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    Grey Squirrel Picture Great Britain.

    FFS just a new member posting a picture and asking a harmless question. Yes we all know how great those that believe in culling are. Try keeping your brilliance to yourselves unless asked then I won't stumble over a load of old blox by accident, again - I don't care.
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    Choughs to be (re)introduced to Kent

    To be fair they bred there in my day, late 80's. I seem to remember the first pair at the Little Orme had been rung on the Isle of Man. Just to add to the main topic - complete waste of time and money. Another saddos vanity project.
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    Female Vagrant Emperor, Delamere, Cheshire

    Briefly in my garden at lunch time. Showed excellently for around 2 minutes quite high up in a holly tree then flew and got caught by the wind, exiting fast! No water source at all nearby so bolsters a pretty poor garden list of Dragons - also a lifer. Does anyone record for Cheshire? I know...
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    St. James Park in London: What is wild and what isnt?

    Basically just assume everything you see on the water is St James Park is escaped or at best feral. If it isn't it's common - Come on peeps the stuff there is so plastic I'm surprised people aren't gluing themselves to Pelicans to stop them polluting the water when they die and break down!
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    Slider/Terrapin? Epping Forest today.

    Be careful Ken, I tried to ask for an id on something similar last year and got several scrots telling me how important it is that they're napalmed.
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    Does bird food attract rats and mice?

    Can't really help but Brown Rat & Wood Mice are always attracted to our tables. We are quite rural though and never had this problem with less rural properties. I say problem because I refuse to kill them. We just stop feeding when the neighbours notice. They almost never come into the house...
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    good views of woodcock: your experiences

    15 or so around 1990 frantically feeding on the snow covered verges around the Wolferton triangle in Norfolk. They literally wouldn't stop feeding even if you parked directly at the side of them. Probably had tickable Golden Pheasant as well, we usually did back then. also one crashed into me &...
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    Kestrel chasing a bat!

    A female Peregrine regularly chased dusk Bats on my old patch of the Witton Flashes 30 odd years ago. Mostly seemed to be Brown-long Eared but perhaps only because they were the first out in the evening. Successful a few times. Dave
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    What view of a bird do you need to consider it "Checked/Ticked" off list?

    ticking anything retrospectively from photo's without identifying in the field - ok or absolutely, infuriatingly, completely wrong?
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    First UK Beaver kit for 400 years

    I actually live on that road in Delamere, anyone know if a guided viewing would ever be possible
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    North Sea Thread

    OK. From the measurements that I have found, the main footprint of the process modules are approx 0.67 acres. There are of course walkways and various sticky out bits on the different levels, so you can increase that figure a little, but I would say that we are still under 0.75 acres...
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    North Sea Thread

    Just out of interest whats the size of the platform in acres? I find this thread really interesting and it's more or less the only one I follow.
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    Bird Skull - Scotland

    Can't help with the skull but as an ex serious metal detectorist I can state that lone trees in or around fields draw some detectorists for a quick slash and I have seen many of them empty their pouches (fnerrrr!) there of all the rubbish they've found, At best your friend, by targeting such...
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    Finally!!!..... Green-winged Teal

    Blimey that takes me back we may have been there at the same time. All were firsts for me also and as I recall my first Little Ringed Plover was nearby.
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    Possible Shorelark?

    Is it b*lls, it's a matter of absolute fact!
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    Possible Shorelark?

    Sorry but my immediate reaction to this statement is, why? what could possibly be the point? Surely if anything identifiable had been imaged then you could hardly claim to have seen it in the field.
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    What was your first found rare and how old were you?

    Little Egret when I was five or six (earlyish 70's) on a small pool at Penrhos car park on Angelsey. I don't know if any birders saw it all. I didn't actually tick that one though waiting until I started birding seriously in my late teens.
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    Greenfinch at risk in UK

    When I moved to Delamere in Cheshire in 2014 it drastically outnumbered Chaffinch at the feeders with daily up to 20 in Autumn & Winter. Annual breeder too until 2018. I haven't seen one on the feeders this year and only occasionally hear them calling or singing in the local area. However...
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    Would you report a MEGA in your own garden?

    Absolutely I would - I'd owe it to my friends of old and to those whose gardens we invaded in the good old days.
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    W.T.Eagle ( N W Norfolk ) reintroduction proposal

    Let's just hope they'll take notice of the survey results and not bother. The way it was worded though lead me to believe the results will make no difference at all.
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    Bird species seen just the once in your yard/garden.

    A slightly different list but Grass Snake. One over in the talons of a Buzzard, otherwise not yet recorded in the garden. Luv Dave
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    Birds seen at work!

    My office is in a factory complex in mid-Cheshire. Very industrial but it has produced Waxwings, Yellow-browed Warbler, Osprey etc. We did have breeding Raven and Peregrine until recently but a lot of demolition work has put paid to them. What else?...Green Sandpiper on the Croquet lawn...
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    Cheshire Beaver Re-introdution

    Of course I'm not denying that but if you look at it from a financial point of view it's a lot of money to benefit one species while the same amount of money or less could support a species such as Beaver which alters its own habitat bringing benefits to a wide range of species.
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    Cheshire Beaver Re-introdution

    https://www.cheshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/news/cheshire-wildlife-trust-are-bringing-beavers-back-after-400-years Really pleased about this as it's only about a mile from my house. Local residents got a mailshot yesterday which was basically a 99% advert to join the Cheshire wildlife trust and...