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    Budget Cruise to the Antarctic

    I did the Princess Cruises version (goes onto Antarctic Peninsula scenic cruising) as in the link supplied by DMW in 2007 Some observations: the price quoted by NCL almost certainly doesn't include the flights actually landing at Port Stanley is very hit and miss... the ship has to anchor a...
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    Bird of prey, Entebbe, Uganda

    From memory that's an African Harrier-Hawk.
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    Subalpine Warbler on a cruise ship off Sardinia April 2018

    This bird spent a few hours on the ship following some rain whilst off the south coast of the island of Sardinia on 14/4. Any thoughts on which 'form' of Subalpine Warbler this is? Nick
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    Information please Las Vegas

    I agree a great place - wonderful views of Roadrunner there. If you don't have access to a car it's also possible to get there by bus (I did), You can get the 212 bus from the South Strip Transit Terminal - it's just over a one mile walk to the entrance from the nearest bus stop.
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    RFI: Amazon Cruise

    Dave, I did a very similar cruise in April 2008. It's all a bit hazy now (must be old age). These are some thoughts off the top of my head. A couple of general things... the Amazon is incredibly wide... down in the lower reaches you can barely see the banks are the ship sails down the middle...
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    Brown Fish Owl - Turkey - May 2013

    I am sorted out now. Contacted Vigotour and they put me in touch with group that had already booked the tour and had a space available for me. Counting the days now. Nick Lowton
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    Brown Fish Owl - Turkey - May 2013

    I have just booked a week in Side May 3-10 2013. I am looking for anyone who is planning to be there at that time to share the costs of the Vigotour trip to look for the Brown Fish Owls. Don't really want to cough up £443 just for me. Cheers Nick Lowton
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    Azores Bullfinch Help

    Success... thanks for your tips. I hired a car from Atlantic Cars at the cruise terminal (47 euros all in). Managed to take the slower southern route on the way - can't read a map and drive at the same time - took about two hours to reach the dirt road. Took just under two hours to find the...
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    Azores Bullfinch Help

    Thanks, Rich. Sounds just about possible.
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    Azores Bullfinch Help

    Thanks, 70km doesn't sound far, I guess it all depends on local driving conditions. Anyone out there know how long the drive would be?
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    Azores Bullfinch Help

    I will be visiting Ponta Delgada on 31st May 2012 on a cruise ship. Is it feasible to try for the Bullfinch that day? Presumably I would need to hire a car? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nick
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    How many Pelagic Species have you seen?

    My wife and I got into cruises some years ago so I try and make sure we go on ones where there will be some seabirds.
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    How many Pelagic Species have you seen?

    Following IOC list v2.7 here is my list: 1. Waved Albatross (Phoebastria irrorata) 2. Wandering Albatross (Diomedea exulans) 3. Antipodean Albatross (Diomedea antipodensis) 4. Southern Royal Albatross (Diomedea epomophora) 5. Northern Royal Albatross (Diomedea sanfordi) 6. Sooty Albatross...
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    How many species of owl have you seen

    Following the IOC list I have seen the following: 1 Western Barn Owl (Tyto alba) UK 2 Eastern Barn Owl (Tyto delicatula) Australia 3 Collared Scops Owl (Otus lettia) Singapore 4 Eurasian Scops Owl (Otus scops) UK 5 Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) UK 6 Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) USA 7...
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    Sein Island new rarity hotspot?

    Just got back from a long weekend on Scilly, I would guess there are probably a couple of hundred birders there at the moment. The amount of foliage cover seems to be absolutely incredible at the moment. For example Sunday afternoon I was in Lower Moors at the telegraph end. Two birders about...
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    Spanish Morocco - Pied Flycatcher?

    Oops I can see that now, I saw a flycatcher and was sure I photographed it, but now I can't find it. It was fairly dark amongst the trees and I must have picked up the wrong bird. Thanks for that, back to beginners class for me.
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    Spanish Morocco - Pied Flycatcher?

    Saw this Flycatcher in Ceuta on 1st June. Just a Pied? Sorry the photo's not brilliant. http://www.nicklowton.co.uk/flycatcher1.jpg Thanks Nick
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    Wagtail - eastern Mediterannean

    Oops just noticed I titled this pipit instead of wagtail... just proves that men can't do two things at once... wife was talking to me at the time... Thanks for the input, that's four votes for Citrine althgether, I just wish I could remember seeing it!
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    Wagtail - eastern Mediterannean

    Another member of this forum noticed this picture on my web site and queried my ID. It was taken in mid August on board a cruise ship halfway between Italy and the Greek island of Mykonos.
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    Starling UK

    Sorry I've been away from my computer for the evening. I am quite happy the bird was a Common Starling. It was the brightness of the bill that caught my attention. I guess the lessen is that I should look at more closely at Starlings more often. Thanks for the link.
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    Starling UK

    What made it stand out initially was the brightness of the bill colour.
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    Starling UK

    This bird turned up this afternoon. Is it normal for Starling in February to look like this. It stood out like a sore thumb from the other 20 or so birds present.
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    Finch, Wiltshire UK

    Thanks for your responses, looking at the picture again it does look like a linnet. I was put off when I saw it by the heavily streaked back. There was four birds present and they all looked pretty much alike. Ah well wishful thinking on my part for a new garden bird.