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    Antioquia and Caldas, Colombia April 2024

    Hi All. I have enormous respect for birders who post real long shots on this forum (big shout out to LRP for 2 days in Ecuador btw). Here is my effort. Is anyone interested in 5 days in Antioquia and Caldas in Colombia from 31 March to 4 April? Departing out of Medellin. Main sites to...
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    Southern Thailand February 2024

    If you can cut it back to 3 days I might be interested.
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    Birding China

    Hi All I am trying to organise a couple of days birding around Beijing in July and it is not easy. I could go to local parks, though I have done that already. Public transport doesn't take me to where I want to go. I can't legally hire a car. I can't find a local guide or birdingpal that...
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    Advice on birding guides for Beijing

    Hi All Has anyone got any advice on local birding guides for Beijing, China? I am going there for work in July and have the opportunity to do a couple of days birding. Independent seems tricky as I can't legally hire a car. There are lots of international companies that do trips to China...
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    Guide for Singapore Stop-over needed

    Hi, I got the response below from Kim Seng in the end. Pretty expensive. How does it compare to the other quotes you got? Andrew Hi Andrew, Thanks for your email. I would be available on 9 June to guide you for a full day around Singapore if you are keen. Note that I don't do tours to...
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    Guide for Singapore Stop-over needed

    Hi David Did you get a reply in the end? I am looking for a guide in June for something similar. Cheers Andrew
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    Rwanda Jan 2023

    Hi All A bit of a long shot this one. I am planning to a short trip to the Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda from 20-23 Jan 2023. The trip's focus is Albertine Rift Endemics. The following endemics are all possible - Regal Sunbird, Red-faced Woodland Warbler, Blue-headed Sunbird, Rwenzori Turaco...
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    External Microphone for a smart phone

    Hi All Does anyone have a recommendation for an external microphone to attach to my iphone to help with some admittedly very rudimentary bird sound recording? Thanks Andrew
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    Suriname Feb 2022

    Yes, we did. It went very well. No issues with COVID or getting in and out of the country, though we did suffer from unseasonably wet weather, which did cause us some challenges. If you are planning to go soon, check the state of Zintete Lodge (Fred's Place). Thankfully (for us) it got...
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    Oaxaca (and one day in Chiapas) Birding Trip for December, 2022

    What is the arrival and departure airport?
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    Suriname Feb 2022

    Pretty sure. Below is from the Suriname Airways website, updated 10 Jan. All guides have told me that tourism is now possible in Suriname. If you go to the Tui Netherlands website it is possible to book a package holiday in Suriname in February. However, just to treble check I have written...
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    Suriname Feb 2022

    Hi All I know this is short notice, but such is the way of the world at the moment. I am looking to pull together a trip to Suriname from 19-28 Feb (there is some flexibility in this potentially). I have a local guide lined up and with a small group the cost is I think pretty reasonable...
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    Non-invasive Owling spotlight

    Hi All Advice sought on a good non-invasive owling torch. Green light? Powerful enough to see into the trees without risking stressing the birds. Any particular brands or models that are designed for the purpose? Many thanks Andrew
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    Kenya Oct/Nov 2021

    Hi All Posting this on a new thread. I am trying to pull together a trip to Kenya late October/early November. The itinerary targets some but not all of Kenya's endemic and restricted range birds, including Aberdare Cisticola, Clarke's Weaver, Sokoke Scops Owl, Malindi Pipit, East Coast...
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    Kenya November 2020

    Yes, quarantine gone. Things are looking up! Robert, I'll PM you. Latest communication from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority regarding travel between Kenya and the UK. Effective 24 September 2021, travellers from the UK to Kenya will no longer be required to self isolate for 7 days. The...
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    Kenya November 2020

    Admittedly not without challenges. I'll see what can be done to overcome them and revert back.
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    Kenya November 2020

    Hi All This trip didn't happen last year, because of, of course, the big nasty C-word, but with Kenya coming off the UK red list imminently, I am looking to give it another go. So, for anyone who is looking for a bit of high diversity, overseas birding, I am putting together again a 10-day...
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    Kenya November 2020

    Hi Aliks Thanks for the positive message and really glad you had an excellent trip to Kenya. I am also slightly jealous. I didn't make it in the end. Everything was ready for the off, but as I mentioned, I had asked my guide to take a COVID test a few days before I departed. I think to his...
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    Kenya November 2020

    Hi Arbu That is a personal view that I respect. The questions you raise are ones common to any person doing any form of elective travel at the current time, particularly to a developing country. Will I be viewed as an unwelcome potential virus spreader or will I, in fact, be welcomed as a...
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    Kenya November 2020

    Hi Andy Yes, I am aware of UK travel advice and, yes, it is correct that if you are a UK traveller, you will need to do a PCR COVID test within 4 days of travelling. This is eminently possible. Although in the UK you should not use government testing facilities for such a purpose, there are...
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    Kenya November 2020

    Hi All For anyone who is desperate for a bit of high diversity, overseas birding in these challenging times, I am putting together a 10-day itinerary for Kenya at the beginning of November 2020. The itinerary targets some but not all of Kenya's endemic and near-endemic birds, including...
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    HBs in Norfolk

    Hi Does anyone know if it is still possible to see Honey Buzzards in Norfolk? Thanks Andrew
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    Iceland next weekend

    Thanks for the advice. 4-0 Liverpool Barcelona. I think this is shaping up to be a lucky week. Fingers crossed!
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    Iceland next weekend

    Hi I have the chance of taking a short birding trip to Iceland next weekend. I'll be looking for Harlequin Ducks and Gyrfalcon. HDs seems fairly straightforward, but any advice about Gyrfalcons would be appreciated. In particular Lake Myvatn seems to be the best place for them, but is there...
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    Hauraki Gulf Pelagic

    Hi All Would anyone be interested in a Pelagic in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand on the Weekend of 2/3 March? None of the commercial providers seem to be offering a trip on those dates, but if I can pull a small group together I think I might be able to persuade one of them. So far I have a...