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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Zeiss T*FL 8x32 v Zeiss Conquest 8x32 - discuss!

    Something I found interesting between my friend’s Swaro EL SV 8x32 (manufactured right before the model being discontinued) and the Conquest HD, was that I could not tell a difference in color rendering/presentation or transmission in normal day time viewing, all the way up to sunset. I had to...
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    Zeiss T*FL 8x32 v Zeiss Conquest 8x32 - discuss!

    I’ll be curious to know if you find them more or less agreeable than your FLs!
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    Zeiss T*FL 8x32 v Zeiss Conquest 8x32 - discuss!

    Yes, EL SV 8x32.
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    Zeiss T*FL 8x32 v Zeiss Conquest 8x32 - discuss!

    I always wanted a FL, but never had the opportunity to purchase one at a price I could afford. I found my Conquests here on bird forum like new, and they are absolutely as Stellar as everyone says they are! Have spent a lot of time going back and forth between a friend's Swaro EL 8x32 and the...
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    Zeiss HD Conquest 8x32 - Inner eyecup diameter

    I think the eyecups are just fine. Durable and easy to operate. A bit stiff, but they stay put, where you put them! No complaints from my extensive field usage.
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    Zeiss Terra 8x25 Chinese production - holding up?

    Mine, China 2022 manufacture have been excellent, except for the diopter rubber wheel falling off... Which honestly isn't a dealbreaker for me as it's not hard to put back on with a spot of glue. For the price paid: $350, they are excellent.
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    Zeiss HD Conquest 8x32 - Inner eyecup diameter

    I love love love my 8x32 Conquests. GREAT family bino. They will fit just about anyone.
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    New Maven B7, 8/10x25 compact - $600

    Well done! Thats an excellent price on new VPs. Let us know how you like them, pros/cons etc. !
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    Swarovski NL 8x32 vs Leica Duovid 8+12x42 Brightness Mystery

    Great topic and line of questioning. It really is all about transmission. Comparing my own low 80s % transmission 42mm's to a low 90's % transmission 32mm, I also perceive a significantly brighter view in the 32mm in daylight conditions. I think this is why many serious optics users now carry...
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    New Maven B7, 8/10x25 compact - $600

    Not yet. I will eventually. Sadly, I purchased the 8x25 Terra's right before I found out about this new Maven. The Terra image is quite decent, but the build quality is not worth the $400. Meanwhile, my experience with Maven is that both their image quality and build quality are often better...
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    4 weeks tropical birding with the Zeiss SFL 8x30

    Excellent feedback on the SFL30's! Thank you very kindly for your trip report. My condolences for the disappearance of your lovely optics!
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    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    In the 8x32 focus is crazy fast. Too fast for me also. But I live with it just fine. The sharpness/resolution gives good focus snap, but it is easy to overshoot. Swarovski has the moderate focus speed you are looking for.
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    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    I completely agree. I like the SV EL32 better than my 8x32 Conquest, but not 3 times better. More like .3x times better.
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    Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 vs. 8x42 for birding

    What did you think of the Zeiss 8x25? I am curious why you went Leica pockets instead of the Victory.
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    I also think the Maven B3 8x30 is excellent, yet I was unimpressed with their original B1 8x42 offering. (Not the new and much improved B1.2 -a suspected SFL “sibling”). I also did not care for the view through the Sig Saur 11x45 which shares the Maven B2 “design” built to a different(?)...
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    I love my $400 Opticron 8x32s. For less than half the price of my Monarch HG 8x30 they are very very close in terms of sharpness and color accuracy. I also thought my $700 made in Japan Opticron DBA VHD plus 8x42 were every bit the equal of my $1000 8x42 Monarch HGs is all respects except for a...
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    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    I’d like to hear your experience of the opticron too!
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    Zeiss SFL8x30 vs Swarovski CL Companion 8x30

    I also wonder the same. I need to purchase the Zeiss VP 25, SFL 30, and Swarovski CL so that I can compare with my friends MGH8x30…
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    Better Case for Zeiss Conquest 10x42 Binocs?

    Marsupial gear bingo harness is the best on the market. I think about $120. Get the partial enclosed and not the fully enclosed as the fully model is harder to get the binos up and out of for viewing. And the partial enclosed offers excellent protection for your optics.
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    SFL 8x30 and Kidney Beaning

    Have you tried the SV EL 8x32? It does everything right for me. Immersive too.
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    Help me Bird Forum, you're my only hope... new binoculars, £1000. UK.

    Nikon MHG if you want 42mm to hike and carry them around. Zeiss Conquest 8x32 if you want smaller binos for hiking and carrying around. GPO 42s are large and heavy. Fine for a house bino but not in the field. If you find a deal on Conquest 42s and want to save money over the Nikons, get them...
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    SFL 8x30 - just arrived, some first impressions.

    Same! However, now I am feeling like the SFL30 is the tweener... haha! My 8x32 Conquests look positively gargantuan next the VP25!
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    Looking for an 8x32 in the $300 range

    Some nice posts in this thread. I find it refreshing. Maybe inflation has me appreciative of value based optics over the pristine image my alpha delivers. I really like my Opticron 8x32 Travelers, they hold their own against my Conquests, but the Swaro EL are better
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    8x30 Monarch M7 comparisons

    I haven't seen these in person yet, but I am also curious about their performance. Are they in stores in the US yet?
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    Zeiss SFL 8x30?

    Fresh meat for you wolves (crows? magpies? turkey vultures...), while we wait for these SFL 30s to ship.... https://www.rokslide.com/zeiss-sfl-8x30-compact-binocular-review/