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  1. Gordon Hodgson

    Nikon Coolpix P7700

    Thanks, Neil! I do see now online an adapter tube (58mm) for the P7000 and P7100, which apparently is designed to hold a 58mm filter out in front of the lens. Perhaps it would also fit the P7700 for the same purpose. The tube is a little more than 52mm long, which would be long enough to...
  2. Gordon Hodgson

    Nikon Coolpix P7700

    Nikon Coolpix P7700: What's the Large Threaded Ring For? Recently I purchased Nikon's new Coolpix P7700, hoping it would make a great digiscoping camera (with remote release, external mic, etc). As it turns out, the camera lens has to be located almost smack-dab up against the 30X digiscoping...
  3. Gordon Hodgson

    Nikon Coolpix P7700

    Sorry, Neil! I guess I didn't do all my homework. But I'll check that out. And thanks again.
  4. Gordon Hodgson

    Nikon Coolpix P7700

    Hello again, Neil: I ordered the P310 and it was delivered yesterday. I've been trying to use it with the FSB-U1 Universal Adapter, but the P310 doesn't line up easily with the Fieldscope eyepiece at all. And then, of course, every time I will have to charge the battery, I will have to take the...
  5. Gordon Hodgson

    Nikon Coolpix P7700

    Indeed this has been helpful... now I'm going to have to weigh my options! Thanks so much, Neil!
  6. Gordon Hodgson

    Nikon Coolpix P7700

    Thanks, Neil! Financially, I think for right now I'm pretty much stuck with my 82mm Nikon ED Fieldscope and its fixed 30X eyepiece, which has done me fairly well with the P5100. I saw on Birdforum that you were having great success digiscoping with the V1, and I almost got it; but then I...
  7. Gordon Hodgson

    Nikon Coolpix P7700

    I Have the Same Problem! I'm finding that the P7700 doesn't digiscope very well with a fixed eyepiece either! Recently I, too, decided to upgrade from my P5100 and got the P7700 in the mail just yesterday. The fixed 30X HD eyepiece on my Nikon Fieldscope was a perfect match for the P5100...
  8. Senegal Coucal on Leafless Stem

    Senegal Coucal on Leafless Stem

    The Senegal Coucal is widely distributed across West Africa south of the Sahara, and is very common in Liberia's coastal savannah habitat. Last year, my wife and I were in Liberia for 6 weeks during the wet season. This coucal stopped on a leafless stem in an abandoned garden, just long enough...
  9. Mourning Dove (juvenile)

    Mourning Dove (juvenile)

    The Mourning Dove is common all across the United States and southern Canada. At this time of year (July) here in central Colorado, numerous Mourning Doves have fledged and can be seen on power lines along the roads. I came across this one resting quietly, but watchfully, in the partial shade of...
  10. Gordon Hodgson

    Achieving sharp focus with P5100 Coolpix?

    I'm coming in a bit late on this discussion (I've not been on BirdForum for quite a while), but I just wanted to say I get great results with the Nikon P5100 on my Nikon Fieldscope. I use the Nikon FSB-6 Adapter, and there is no vignetting. The bracket also allows me to use a cable release, so...
  11. Gordon Hodgson

    Nikon P7000 for Digiscoping

    P7000 & Vignetting on a Fieldscope I've been digiscoping with the Nikon P5100 on the Nikon 82A Fieldscope for several years. I use the FSB-6 Adapter designed for it, and of course there is no vignetting. Now I'm thinking of getting the P7000, but I see a lot of talk on Birdforum about...
  12. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Sharp-shinned Hawk'

    Wow! Superb shot!
  13. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Spotted Owlet'

    (One digiscoper to another...) Great photo! Perfect background for this light-colored owl!
  14. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Limpkin, The Itch'

    Excellent shot!
  15. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'lesser green leafbird'

    Wow! The flowers stand out, yet the bird blends in! Great sharp photo!
  16. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Harlequin Ducks'

    Nice shot, but you're right! These have been my frustrations as well when trying to get a reasonably good shot of this species!
  17. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Strange growth'

    Seems I read somewhere that if honey is used in hummingbird feeders, growths on the bill can occur.
  18. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Jay'

    Wow! This is one sharp photo! Well done!
  19. "Been lookin' FORWARD to meetin' you!"

    "Been lookin' FORWARD to meetin' you!"

    Another somewhat humorous view of the Atlantic Puffin!
  20. Atlantic Puffin

    Atlantic Puffin

    Another photo from Machias Seal Island.
  21. "Not a-Huffin'... just a Puffin!"

    "Not a-Huffin'... just a Puffin!"

    Earlier this year, on my visit to Machias Seal Island 10 miles off the coast of Maine, this Atlantic Puffin decided to rest for a few moments on the rock just outside our small blind. The bird was so close that I didn't need to use my scope or even the telephoto on my point-and-shoot camera!
  22. Western Meadowlark (singing)

    Western Meadowlark (singing)

    The very characteristic (and somewhat comical) silhouette of the Western Meadowlark is a familiar sight on powerlines and fences throughout the prairie regions of western North America. Though its plumage is barely distinguishable from that of its cousin, the Eastern Meadowlark, its song is...
  23. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Mongoose eyes'

    Wow! What an excellent, sharp-focus portrait!
  24. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Fighting Stils'

    Fantastic action shot!
  25. Gordon Hodgson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Black-winged Stilt'

    Always superb!