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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. gandytron

    Lens hood for ED50?

    Many thanks for all the feedback. I will order a cheap & cheerful one online :)
  2. gandytron

    Lens hood for ED50?

    Does anybody have an good suggestion for a lens hood that can fit onto the ED50? I will be travelling to the USA and the UK in the next couple of months so if there is an after-market option that I can order online that would be great! Would this work...
  3. gandytron

    Considering a secondhand 10x42 WB SLC (1999)

    Thank you all for these very helpful responses. It seems like the Zeiss may be a better option, indeed I used to have a 7x42 FL so that is not an entirely unknown quantity. Best wishes Dave
  4. gandytron

    Considering a secondhand 10x42 WB SLC (1999)

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a used 10x binocular and came across this SLC that was made in 1999 (so still has 7 years warranty). I’ve never handled a pair of these so would be interested in opinions on how they stack up against more modern optics. The other option at the moment seems to be a...
  5. gandytron

    Leica UK - is the warranty transferable?

    Hello all, In the past I have purchased second-hand Swaro and Zeiss and I have registered these purchases with the respective manufacturers and have made use of their customer service for free-of-charge repairs under warranty. I am travelling home to the UK next week and will likely purchase a...
  6. gandytron

    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    These new SFL looks interesting, but I hope they will be closer to the SF than an "upgraded Conquest". On price (in the UK at least) they are going head-to-head with the Swaro ELs and the Leica Ultravid Plus models. If I'm paying those sorts of prices I don't think I would be willing to...
  7. gandytron

    Tiger shrike or brown shrike? (Singapore)

    ha ha, like I said Grahame - famous last words! Seems like a very "odd couple" to me - Tiger is so much of a canopy- and deep-cover lover compaired with Brown Shrike. Shrikes eh? They will literally do anything to anything!
  8. gandytron

    Tiger shrike or brown shrike? (Singapore)

    Two shots of Brown Shrikes from Bangkok, the first in late January, the second in mid February. Note pale lores and bill colouration similar to the Singapore bird. And I think there is zero need to mention the "H" word. Tiger Shrike has a quite different ecological niche to Brown Shrike (it's...
  9. gandytron

    Tiger shrike or brown shrike? (Singapore)

    Uniform upper parts and dark ear coverts make this look like a Brown Shrike to me.
  10. gandytron

    Which 10x has the greatest DOF?

    Thanks for these replies. I think the slack in the focus wheel on the Trinnie HD might be a contributing factor to the feeling of especially shallow DOF, so when I look for a new 10x I will pay particular attention to the precision of the focus, as well as the length of the body.
  11. gandytron

    Which 10x has the greatest DOF?

    I’ve been using 7x and 8x binoculars for the last decade but a year ago bought a pair of Leica 10x32 Trinovid HDs and I find the DOF annoyingly shallow and I continually need to refocus when birding in urban green spaces (where I do 95% of my birding). This is not helped by the Trinnie HD having...
  12. gandytron

    Rain poncho (available in USA?)

    Can anybody recommend a good quality, long lasting rain poncho that can be bought from a US retailer? I was hoping to get this one made by Paramo but I’m not sure it’s available in the US? Thanks, Dave
  13. gandytron

    Equipment overhaul?

    I shoot a D500 with the Sigma 150-600 C and the Nikon 300mm PF + 1.4TC III combo. In the OP's position I think I would move to the D500 first, before changing lens - I had a D7100 previously and the change in body was a substantial step up. The 300mm PF and TC is a nice set up (no loss of AF...
  14. gandytron

    Sound recording, Fen Drayton, UK

    A friend of mine just sent me this sound recording from Fen Drayton, Cambridgeshire - I presume it was made in the last day or two. I can't place it. Any thoughts, please?
  15. gandytron

    Frigatebird, Andaman sea, Thailand

    Thanks for the input guys - clearly with >250 views and only two contributors To this thread I am not the only one struggling with Frigatebirds!
  16. gandytron

    Frigatebird, Andaman sea, Thailand

    Going through some old photos (from 2009) I want to check what people think of this Frigatebird. Lesser is the commonest in Thai waters, whilst Christmas Island and Great do occur in small numbers. Revisiting the paper in Birding Asia Volume 1 (2004) makes me think that this might be a Great...
  17. gandytron

    Alternative case for Swaro 8x25 CL?

    Thanks Mike, that is very useful guidance. I am very busy these days and don't get much time on BF, so your post is really helpful and much appreciated. Best wishes, Dave
  18. gandytron

    Alternative case for Swaro 8x25 CL?

    I live my 8x25 CL compacts. However whilst the case is well made it is very hard to get the binoculars out of their case when it is attached to my waist belt, because the case provides such a snug fit. Is there an good alternative case that anybody can recommend? Thanks, Dave
  19. gandytron

    Filthy twitchers - which birds do you regret NOT going for?

    The Chestnut-sided Warbler at Prawle Point will haunt me forever. When I got the news it was a quiet mid-afternoon in my office in Exeter, the message on the info service had it at the end of the message, as a possible. I discussed it with a birding mate but we concluded we’d wait on news...
  20. gandytron

    Taiga or Red-breasted Flycatcher? Pakistan

    All look like Taiga to me.
  21. gandytron

    Phylloscopus spec from Thailand

    YBW much more likely than Hume’s at KK.
  22. gandytron

    Which Warblers? Rot Fai Park Bangkok, Nov 2018

    OK, thanks - I'll try to check it out tomorrow...
  23. gandytron

    Which Warblers? Rot Fai Park Bangkok, Nov 2018

    Any more images of the first bird? It looks like it is entirely yellow underneath, which would make it Sulphur-breasted Warbler (and a first record for the site). EDIT: just moved from phone to laptop to look at this. It is definitely Sulphur-breasted Warbler. Please can you tell me what date...
  24. gandytron

    Help for Id, in Thailand

    Grahame, I suspect there are more occurrences of RBF in Thailand (more than one, at least!). Whilst Thailand is well watched, it has a lot of coverage by local photographers who may not necessarily be switched on to the subtleties of Taiga vs RBF identification (either on plumage or call)...
  25. gandytron

    Turdus ID

    Pavel, yes after I posted it occurred to me that B-t Thrush might well fit the bill and is far more likely that Japanese Thrush. I am interested by the apparent clean white underparts with apparent spotting on the breast sides. Is that consistent with black-throated ? (I have not seen a...