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    New AX Visio 10x32 binocular

    So how long is it going to be until Nikon, Canon, Olympus etc., incorporate Merlin or something similar into the software in their camera bodies?
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    Curio 7x21 alternative strap?

    With binoculars like the Curio and even the 8x25 CL I never use a neck strap, just a wrist strap intended for a compact camera
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    SFL x40 permanent price drop?

    Over here (The Netherlands) they are currently 1645 euro less a 200 euro cashback offer that runs to the end of Feb 2024. 1799 USD seems very expensive!
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    Is the Zeiss SFL 8x40 worth the difference in price over the Nikon MHG 8x42?

    As a member of Dennis alleged gang, I think I have the right to say a few words: 1) It was Dennis' choice to leave the forum, no one forced him off, he is not the victim here. 2) The facts speak for themselves - he was repeatedly banned for offensive comments and also reprimanded for other...
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    Is the Zeiss SFL 8x40 worth the difference in price over the Nikon MHG 8x42?

    I totally agree with you that one should respect the opinions and views of every user, and that they have the right to say what they will without censure (providing they do not insult anyone etc, etc). However I also think that users have a right to react, again within reasonable limits and...
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    Is the Zeiss SFL 8x40 worth the difference in price over the Nikon MHG 8x42?

    I'm not sure whether you are referring above to me and/or Paultricountry but I think we are entitled to ask a well know user, who was singing the praises of the SFL8x40 and is now selling them, why he has done so? I agree maybe I could have phrased my question slightly better perhaps.....
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    Is the Zeiss SFL 8x40 worth the difference in price over the Nikon MHG 8x42?

    I see from the For Sale section that the love affair is over Dennis!! What made you change your mind and sell them??
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    Lee Thickett (Troubador) - R.I.P.

    Very sad news.... he will sadly missed
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    Apps for recording wildlife sightings

    Yes, Obsmapp works really well!
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    8x30 E II eyepieces fogging

    I had exactly the same problem with the E II that I had. Maybe it comes from the lack of eye relief, resulting in your eyes being that much closer to the lens than with other models? In the end this was one of the reasons why I ended up selling mine.
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    Compact comparisons: Low end vs high end

    I've also had the Opticron 7x24 MCF, and although they were quite nice they can't compare to modern compacts such as the Swaro 7x21. They have a very poor close focus and very little eye relief. On the other hand they were a lot, lot cheaper!
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    Curio 7x21 vs. CL 8x25 pocket

    This is why I believe Dennis' premise is too simplistic - there are many more, and more important factors, that makes a binocular suitable for those crepuscular birders amongst us.
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    Curio 7x21 vs. CL 8x25 pocket

    Isn't this above statement counter to your argument that a 10x25 is better than a 8x25 at dawn/dusk?? Under your premise surely the 10x42 will be better (because of the higher mag.) than the 8x56? Seems to be you just twist things around to suit your own biased opinions...
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    Curio 7x21 vs. CL 8x25 pocket

    I thought we had the same discussion a while back and claim to the conclusion that this was pretty much nonsense??
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    How do you set up your dual hinge binoculars?

    I prefer the asymmetrical setup technique. Swing one barrel out until it hits the stop and adjust the IPD with the other barrel. Which barrel you adjust depends on whether you are left or right handed, but essentially you end up duplicating how the Zeiss 8x25 SF works,
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30 black out, kidney bean issue

    If you want a nice, lightweight bin with easy eye placement, try the Swaro 8x30 CL!
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    Who would actually buy 7x32 Ultravids?

    Yes, maybe, but they would have to offer something over and above the already excellent 7x35 Retrovid. Whether that ''extra'' (rubber amour? waterproffing?), would be worth it is the question!
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    Choosing pocket binoculars

    I think my CL 8x30 (from Dec 2019) handles glare better than the 8x25. But I don't mean to imply that the 8x25 has a major problem with glare, not at all, only that you can get it sometimes when looking near the sun. The 8x30 has that rarely and the 7x21 almost never.
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    Choosing pocket binoculars

    Not sure about the difference in coatings but I think that the 7x21 is just that bit sharper and has more contrast. My CL 8x25 is from July 2016 and the 7x21 is from May 2022, so it could be that the newer CL 8x25 are better than my version. One thing that is noticeable is that the Curio...
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    Is the Zeiss SFL 8x40 worth the difference in price over the Nikon MHG 8x42?

    Like I said, and if you read my post properly you would have understood, I gave up trying long ago.
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    Advice: Not too expensive toss in the pocket/bag compact binoculars?

    Here are a couple of shops in the Netherlands that have it for 239: Kamera Express and Cameranu
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    Advice: Not too expensive toss in the pocket/bag compact binoculars?

    Bynolyt Seagull 8x25ED maybe? Although at 230 euro it may fall outside your budget.
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    Is the Zeiss SFL 8x40 worth the difference in price over the Nikon MHG 8x42?

    I've given up trying to keep track of what he has and what he has had - I think even Dennis does not know anymore!! It's pretty pointless anyway as he changes his mind on each binocular within a blink of an eye, making any opinion he has completely worthless.....
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    Choosing pocket binoculars

    Over the years I have owned and/or used the following compacts: Opticron 7x24 MCF reverse poro Trinovid 8x20 Trinovid 10x25 Nikon HG 10x25 Ultravid 10x25 Swaro 8x25 CL Swaro 7x21 Curio The best of the lot, without a doubt, is the Curio 7x21, closely followed by the Swaro 8x25 CL. 10x is just...