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    Coney Meadow and Adjoining Areas

    Thanks Phil and Woodchat. Good to know what species it is. (y)
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    Coney Meadow and Adjoining Areas

    This was calmly sunning itself on a log in the canal just west of Salwarpe. Any ideas of the species and have they been seen here before. I assume it's not particularly good news! Photo taken on phone at max zoom so not the best...
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    Micro ID help

    Possibly Gracillaria syringella? Roger
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    Moth or not?

    Could it be something like this https://www.norfolkmoths.co.uk/micros.php?bf=14570&abh=62.030&prev=yes&list=&show=
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    Moth ID help please

    Thanks Andy. I was thrown by the lack of white and the large oval.
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    Moth ID help please

    The same moth in daylight with the same iPhone. Looks green in one and brown in the other. Weird. I can’t find either colour in Manley or Waring and Townsend. what am I missing? Roger
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    July Moths

    Three different moths: Four-spotted footman https://easymap.nbnatlas.org/EasyMap?tvk=NBNSYS0000006137&w=400&b0fill=39B0D5 Four-dotted Footman https://easymap.nbnatlas.org/EasyMap?tvk=NBNSYS0000006126&w=400&b0fill=39B0D5 Dotted Footman...
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    Beetle for ID

    A possibility Andy: https://www.naturespot.org.uk/species/aphodius-rufipes Have you got a shot of the antennae?
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    Pug ID please

    Thanks Andy. The white line on the hindwing looks the same to me. Pity about the forewings...It will have to go down as one of those possible/probables.
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    Pug ID please

    I think this is a Plain Pug. Can anyone confirm or otherwise please. My ID is mainly based on the thin white wavy line that continues onto the hindwing. Roger
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    Micro for ID

    I’d agree with Cydia splendana Andy
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    A Bee and a Beetle

    I think the beetle is Lagria hirta Andy. I've had a couple near my trap recently. I can't do bees, sorry. Roger
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    Beautiful or Plain?

    Thanks Andy
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    Beautiful or Plain?

    Beautiful or Plain Golden Y? Either way it’s a new moth for me.
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    New Naturalist number 143

    I see what you mean Andy. Not as bad as the Tortrix volume of the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland though!
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    Harpalus rufipes?

    Looks good to me Andy. Was it in or around your moth trap? Roger
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    Help with pug id please

    Thanks Andy
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    Help with pug id please

    I can’t seem to find a match for this. Currant Pug could be a candidate but I can’t see a white formal spot. Edit - or perhaps Grey Pug? Roger
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    Micro ID

    Tricky little blighters aren’t they? Probably best to get the opinion of someone more knowledgeable than me! By the way Metendothenia seems to have been moved to Hedya according to my new Manley 3rd Ed.
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    Micro ID

    Andy. Have a look at the two black dots under the angle of the dark fascia. Brings Hedya nubiferana, Marbled Orchard Tortrix, to mind. (But I could be wrong) Roger
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    Thanks Andy. Moths are a doddle compared to lacewings...
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    Is this a Turnip? It’s got pectinate antennae and no black collar so not Heart and Dart. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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    Trench Wood and surrounding areas

    Spotted Flycatcher near the car park. Glorious bluebells but Early Purple Orchid numbers seem low this year. I managed to photograph a smart longhorn beetle, Anaglyptus mysticus.
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    Moth for ID please

    Many thanks. It was a disappointing night last night - no wind, no moon and 9 degrees. I hoped it would have been better. Roger
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    Moth for ID please

    This one has got me stumped. One of only three last night (the other two were LBAM) Any help appreciated. Thanks