Help with finding a strap

    Doesn't that monocular have a tripod adapter? If so, something like the Tour Strap might work.
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    Advice for first spotting scope (+ tripod)

    mookbav, you might find Audubon's scope guide helpful. The Audubon Guide to Buying Spotting Scopes - Budget to Premium
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    Optics quality expectations

    I appreciate everybody's feedback. Interestingly, it was the more expensive 32mm and 42mm binoculars that were defective on arrival. No issues with the $100 compacts I bought. So it doesn't seem as simple as pay more, get better quality control. My experience with small online retailers has...
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    Optics quality expectations

    Over the last couple of years I've purchased several budget optics online, most between $100-$300. Name brands, positive reviews, but several binoculars were defective out of the box. I exchanged or returned problem units from 5 different brands. In addition to the inconvenience, I had to pay...
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    Injured Nazca Booby found at Pebble Beach

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    Protecting Purple Martins

    Speed limit on Outer Banks bridge lowered to 20 mph for purple birds
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    First pairs of binoculars - travel

    Lukny, I would suggest a light weight 8x42 for your second pair. It would be better in low light than a 32mm. A 10x can be great for detail, but the field of view is usually narrow. Not ideal for landscape and forest viewing.
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    buying advice needed: Opticron Traveller BGA ED vs Celestron Trailseeker ED 8x32 - or something else?

    falcondog, I have the Opticron Explorer WA ED-R 8x32. They're sharp, and CA control is very good. I appreciate the small size and weight when I'm carrying photography gear. But I've experienced ghosting and glare at times. And several companies have longer warranties. In general, 32mm is not...
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    Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x25 collimation adjustment

    SplendidWren, I have the same binoculars, and recently sent them in for warranty service. I think Bushnell's warranty in Australia is similar to their USA/Canada warranty. If there are obvious signs of impact damage they likely won't repair for free. There are some members here who are very...
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    Cassin's Finch question

    Does anyone know if male Cassin's Finches ever help with nest building?
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    Get well card for Lee (Troubador)

    Wishing you a quick recovery, Troubador. Hope to read some new posts from you soon.
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    New 7x

    Have you considered a 7x monocular? I have the Hawke Endurance Marine 7x42. Good in low light and easy to focus with one hand. Often available for about $150