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    Making feed last longer

    I have read several articles likening several common house species to rodents, specifically calling them invasive, and destructive to the habitats of other birds, as they are so prolific and aggressive. I've seen them at feeders fighting off every other kind of bird that comes to my yard...
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    Making feed last longer

    I've done homemade suet cakes, and they last 2-3 days in my back yard. Filling a feeder with loose seed, it lasts about one day. Most of the birds that come are the little house finches (which I've read are essentially vermin and are to be exterminated but I cannot bring myself to do that)...
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    Gila woodpeckers have returned!

    Female never really left, male I haven't seen since around the end of summer. He's back as of today! They both dig through whatever I've put out, looking for the dried cranberries, for their sweet tooths. :)
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    Watching quail grow up

    Beautiful area. Depending on what years you were there, I'm sure that area was "very busy" with other-than-bird traffic. And its picked up again these days. Cochise County is such a stunning place. I'm in Pima now, but have family in Cochise. This part of the state has so much to offer.
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    Watching quail grow up

    Where in SE AZ were you?
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    Watching quail grow up

    June, babies are around. All grown up, this is from last weekend I believe.
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    Feeding notes to decrease conflict/increase variety

    I am in southern AZ and have had great success with using a quality store-bought suet cake, that I then melt down to use as a base, to which I add: black oil sunflower seeds millet (sometimes) meal worms dried cranberries or raisins oats (sometimes) peanut butter corn/corn meal (sometimes)...
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    experiences in bird feeding: journal entry 8/26/2021

    Can you give details of your camera setup?
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    Bird Feeders and stucco

    You have done nothing wrong. Do not capitulate. You are free and should be operating as such. Neighbors have no dominion over you. Human beings can be filled with darkness and that is not your fault. Enjoy your hobby and take care of your feathered friends. Full stop.
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    Video of several quail coveys feeding

    I use a homemade suet recipe, and have had three, and possibly four, different coveys of quail link up as one large group to hit the feeders. I am working on additional videos, but I have footage of all of these families coming by the yard over the last 6-9 months, starting with several mated...
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    AZ Hummingbird

    I was wondering the same, and I've never seen it either. It was a colder than usual day. Perhaps the rocks were radiating the sun's heat, and he was staying warm?
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    AZ Hummingbird

    He's still here. He's be going between the rocks at the base of my wall, and my feeder, for going on seven hours.
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    AZ Hummingbird

    Thank you! I believe you are correct. Looking up the Costa, and now hearing its beautiful song, I hear that sound in my neighborhood all the time.
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    AZ Hummingbird

    Please forgive image size, I'm trying to give as much visual detail as possible. And please forgive pics, holding heavy binos in one hand and stupid clumsy phone in the other while trying to shoot through the binos! This little plumper has been hitting my feeder, but rather than going to the...
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    What did you get on "Black Friday week-end" / "Cyber Week"?

    A 2011 era pair of EL 10x50 Swaros, my first "alpha glass" ever, for a deal that I absolutely could not refuse, from a private seller.
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    Heat-stable suet recipe

    I have been using this, or some variation thereof, for the entire summer in Pima Co, AZ. We've had temps approaching 110 at my house, back in July/Aug. This recipe is not only well-loved by the birds (they literally swarm it as soon as I place it out), but its survived direct sunlight on very...
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    Birds vs insects

    Got a pair of nice peach trees. I am not eating peaches at the moment, but over the past few years, I have had hundreds of wasps invade the yard, build hives under my eves and under my roof tile, terrorize my family, and swarm my peach trees. Ever since I started putting out feeders, the wasp...
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    A Cardinal question and a generic question

    Thank you for your reply. Makes perfect sense.
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    A Cardinal question and a generic question

    A mated pair of cardinals are back for the second year, and I keep them happy with black oil seed. The male rarely hits the feeder if there are other birds on it. And if he's on the feeder, he will allow himself (usually) to be pushed off by other birds. I have a platform feeder, and he was...
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    Saying "Hello" and a question about a nocturnal bird song...

    I am in/around Tucson as well and I know exactly what you are describing. I do believe its a dove, but I will try the above mentioned app to confirm. I hear several very strange calls at night that I know are birds, but I have no idea from what species those calls are emanating.
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    What state are you in? What mountain range?
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    I just made another batch of suet cake, and this time I added some shredded coconut. Within minutes of me putting it out, I had dozens of birds in the yard, and dozens of fights!!!! This stuff must be like crack :) My wrens were openly hostile toward each other and a couple of thrashers came...
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    storing birdseed without bugs?

    Large bags of corn, so far, knock on wood, are the only dry goods I've ever received with a pre-installed insect infestation. I found the little weevils all over my home and had no idea where they were coming from, until I went to refill a corn feeder, and discovered thousands of them inside...
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    Best seed for doves?

    When I put out simple black oil sunflower seeds, primarily for the cardinals in my area, the dove simply will not leave the yard.
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    Suet recipe, heat tolerant!

    I have been experimenting with attracting birds using various suet recipes, and have found one that keep the backyard birds coming back from dawn to dusk. I thought I would share in case anyone else has an interest in trying homemade recipes (mine starts with a commercial base). I have seen a...