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  1. McHeath

    Feather identification (Bavaria/Germany)

    Yes, that looks good. Thanks!
  2. McHeath

    Feather identification (Bavaria/Germany)

    Hi all! Could anyone help with the identification of these feathers please? I found them at the beginning of September near Morschreuth, Bavaria, Germany. They were lying within 100m of each other, just inside the margins of a mature mixed wood, mostly Beech but some conifers too. Hardly any...
  3. McHeath

    First Butterflies 2022

    Saw my first two Brimstones of the year in Berlin yesterday :)
  4. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media 'Bearded reedling'

    Beautiful image of a beautiful bird - well done! :)
  5. Blue Tit

    Blue Tit

    A beautiful day in the cemetery... Spring is coming! :)
  6. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media 'water rail'

    Hard enough to photograph one Water Rail; you got two at one go! Beautiful capture!
  7. Siskin


    Siskins have an unusual migratory pattern, heading South in large numbers every few winters but remaining in others. I didn't know this and had been wondering where they'd all got to the last two years, but this year they came back with a vengeance in huge flocks, which delighted me...
  8. Nuthatch


    Sitting on a horizontal twig for a change, and being very vocal!
  9. Goshawk


    One of a pair which inhabits our local cemetery. They usually spot you long before you've spotted them and glide noiselessly away between the trees; this one stayed put for a minute or so and kept bobbing her head above the small branch to see if I was still there. Kind of reminded me of my...
  10. Black Woodpecker

    Black Woodpecker

    These birds are very shy and evasive here; during the whole of last year I only heard a few and saw one gliding away between the trees, despite running regularly in the woods where they live. So I was amazed to be there on a sunny day at the beginning of February and to see and hear no fewer...
  11. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media 'Goldfinch'

    Beautiful shot, Donald!
  12. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media 'Lucky reflection capture.JPG'

    I'd say that's a male Tufted Duck - nice photo!
  13. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media 'the dream'

    Hmm ... looking to the future? I've never seen a picture of this before, and my first impression was of somebody sleeping, or dead, maybe mummified ...
  14. Grey Heron

    Grey Heron

    A cold, windy, monochrome day on a cold, windy, monochrome lake ... and then this magnificent bird!
  15. A Contortion of Cormorants

    A Contortion of Cormorants

  16. Winter Hawfinch

    Winter Hawfinch

    The cold spell has brought the Hawfinches down from the tops of the conifers, where they usually hang out, to check out the dilapidated but often regularly topped up bird tables hidden among the trees.
  17. McHeath

    Couple (difficult) images using phone and scope off Thamesmead today.

    The attachment device I bought is very adjustable to a wide range of scopes and phones; I would presume that they all are unless designed for a specific scope. The Bluetooth gadget came with a recommended app, which I installed and it worked straight away. Good luck! :)
  18. McHeath

    Couple (difficult) images using phone and scope off Thamesmead today.

    There are very cheap (7€) and simple devices for attaching your phone to the scope, you know! ;) (bit fiddly, but very worth it.) You then also need a bluetooth remote control (about 5€), since trying to use the shutter of the phone manually induces horrific wobble. The results then look like...
  19. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media 'clear the runway'

    Beautifully captured P.S. I like the squirrel too! ;)
  20. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media 'Adult male goshawk'

    Lovely shot, I like the way the pinecones mirror the pattern on the sparrowhawk's breast.
  21. Black-Headed Gull

    Black-Headed Gull

  22. Happy Hoodie ...

    Happy Hoodie ...

    ... taking his time with the remains of a Black-Headed Gull (wings lower left, head lower right!)
  23. Lunch break

    Lunch break

    Found this guy mopping up birdseed in the cemetery at a tremendous rate; he stopped briefly to consider me and then carried on.
  24. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media '1amr.jpg'

    What a wonderful picture, many thanks for sharing!
  25. McHeath

    Comment by 'McHeath' in media 'Jackdaw'

    Wonderful shot Colin, the pose and detail are fantastic!