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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. jourdaj

    Digiscoping:From Start to Print (eBook) has been updated for 2023

    All, First released in 2020 Digiscoping: From Start to Print has now been revised and updated. Digiscoping: From Start to Print (2023 Edition, eBook) is now available. This 211-page eBook is a valuable resource guide for new digiscopers, as well as those who are looking to improve their...
  2. jourdaj

    iPhone 14 Pro Digiscoping Review

    Hi Tom, You will do well with any of the scopes from the names like Swarovski, Kowa, Zeiss, Leica and Vortex. You can check out the adapters available at Phoneskope.com to make sure you purchase the right scope/eyepiece that would fit one of their adapters. Price will dictate which models you...
  3. jourdaj

    iPhone 14 Pro Digiscoping Review

    Most likely the CA is coming from misalignment of adapter on the scope. I was working fairly quickly in changing light so I may not have critically aligned the adapter on the scope. The next thing to explore, though, is whether the sensor size has a correlation with amount of CA we find when...
  4. jourdaj

    iPhone 14 Pro Digiscoping Review

    You are correct, kimmik - it should be 12 Mpx. My bad...
  5. jourdaj

    iPhone 14 Pro Digiscoping Review

    I picked up an iPhone 14 Pro and PhoneSkope adapter and compared digiscoping quality with my Full-Frame Sony a9 and 40/2.5 digiscoping rig, and to my professional Sony a1 and 600/4 rig. In short, the iPhone 14 Pro does an impressive job of creating high resolution images that are easily...
  6. jourdaj

    Digiscoping: From Start to Print is now free for downloading

    Hi All, I'm happy to announce that my new 196-page book entitled, "Digiscoping: From Start to Print" is now available for free download. I've written it to address the most important questions we digiscopers need to address regarding the art of super-telephoto photography. Description and sample...
  7. jourdaj

    Digidapter DLM Review

    In summary, this is the adapter I've been looking for. Compact, and provides perfect alignment of camera and eyepiece. Check out my review below: https://alphadigiscopingreview.blogspot.com/2020/09/digidapter-dlm-review-27-sep-2020.html
  8. jourdaj

    Digiscoping with the Sony a9

    I've posted a blog about digiscoping with the Sony a9 and Digidapter DLM. It was fun! http://alphadigiscoping.blogspot.com/2020/10/digiscoping-w-sony-a9-21-oct-2020.html
  9. jourdaj

    Digiscoping School 2020 is now open!

    Hi All, As I posted previously I've launched Digiscoping: From Start to Print 2020 through Teachable.com. Geared toward novice and intermediate digiscopers the intensive course consists of video guides and eBook (either together or eBook-only) that covers all aspects of digiscoping. More...
  10. jourdaj

    First attempt at digiscoping.

    Also start by doing a distance test with your rig; take images at closest focus range, then move further out to see where the limit of your rig's sharpness factor is. You'll save a lot of guess work on why your images are soft.
  11. jourdaj

    First Book of Digiscoping Written!

    Hi All, I'm excited to announce that I've completed what I believe to be the first book written about digiscoping! The book is titled, "Digiscoping: From Start to Print" and will be available as part of an on-line course that I'm putting together through Teachable.com. I've created a new website...
  12. jourdaj

    Considering a spotting scope for digiscoping - will vignetting be a problem?

    Hi Arthur, Depending upon the spotting scope and eyepiece you purchase, and the camera/lens combination you wish to use you may need to deal with some amount of vignetting. Generally, an M43 camera requires a minimum of 20mm, while an APS-C camera needs ~30mm, and a FF camera ~40-45mm. A little...
  13. jourdaj

    Question about: digiscoping DLSR settings?

    I use a Sony a7III and 28mm f/2.8 pancake lens attached to a Swarovski STX85 and 25-60X eyepiece using a Digidapter digiscoping adapter. I've set up the camera using a custom function dial to provide the following presets so that I can quickly switch to "digiscoping" mode: Aperture-f/2.8 ISO...
  14. jourdaj

    An Open Letter to Nikon Service - Thank You!

    Dear Nikon Service, In early January I sent in a pair of Nikon Premier 10X42 LX binoculars for refurbishing. I have had these binoculars since 2003 and for the first 10 years they were my constant companion. They had since been relegated to backseat car use and have seen their share of wear. I...
  15. jourdaj

    Blog post on slowmo kingfisher filming

    Excellent blog post and website, Leeds! I added you to my blog roll "Digiscoping Links". Cheers, Jerry http://jerryjourdan2.blogspot.com
  16. jourdaj

    What camera?

    Check out DPreview.com for their camera reviews and studio comparisons. Its a great tool for comparing image quality in both Raw and Jpg formats. They will also have all of the specs regarding sensor size, fps, video, etc. Its a wonderful site and may help you decide. I use the Sony a6300 and...
  17. jourdaj

    Choosing a camera

    Take a look at the Sony Cybershot RX100 III to RX100 V generations. Tiny cameras w/ excellent image quality for digiscoping.
  18. jourdaj

    Sony a6**** + STX + what lens?

    I've just purchased the STX 85 from Swarovski and am testing it using my Sony a6300 w/ Sigma 28 mm f/2.8 lens. The Sigma 28 pairs nicely w/ the 25-60X Zoom w/o vignetting and produces impressively sharp images. Check out my recent blog posts w/ photos...
  19. jourdaj

    P5100 Nikon to Zeiss 85 20x60 eyepiece

    Hi Jim, I had that combo a few years back and came up w/ this adapter for the 20-60X eyepiece. It may be difficult to come up w/ the canon adapter, but some PVC pipe may work. http://jerryjourdan2.blogspot.com/2008/04/new-digiscoping-adaptor-for-coolpix.html Jerry
  20. jourdaj

    Digiscoping with the Sony Alpha 6300

    Hi Neil, Love the Snipe photo! I've found that AF on the a6300 is much more accurate if I select Landscape (vs. Standard) in the Creative Style mode. Turn up settings to +3. Focus is also better in Manual mode using magnified focus versus focus peaking alone. Still waiting to try 4K...
  21. jourdaj

    New compact camera

    The Panasonic GH4 is the reigning camera for digiscoping / video. Its 4K video quality is about the best there is for even DSLR shooting. Others to consider are the Panasonic GX8, and the new Sony Alpha a6300. Older cameras like the Nikon 1 V series are good digiscoping cameras with video...
  22. jourdaj

    Best adaptor for Sony rx100 iii and ATX 85?

    A bonus for the Digidapter is that it allows the RX100 III to be centered behind the eyepiece of the scope even though the tripod screw is off-centered on the camera.
  23. jourdaj

    Need Advice/Opinions on Zeiss Set-Up

    Hi Peter, E-mail me offline at jourdaj 'AT' gmail.com with your address and I'll send you the 20-60X eyepiece.
  24. jourdaj

    Need Advice/Opinions on Zeiss Set-Up

    I have the Zeiss 85T*Fl and 40X W eyepiece (as well as the 20-75X and 20-60X eyepieces) and shoot with a Nikon 1 V3 (upgraded from V1). I'm very happy w/ the combination. I use the Digidapterâ„¢ as it is extremely high quality and will work with most Micro 4/3 cameras as well as P&S cameras. I...