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  1. Z

    Ten targets for 2017

    Great to see you and the boys James - hopefully we'll get the kids together for a play whilst the dads go birding sometime soon! Not entirely sure your boys have seen the best of a bittern just yet though....
  2. Z

    French Alps

    Thanks Richard, much appreciated. I spent a pleasant morning up there today and was rewarded with great views of lammergeier, griffin culture and ST eagle. Quite an impressive migration going on first thing, with large numbers of common migrants crossing the Coll. 3 black woodpeckers taking this...
  3. Z

    Anyone know their stuff on Classification?

    I'd say the Salisbury bustard project is gong very well now. Sure it's taken many years and a Herculean effort by those involved, but now seems to have the momentum needed. Several breeding birds this year and with reasonable survival rates when compared to wild populations. There are now...
  4. Z

    French Alps

    Thanks Birdboy - headed that way tomorrow!
  5. Z

    French Alps

    I'm looking for any birding info in the Morzine area of the French Alps. Any sites for wallcreeper and Llamergier would be greatly appreciated, plus any regular Alpine specialities. Will be in the area next week. Thanks for any assistance!
  6. Z

    A Case Against The RSPB

    Seems to me an extremely biased piece of work. You fail to mention any of the very many positives that RSPB has substantially achieved, and furthermore do not acknowledge that conservation would be in an even worse state if they did not exist. Could they do a better job? Possibly in some cases...
  7. Z

    New Minister for the Environment

    Well unfortunately right-wing politics tend to come at a cost to the environment, with revenue placed before anything else. This administration has proved that time and again already. In short: 1.Will we adopt or replace the Habitats and Birds Directives? Most likely we will adopt them as is...
  8. Z

    New Minister for the Environment

    Interesting stuff. Whilst there's a lot to be negative about, I think we can all agree that the current CAP isn't working for wildlife and things need to change. For me the key questions for government arising from Brexit will be: Will we adopt or replace the Habitats and Birds Directives...
  9. Z

    The last post...

    Another voice to add to the condolences Erica and family. Hopefully it is of some small comfort to know that Richard was so highly thought of by many birders who, like me, never even met him.
  10. Z

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    Yesterday (20/10) 13 crossbills south over my garden in Moulton (Northwich) at 08.55. Top garden tick!!
  11. Z

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    2 quail still at Heswall/Parkgate this afternoon, but the day's local highlight today for me and a visiting mate was prolonged views of an otter on No 3 at Wooloston between 1.15 and about 1.40pm. Presence initially given away by a mass panic amongst the ducks and tightly circling black-headed...
  12. Z


    But pratincol you are assuming that twitchers are simply tick hunters and no more, which is simply not true. I am a 'hardened' twitcher and know many others; we all enjoy birds in many guises be it working a local patch, ringing, BTO surveying, foreign birding, conservation work, watching bird...
  13. Z

    Hookpod development - albatross conservation

    Now £10K over the target - great news for seabirds.
  14. Z

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    Does anyone know of a reliable little owl site in Cheshire, preferably in the Northwich/Warrington region? I have a friend visiting from Scotland later this week who is after little owl and lesser spots (Moore being the obvious choice for the latter!). PM me with any sensitive sites. Thank you!
  15. Z

    Celebrating Paisley's forgotten bird hero

    There is a gripping photo in one of the "Rare Birds" books, but I can't recall which one at the minute. An amazing record on several levels - look forward to the repeat one day,
  16. Z

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    Forgive my ignorance, but what would constitute a count of National Importance of a Category C (non-native) species? Are any Category C species considered to have a conservation value, or is the National Importance tag simply based on a percentage of the national population rather than implying...
  17. Z

    Lesser spotted woodpecker

    I think the Marbury birds are on the decline. So far as I am aware, the only female bird seen in the last year or so has been the rung bird, which is something like 8 years old. If that is correct then is seem likely that the Marbury birds will not hold on for too much longer. Hope I'm wrong though.
  18. Z

    All-dark Falcon, Cornwall, UK

    Haven't you got work to do???
  19. Z

    The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam – but why did it take them

    Simple mate, far too many nimbys to object. From a commercial perspective it's too risky to pay an awful lot of money to go to planning when you have very little chance of obtaining planning permission. The cost of connecting to the national grid in areas where there are lots of underground...
  20. Z

    The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam – but why did it take them

    Actually Dantheman, 'they' do talk about them. Take the time to read the full content of an Environmental Statement' (which must be submitted with most wind turbine applications) and you will find consideration of all environmental parameters. Energy figures have to be presented following an...
  21. Z

    The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam – but why did it take them

    Jurek, I work as a professional ecologist, specialising in bird / wind farm planning applications. I can assure you that the RSPB is not 'oddly blind to the destruciton of landscape and bird collisions'; in fact the organisation is highly engaged in thoroughly reviewing each and every wind...
  22. Z

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    The group is called 'Northwest Birding' so far as I can tell. Don't use facebook much so can't really help any more than that. The photographer has allowed me to post the images here. It seems that it is a tundra bean goose anyhow, and still there today. Still a first for the patch!
  23. Z

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    I think you need to be on Facebook and then join the Northwest Birding group to view. Not my photos I'm afraid.
  24. Z

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    Some debate over the Marbury bean goose now, with many opting for a tundra bean at the large end of the scale. Probability says tundra is more likely. There are photos on the NW birders Facebook group. Interesting stuff!
  25. Z

    Cheshire And Wirral Birding: Hills, Lowland and Coast

    TAIGA BEAN GOOSE this afternoon with Greylags and 3 pinkfeet at Budworth Mere, Marbury CP. Best viewed fromt the footpath between Budworth Lane and the CP...