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  1. rosbifs

    Best (least-bad??) affordable used bridge camera

    As Pat says you will struggle with flight shots so really need to think about what pictures you are wanting to take. I went down the Lumix route and thought the second new, to me, camera would have ironed out the flight shot issue, it hadn't. In the end I went for the Canon DSLR range and...
  2. rosbifs

    30km south of Madrid, Spain about 2 months ago

    Would be spotless this far south
  3. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

  4. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

  5. rosbifs

    Field work ... hard work!

  6. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    wood lark
  7. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    omg - I literally was looking at the wrong thing and didn't see that!!! Now it's obvious
  8. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    Scops pwl
  9. rosbifs

    What’s your favourite bird of prey?

    Goshawk - sheer fear factor Pallid Harrier for beauty Peregrine - speed
  10. rosbifs

    Odd-looking Herring Gull ? (W France)

    https://www.birdforum.net/threads/gulls-cabo-raso-portugal-19-10.395815/ Here is one I had in Lisbon area. Some useful links and discussion...
  11. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    Little Stint
  12. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    Black kite
  13. rosbifs

    Slimbridge WWT- why the wildfowl collections?

    You may consider Slimbridge et al to be easy targets because it eases your conscience and makes you feel like you're doing your part, however, the real issues doesn't surround WWT or zoos (not really anymore*) but why there is a need to try and 'help' these species in the first place. Aside...
  14. rosbifs

    Slimbridge WWT- why the wildfowl collections?

    So I used to take my kids, grand parents etc They were happy to see the ducks and geese up close but were bored rigid in the 'wild' sections. The grand parents just wanted a good coffee and the kids wanted an ice cream/ Surely there has to be a balance between the wild and the zoo aspect. I...
  15. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    egyptian vulture
  16. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    common b
  17. rosbifs

    Monfrague NP (Extremadura) and around in November...spotting scope or thermal/IR?

    Good historical information is your best friend - ebird for instance. Without this information the plains will seem desolate. The Bustards and Curlews flocking up for winter so historical sites will continue to produce results.
  18. rosbifs

    Little Stint

    I was wondering whether it was a One Legged Little Stint? Very rare…. only messing - useful pointer Berwick thank you
  19. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

  20. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    Marsh H
  21. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    Stone Curlew?
  22. rosbifs

    Guess the bird-

    Pallid harrier
  23. rosbifs

    Batumi Sęp !3th - 23rd 2023.....

    Having been on the Soulor for a biggish migration day I cannot imagine having to count these sorts of numbers and variety moving….. Great days! 35k black kite
  24. rosbifs

    Hummingbirds in France?

    Which are fairly widespread... The Convolvulous is about 3 times the size of this and rare but incredible...
  25. rosbifs

    Algarve Bird Call

    Can’t really help but has a cettis ring to the last note in each sentence….