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  1. K

    Having 2 pairs of binoculars. Which would you choose?

    You don't need more, you only need better.
  2. K

    One 8x3x to rule them all

    All binoculars are a series of tradeoffs or compromises. The best binocular is the one with the set of compromises you can live with or prefer for your particular use. To me for birding, an 8x42 is a very good balance of attributes with few tradeoffs. Wide field of view, large exit pupil for...
  3. K

    How do you carry your binoculars?

    I stopped by the local sporting goods store last night and checked out the bino chest packs they had. In my opinion, badlands were the best design compared to the others in stock. The patented magnetic flap is just so clever and functional. Its quite, quick and secure. Badlands makes several...
  4. K

    8x32 protective harness?

    Badlands bino c would be my choice. Badlands were the one of first (maybe the irst) and still the best choice in bino packs. The patented magnetic flap is quiet, quick, secure and easy access. It's really quite clever. BINO C.
  5. K

    How do you carry your binoculars?

    I don't see them typically when in use but sometimes the scratch will catch a glare. It's more detrimental when trying to sell binoculars. Any type of scratch just kills resale value.
  6. K

    Nikon ED82A scope v Smaller Scopes eg Swarovski 65 HD or others

    I have an 85mm vortex razor, and then I have a light weight and inexpensive Alpen 60mm spotting scope that packs easily. Its not as good as the larger scope but its good enough for when Im a mile into the back country.
  7. K

    Spotting scope advice

    Wise words. There's a scope configuration for many uses. Small scopes for packing and large scopes for the best view possible. Medium sized scopes for a balance of packability and view quality. Price wise, theres anywhere from inexpensive scopes to top tier glass costing thousands. A good 65mm...
  8. K

    Is there an optimum FOV, or is bigger always better?

    I don't know if there's a too wide. There's definitely a too narrow.
  9. K

    10x low light binoculars for around €1000 ?

    I've some experience with low light viewing. I have a Conquest HD in 10x42. It's breathtaking in low light and a good option if you gotta have a 42mm bin. It's probably the best at the $1000 in a 42mm. However, it is not brighter in low light than my 10x50 vortex viper (older model made in...
  10. K

    Do midsize spotting scopes have pleasing image qualities at 50-60x?

    I've been well pleased with my Vortex Razor 20-60x85. It is sharp and bright all the way to 60x. Not exactly a small nor light scope.
  11. K

    Celestron Regal M2 65 and Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark IV

    I have the Bader Mark iii zoom that I use with my celestron C5. I went with it because it was reported to be one of the better astro zooms and it does perform well. I find it provides only a slightly step back compared to a fixed eyepiece. It's sure nice having zoom capabilities from 52-124x...
  12. K

    80mm vs. 100mm

    Right, so while my C5 can hang with and even best the top spotters, I would readily trade it for a Swarovski or Zeiss spotter.
  13. K

    What are the best really "CHEAP" birding binoculars?

    Binoculars under $100 usually aren't worth a thing. The vortex diamondback is in my opinion the best binocular under $200. That is if you can catch it on sale. I think these days it runs $225. Some of the porros are not bad under $200. Pentax, Leopold, nikon etc. Bushnell seems to be king of low...
  14. K

    80mm vs. 100mm

    That is one of the disadvantages of the C5. It is not water proof. You have to assemble it before use. It weighs 6 lbs so it needs a strong tripod It is more delicate than a sporting scope also. So yes it has its tradeoffs. It is also not as easy to point onto target because it requires a...
  15. K

    80mm vs. 100mm

    Another alternative is to step up in quality. What are you currently using? Could you move to the next tier up? Going up a level or two usually gives you higher light transmission numbers for a brighter image. Oh and another thought, most sporting spotters, even high end ones are rather poor...
  16. K

    If you could have only ONE binocular ? (no list).

    My only binocular is a Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42. Im thinking of selling to switch to Maven B6 in 10x50.
  17. K

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    Dark eyed Junco, and Oregon variant, pine siskin, american goldfinch, black capped chickadee, house finch, house sparrow, song sparrow, the typical bird feeder fare.
  18. K

    80mm vs. 100mm

    Generally speaking, more aperture gives better brightness and resolution if all other things are equal. For example a Celestron Regal m2 100mm should be brighter and have slightly better resolution than the 80 mm model. They are also heavier though which means less portability and may mean a...
  19. K

    Low budget binocular – could such, in some case, as the first ones for a newbie, be worth buying?

    Most binoculars under $100 are not worth much. You really got to get to the $200-300 tier and they get decent at that price. Sometimes you can find a binocular from that teir on close out and catch them between $100 to $200 on sale. This spring I found Vortex Diamondbacks on sale for $125 and...
  20. K

    Meet the Blue-winged Amazon Parrot - New Species

    I feel the fool now. This article popped up on a news feed. Made me think it was breaking news of the day. I did think it odd that they didnt collect a specimen and instead relied on dna to make the determination as a species. I also thought it odd that a bird as charismatic as a parrot would...
  21. K

    Meet the Blue-winged Amazon Parrot - New Species

    Hi All, I came across this news release of a new parrot species found in Yucatan Peninsula. Species was called the Blue-winged Amazon Parrot (Amazona gomezgarzai). Here is the news release, enjoy: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/jun/27/blue-winged-amazon-parrot-mexico-new-species
  22. K

    How do you carry your binoculars?

    Thanks for sharing! Great contribution!
  23. K

    How do you carry your binoculars?

    Yes and my whiplash was from a car accident back in 1994 and it still bothers me.
  24. K

    How do you carry your binoculars?

    It only took me a few days transecting for miles off trail through the forest doing wildlife surveys with an 8x40 porro dangling from a neck strap before I knew kneck straps were not the thing for me. Perhaps it is also that I had a whiplash in a car accident. My neck can't take it for more...
  25. K

    How many ditched their spotter for higher powered bino’s?

    Yarrellii, I full heartedly accept your apology and forgive you. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I also offer up my own apology to you or anyone else I may have offended. Also I recognize you are right about opinion vs facts. I tend to learn more from listening to the WHY or reasons...