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  1. Val35

    Five South African birds

    1.Yellow Billed Kite 2.Immature Martial Eagle 3.African Palm Swift 4.Adult Martial Eagle Not sure about the last one...
  2. Val35

    Which parts of CR to visit?

    Yes, I think it's 7am during dry season, that's why it's important to stay at an hotel with birdy gardens/have back up sites for early morning that don't have specific opening times ! Thanks for the tip on Cerro Lodge ! I wasn't aware of this at all ! And thanks for the offer on Arenal, I'll...
  3. Val35

    Which parts of CR to visit?

    Preparing a trip to CR myself and from what I read Carara is indeed much better than Manuel Antonio... Scarlet Macaws seem virtually guaranted there. In Carara NP there are trails around the NP headquarters and also one more trail north from the NP HQ (Sendero La Meandrica) both are apparently...
  4. Val35

    Goshawk? Berlin

    Yes Goshawk :)
  5. Val35

    Malaga, S Spain. Tern

    Isn't bill a little long for a Common Tern ? It does look like one of the yellow billed terns to me...
  6. Val35

    Which Phylloscopus? Morocco, Agadir, yesterday

    Ok ! Not familiar with Iberian Chiffchaff...but several articles seem (as this one for example : Iberian Chiffchaff identification: the state of the art — subalpinebirding) seem to suggest that there is some overlap regarding pp length between the two species. But yes, I agree, this is most...
  7. Val35

    Which Phylloscopus? Morocco, Agadir, yesterday

    Chiffchaff for me (they do hover)... Edit : could also be an Iberian Chiffchaff based on range, some do look very much like Chiffchaffs but are impossible to tell apart in the field unless they sing...
  8. Val35

    Duck species, Muscat, Oman

    Gadwalls :)
  9. Val35

    Sheringham - North Norfolk, UK

    Herring gull, GBBG should have some black on the mantle, not pale grey such as this bird. Also, it's technically not a juvenile but an immature (3rd calendar year ?). The term juvenile is normally restricted to the first complete plumage past the fledgeling stage ;)
  10. Val35

    Red-billed Leiothrix, Cinque Terre

    I'm returning from Italy today and found Red-Billed Leiothrix pretty easily in Monterosso al Mare, near the convent of the Capuchin friars, a group of about 15 birds (44,1461030, 9,6531039). Today, on my way to Livorno, I stopped at the Oasi LIPU Massaciuccoli and found again about 10 RBL...
  11. Val35

    request id Bird of Prey - Egypt

    Isn't cirtensis now considered as a ssp. of common buzzard ?
  12. Val35

    2024 Targets

    The same species I missed during my 2019 trip to the Alps...but I didn't plan carefully enough. Sure, you can send me or start a Corsica thread, I will answer !
  13. Val35

    Familiar Chat juvenile Skukuza Camp South Africa Oct 22

    African Stonechat I think...
  14. Val35

    2024 Targets

    So far for 2024, I only have one trip planned but it's a non-birding trip to Italy in January. I still have one target bird there : Red-Billed Leiothrix. Then of course, I'd like to add some species to my Corsican list : I have to try for Long Eared Owl, it's a localised breeding species here...
  15. Bluethroat


  16. Bluethroat


  17. Val35

    Your silliest/most entertaining/unlikely birding accomplishments

    In 2016, shortly after waking up, I checked the local bird news : a Black Winged Kite had been seen not too far from where I lived. At the time, I was studying in Brittany and it was an extremely rare bird in the area (now there are several breeding pairs). I took a screenshot of the pics...
  18. Val35

    Interesting aspects of birding culture in non-Anglosphere countries?

    The "birds of Europe" series of books were all republished in the 2000's with some updated information. I have them all at home :) It's also possible to find some second hand copies yes.
  19. Val35

    Hello from Germany with this pic, I took it 3 weeks ago near Plettenberg

    Are you sure it's taken in Plettenberg, Germany and not Plettenberg Bay, South Africa ? It's a Knysna Turaco and it's found in this area...
  20. Val35

    Dragonflies from Ghana, for help with ID.

    Those tropical mantids often quite odd shapes and patterns, I understand that sometimes it's difficult to tell what they are 😅 The fifth one seems to be Neodythemis klingi...For the other two (I assume pics 3&4 are the same individual ?), I think they might well be Orthetrum species but not...
  21. Val35

    Dragonflies from Ghana, for help with ID.

    First one is Olpogastra lugubris and the last one is not a dragonfly but a mantis of the genus Pseudocreobotra. Not sure about others...
  22. Val35

    Top 5 of 2023

    1. Eastern Black Eared Wheatear, Corsica - Found on my local patch, a beautiful male in full breeding plumage. It's always nice to find a rarity but it's even better when it's on your own local patch :) Lifer. 2. Eastern Rock Nuthatch, Armenia - One of the first birds I saw in Armenia...
  23. Val35

    Red-billed Leiothrix, Cinque Terre

    Hi, I'll be staying in Liguria (Italy) for about week in January. It's not a birding trip and I have no potential lifers there except this feral species. Most sightings on eBird seem to be in the Cinque Terre NP. I'll be staying in Sestri Levante (there's one eBird sighting there...) but I will...