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    Anyone else noticed less House Sparrows fledged this year?

    Plenty here too and there are a few adults still feeding young.
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    Juvenile Blackbird 'practicing' his song?

    Yes, I've certainly heard it, Richie and also coming from the Robin. If you search for 'Blackbird sub-song' you should find more about it.
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    Blue Tit and Wren sharing same tree hole

    Is the 'food' that the Wren is bringing out of the nest box white in colour? If so, this will almost certainly be the Wren taking the faecal sac away from a chick, as parent birds do. It does sound like your Wren has heard the cries of the chicks and has responded by feeding them. It's...
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    Male Blackbird Nesting Behavior (UK)

    For the most part, males will only have the one nest. However, there have certainly been instances where they have two! I read of one case where they had 3!! I don't know how long you would watch these birds for but I wonder how she managed with such little help in the days following the...
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    Woodpigeon French Kissing

    You wouldn't have seen any food passing from one to the other, Brian. He would feed her by regurgitating food which passes up to his throat via the bird's crop where food is stored.
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    Woodpigeon French Kissing

    LOL @ French kissing! The male is feeding the female, Brian. It's courtship behaviour. They feed their young in this way.
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    Perhaps not for the squeamish

    I thought that this might be of some interest to you. I also get fledgling Starlings in the garden where they usually stay until they're more capable when they all fly off with parents. One year I had an experience I'd not seen before or since when the young ones were bathing but perhaps on...
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    Blue Tits

    It's not known for sure, but thoughts on this suggest that they are testing the wood for its strength to ensure the box's suitability to raise a family. Also, if they were nesting in a natural hole in a tree, they would likely need to peck at it, to adjust its size, etc., and this behaviour...
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    Cuckoo with nest material?! UK-Herts, June

    Samuel, I've checked in my book The Cuckoo by Ian Wyllie, and indeed, presentation of nesting material by the male is part and parcel of courtship."The principle element of courtship in Cuckoos ... is male song. Song is accompanied by posturing, display flights, presentation of plant material...
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    Little Help

    You were right in not wanting to launch the Swift. Please search for 'Swift Carers' where you'll find the most helpful advice and telephone numbers.
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    Need quick advice re: baby blackbird

    I'd spend the entire morning watching to see if the parents are still feeding them. They would be very reluctant to abandon them at this stage but it could be that Mrs. Blackbird wasn't keen on brooding them overnight in a place she didn't choose. The RSPCA and Wildlife Rescue Centres will...
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    Need quick advice re: baby blackbird

    The mother would indeed be sitting on them quite a lot of the time in the early days with the male providing most of the food. Gradually, both parents share feeding duties but the female should be sitting on them overnight. Whether this will happen with the nest now in a different place I...
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    Blackbird Behaviour

    Until they are on their last brood of the season, it's quite normal for the mother to hand over full responsibility for the care of the chicks to the male while she gets on with their next brood. She may feed them 'now and then' as you've seen, but mostly you should now see dad feeding them.
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    WOW! holy s***! its a Peregrine!

    Derby Cathedral! See 'Arctic Derby'. http://derbyperegrines.blogspot.com/
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    First occupant in my bird box!

    Yes, a roosting Great Tit in my garden last year/early this year used the box regularly during the day and would, preen, rest or even have short sleeps in there!
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    ?Hobby (Cheshire, UK)

    From this nest? http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/liverpool/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8617000/8617764.stm
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    Post live nestbox feeds here...!

    Unfortunately, all the Great Tit nestlings in the Dutch site above have now died, the final one overnight/this morning.
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    Adult Robin feeding mate? London UK

    Chris, I feed mealworms and when a female Robin begs from her mate, he comes 'begging' to me!! Madness!
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    Adult Robin feeding mate? London UK

    Chris, the male Robin feeding the female will almost certainly not be for the female to then take the food away to chicks, the food is for her. This courtship feeding - which will have started earlier in the year, continues during nest-building, the laying of the eggs, throughout incubation...
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    ID please, Wader, Hampshire, UK.

    Thank you very much.
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    ID please, Wader, Hampshire, UK.

    Can anyone please give an ID for this Wader seen at Tichfield Nature Reserve, on the water's edge of the Solent, Hampshire, this week? We're not sure whether it's a Sanderling, Knot, or Grey Plover. http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z148/Velmelyn/unknownwadertichfield.jpg
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    Sick Greenfinch taken by Magpie

    Birds of prey are certainly at risk from catching Trichomoniasis after eating infected birds.
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    Sparrowhawk kills

    Yes, you're right there jerkin (according to my thin Shire Natural History book on Sparrowhawks by Prof. Newton). Moulting takes about four months. Most females start in May (egg laying time) and males in June (hatching time) .... many individuals stop moulting for a period in mid-June to...
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    Sparrowhawk kills

    Thank you again. I also asked the BTO when I posted here and they more or less echoed fugl's comments that it's more likely that decapitation takes place by the male in the breeding season when the headless prey is then taken to the nest. They also said that Prof. Ian Newton, the leading...
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    Sparrowhawk kills

    Thanks for the replies. I'm beginning to think that the people who told me that Sprawks decapitated their kills assumed it rather than witnessed it!