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    Entry - Midrange Binocular Recommendation ($500)

    @airbears if you can lay out the $$ you should JUMP on that Leica Trinovid in the classifieds as others are suggesting. For a little over $500 you will get a binocular that is MUCH MUCH better than anything you've been looking at, with build quality that will last decades (and resale value...
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    Kowa 66a vs 773

    IMO if size/weight is your primary concern and you're willing to pay the extra, get the 66A. If you don't care that much and budget is a stretch, get a deal on the 773. The 773 has an inherent advantage with the larger aperture, but this is mitigated somewhat by the fluorite objective of the...
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    Trinovid HD 8x32 & 8x42 first impressions

    Yes unfortunately, as I was saying above, a lot of 8x32 models aren't even that small or light. Back in the day, when the typical premium 42mm was a 900-1000g brick like Swaro SLC or Nikon Premier, a 650g 32mm would be a nice downsizing. The current Trinovid HD 8x32 is sort of an oddball to me...
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    Trinovid HD 8x32 & 8x42 first impressions

    The Trinovid, like any of the ~$1K type "almost alpha" binoculars (Conquest HD, Meopta Meostar, Maven B series, etc) is almost certainly "good enough" for nearly anyone. But unless you really need the few hundred bucks you'd save by selling the 7x42 UVHD at a loss and then buying something...
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    Leica Trinovid HD 8x42 Questions

    Excellent summary of the many wonderful qualities of the 7x42! Your statement especially about "ease of view" that remains nearly perfect in all lighting conditions is for me the real magic. Like you say, "a relief to view through them." Never have to worry about eye fatigue, glare or harsh...
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    Leica Ultravid 8x20 dissection (The beauty)

    I love my 8x20 UV, the ergonomics are amazing for the tiny size and the build quality + industrial design is in another class from any competitor. It is also very rugged and I am unconcerned throwing it in my pocket or in a bag without a protective case. Having owned the Zeiss 8x25 VP, I do...
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    EDG 7x42 and Meostar B1.1 8x32 head to head

    The statement that 30/32 mm roofs are more 'bird-finders' whereas great 7x42 are 'bird-beholders' rings very true. I have a 7x42 Leica UVHD+ and EDG 8x32 currently, the latter is absolutely spectacular and objectively equal or better in most respects BUT there is just something about the 7x42...
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    Zeiss SFL8x30 vs Swarovski CL Companion 8x30

    I'll say it again: it's mind boggling that binocular manufacturers don't offer various eyecup options, especially when the eyecups are removable/replaceable by design! Just like how in-ear headphones have multiple rubber tips to accommodate different ear anatomy, it would be trivial to offer an...
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    Help with compact 30/32mm Alpha Choice

    Unfortunately neither the SFL 30 or old model Swaro CL will work based on your description. The old model CL has an even narrower FOV than the current model, so if the Leica UV feels too "tunnel like" then the Swaro CL will be worse. Also, although some opinions differ, most seem to feel the...
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    SFL 8x30 - just arrived, some first impressions.

    The HG will definitely “hold its own” but I’m not sure I understand the comment. Pretty much any good binocular ”holds its own” against the slightly pricier option on the next tier. The SFL holds its own against the NL, but that doesn’t mean the NL isn’t better nor a “non-starter” for those who...
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    SFL 8x30 - just arrived, some first impressions.

    I posted this in the other thread but buried many pages back now… here you go :) Note how much smaller/slimmer the SFL 30mm is than the Conquest HD 32mm!
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    SFL 8x30 - just arrived, some first impressions.

    The 8x25 VP has excellent optics, this is a binocular that has been widely owned and discussed on this forum and nearly universally praised. Based on my experience and the comments of others, it is a true "pocket alpha" and you lose very little in terms of brightness/resolution in daytime use vs...
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    SFL 8x30 - just arrived, some first impressions.

    I spent time with all the binoculars you mentioned that day, plus my EDG 8x32 that i had on me and checking some others briefly like NL Pure. I know you’ve also tried/owned almost every 8x30/32 so you know that it’s mostly about preference + priorities :) They all have strengths and weaknesses...
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    PS - willing to bet that for someone who really wants the 8x30 SFL but doesn’t wear glasses and really will be bothered by the situation discussed above, slipping a larger rubber eyecup over the SFL eyecups would resolve most of the issues.
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    Eye positioning / blackouts was definitely my only real “complaint” in my initial impressions. It was very easy to induce blackouts, partially due to the insufficient eyecup extension, but also I assume (partially educated speculation alert) due to the simpler widefield eyepiece design...
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    Zeiss Conquest vs. Kowa Genesis.

    Kowa Genesis is slightly better optically, the extremely bright and neutral colors and near complete lack of false color put it a notch above the (still excellent) view of the Conquest HD. The build of the Kowa is slightly more premium as well. All of this is to be expected considering the...
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    Oh look another thread that has become a tedious Dennis-fest. It was fun while it lasted….
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    SFL 8x30 - just arrived, some first impressions.

    I own a UV 8x32 HD and also had access to a UVHD at the optics tables when I tried the SFL 8x30. IMO the SFL compares very favorably to the Ultravid optically in both 30mm and 40mm formats. I prefer to think of binoculars in “tiers” vs definitive ordinal ranking, and in that contact the SFL are...
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    The Leica focuser is so long with the double-knob for diopter focusing that it actually sits fairly "deep" in the body. You can see in the image below it extends almost ~40% down the body. I find it easy to do single-finger or double-finger focus with any Ultravid. The SFL will be tricky for...
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    It does look like they are fully extended, comparing to the photo I took. But also notice how much wider in diameter the eyecups are than a "pocket compact". I know you were venting but I do want to emphasize that the situation isn't as extreme as with the 8x25 VP, especially because the larger...
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    Since this was my first time handling it, my index finger did unconsciously go to the empty space between the eyecups, but I got used to it very fast. The focus knob is large so once I got the feel it was very natural, and sometimes two fingers was more comfortable. I didn't tend to use my index...
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    The Leica has the advantage of a much larger exit pupil and (speculating) a less complex eyepiece. The SFL 8x30 for me was easy to induce “kidney bean” blackouts like a typical wide field astro eyepiece when my eyes got too close… that said I was able to adjust to the SFL pretty quickly, the...
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    If you don’t have the issue with the Retrovid then I predict the SFL 8x30 will be fine. I find the Retrovid worse in this respect. The 8x25 VP situation is more extreme.
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    Was shocked to see these on display at the Zeiss table today at the San Diego bird festival; haven’t been on here much lately and didn’t even know they existed! The Zeiss rep said this is a pre-sale demo, possibly the only physical unit in the USA at the moment. Snapped a photo to show how...
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    Spent A Week With The 7x35 Retrovid...

    I would be overjoyed if Leica produced a 7x35 Ultravid but that’s a different binocular. I’m literally just asking for the exact same binocular with different armor. Although optically they were a bit behind my (beloved but absconded) 7x42 UVHD, the view of the retrovid is more than good enough...