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  1. carjug

    Good Boots

    American here. Forget the outdoorsy stores. Go to a place that sells working-man's shoes and clothing for carpenters, masons, and other roustabouts. Get yourself some shin high boots, gel inserts, and WOOL socks. They won't be as comfy as pricey hiking boots, but they will hold up better than...
  2. carjug

    Thoughts on Hawk-watching.

    One more feels the power of the Dark Side.. I just got back from my third hawkwatch of the season. Good day by any standard, hundreds of Broad-Wings over the Blue Ridge mountains. I bought a scope last year, and today it made the day much nicer. I found kettles and spotted birds that...
  3. carjug

    Camera or Bins and Scope?

    If you get a camera, make sure it has "shake resistance". I have used inadequate canon rebels for years, the 250 Lens with vibration resistance beats the 300 without hands down. Rabbit hole!!!
  4. carjug

    Thoughts on Hawk-watching.

    I've been attending a local hawkwatch about three times a season for the last four years. Here are some lessons I may have learned. 1) It's hard. Seems easy, right? Fifteen species or so? Nope. They all look exactly alike. 2) Respect the leader. He or she is an experienced fanatic. 3)...
  5. carjug

    Vortex Vulture HD 8x56

    I have the 15 x 56 diamondback. I wish they were the 8x 56. They would be terrific bins then, except for the weight. Better glass wouldn't hurt either.
  6. carjug

    I Bought a Scope for Hawk-watching,,,Advice????

    Done. Rigged up a sight on the scope with thin Bungie cord and a rubber plumbing washer from the junk drawer. Got on the moon overhead first try. Amazin' how much stuff you can do when you do stuff. Thanks peeps!
  7. carjug

    Scopes, It’s all so confusing…..

    I just posted a happy review of a meopta 80mm angled scope. About 1200 dollars American. Got it from BandH photo. Everyone says "try before you buy." They mean it. Don't be in any big hurry to part with coin, you might find that a first rate pair of bins would make you happier and cost less.
  8. carjug

    I Bought a Scope for Hawk-watching,,,Advice????

    I got a bad case of the "I wants" a couple of years ago at the local Hawk counting site. I finally gave in and bought a nice big scope for my sturdy old tripod. I've been practicing up on the local Turkey Vulture congregation. Any advice about getting on a flying bird, when to use it instead of...
  9. carjug

    Meopta Meopro HD80

    Bought one from B&H. Clear and bright. You want a better scope? You better spend a bunch more money. Downside... Actual zoom is 20-35. The optional scope jacket is 150 bucks, and aggravating. ... I've been gearing up for Hawk,-watching season in the fall by tracking the local Turkey Vulture...
  10. carjug

    Vortex 15x56

    I bought them a year ago for Hawkwatching. Lousy for Hawks, no field of view, and lack the punch of a zoom scope. Took them to the big lake, stuck them on a tripod and looked at the ducks. Pretty darn good! Took them out at night to look at stars. lots of shake, but that can be remedied. Price...
  11. carjug

    Which birds don't you see now, since you started birdwatching?

    Quail and Whip-or-Will. There were lots when I was a kid, haven't heard them in years. Southern States, USA
  12. carjug

    Sitting in the Weeds.

    This is my favorite way to watch birds. No gear, just plop down in some weeds and wait. Sometimes it works, sometimes you just get a nap. The other day, a flock of feeder birds showed up, and with them, the local pair of Northern Flickers, a real treat. Me, I was just sitting on a patch of moss...
  13. carjug

    Write protection problem in old canon rebel- help?

    The problem just fixed itself, and I didn't do anything? Go figure. I think camera companies do this on purpose, hoping we will buy a bigger newer model.
  14. carjug

    Write protection problem in old canon rebel- help?

    I have one of the early Rebels, the T1, I think. The memory cards have all decided to write-protect themselves. I tried moving the teeny switch on the cards, no response. I tried moving a teeny switch in the card slot, it busted off. I read the funny manual on the CD that came with the camera. I...
  15. carjug

    Robin Migration

    Dude, The Robins are roosting. Can you get a count and some pictures? I live in North Carolina, I know of two huge roosting sites here, Cullowhee behind the Mexican Restaurant and Franklin across from the McDonalds. Think: hundreds of thousands of birds, and HAWKS. Man, I'm tellin'...
  16. carjug

    I've lost my touch

    Start your poop list. How many birds have you seen take a big DUMP? If you ever see a heron let loose, you won't forget it. The joy of birding lies in the unexpected stuff of nature; scratching an ear, eating a bug, making whoopee, and taking a poo are all memorable and common birding moments...
  17. carjug

    What Feeder to Buy?

    I would get a suet feeder and hang it from a long thin wire that squirrels cannot climb. Sunflower and seed feeders get the birds, but suet feeders get the birds you really want to see.
  18. carjug

    Male Rubythroats Leaving for Fall Migration.

    My adult male Rubythroats left my Western North Carolina home yesterday, September 5th; the juveniles are slamming the feeders hard. Please report when your Big Redneck Daddies make like a tree and leave!
  19. carjug

    Proper feeder placement.

    Here's why I posted this posting: I used to live on Oak Street in Boone North Carolina. Hummingbird feeding was a religion there, like Voodoo or Mayan temple ritual. It wasn't friendly competition, it was a cheatin' mud-rollin' eye-gouging kickin' fight. The local yokels did their darndest...
  20. carjug

    Hummingbird feeder and attracting

    Look through some of my old postings. I made one called the Supremely awesome Hummer Feeder out of a pharmacy pill bottle, an empty hot-sauce bottle, and a bit of stout string. It is a total winner, and relatively bee resistant. Use a 3/32 drill bit to make the beak holes, about a smidgen over...
  21. carjug

    Northern Flickers

    I take down the suet feeders in the summer. The woodpeckers have plenty of food anyway, and don't hit the feeders until around November or December. Let 'em eat bugs.
  22. carjug

    "Our" Turkey Vulture.

    Yeah, he might come around when you're down! (We wants pictures).
  23. carjug

    Proper feeder placement.

    Now an example of poor feeder placement... Right outside a window. Hummers like cover, but cooks like me want to see the critters while washing dishes. I put a feeder right on the window. It doesn't get much activity and it can draw ants if it spills. Another feeder location 5 feet from the...
  24. carjug

    Proper feeder placement.

    I live in a forest, no creek or lake or river or water at all. If I want hummers, I gotta work at it. I have 10 small feeders out right now, the three in tall trees get the most activity. There are hummers visible from every window in the house. If I just put a single feeder on the porch, all I...
  25. carjug

    Scared of other birds?

    Is it seeing a reflection in the glass?