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  1. Prestdj

    mytholmroyd 2024

    im now semi-retired so lots of time on my hands im keeping busy in the garden. sat in the garden with a coffee when a crossbill goes over calling! another excellent garden bird to add to the list which is now getting quite good the crossbill was proberly heading towards sunderland pasture, so...
  2. Prestdj

    mytholmroyd 2024

    been a quiet few weeks due to weather and weekends away.......cumbrian coast and a nice pub crawl around manchester to visit some classic manchester pubs anyway saturday was spent in the garden and quite spring like being t-shirt weather. mid-afternoon i set up the scope to view the moors 50...
  3. Prestdj

    Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

    a fantastic bird despite living in deepest darkest calderdale on the edge of the pennines, the late 80's early 90's i could see them daily within walking distance from the house. i found a pair displaying and making a nest but sadly they moved on due to disturbance, as they were too close to...
  4. Prestdj

    L. cachinnans?

    id say caspian but the scapulars look very dark but within range, also regarding p10 depends where the has come from, a northern bird may develop less quickly than a bird from a warmer climate, but on shape it looks fine for caspian
  5. Prestdj

    Could this gull be American Herring Gull?_ in South Korea

    btw im no "expert" just enjoy gulls
  6. Prestdj

    Could this gull be American Herring Gull?_ in South Korea

    id go for slaty backed gull, some the moulting scapulars look dark grey and the primary wing flash is not pale enough for the herring complex
  7. Prestdj

    raptor west yorkshire 13/08/2017

    photos are poor due to using a canon 20d. it flew over the garden heading south west midafternoon. just going through my photos im thinking honey buzzard but i may be wrong
  8. Prestdj

    Can You Help With Some ID's at the Little Orme Please?

    shags in the first photo, the birds against the sea show the clearly steeper forehead, cormorants in second photo more sleeker head shape than shag also they both like different nesting habitat and yes rock pipit
  9. Prestdj

    Dipper ssp

    i would go black bellied dipper
  10. Prestdj

    Really stupid ebird question

    i saw the chat at Barranco de la Torre just a few miles south of caleta de fuste from memory about 5 birds seen as for ebird i have no idea
  11. Prestdj

    Dipper ssp

    many caspian gulls dont fit the normal look but always distinctive a weak thin bill pale underwing and primary tongues.............but back to the black bellied dipper
  12. Prestdj

    Dipper ssp

    dark eye,grey tongue on p5,thin bill,markings around neck
  13. Prestdj

    Two people break 10,000 species, and on the same day? Can it be?

    im not a great birder but nearly 40 years of birding has taught me calls and jizz, so working away i heard an unusual bird flying overhead lapland bunting 90 miles from the coast that was a year ago, last year sat in the garden on a saturday evening with the large amounts of house martins...
  14. Prestdj

    Two people break 10,000 species, and on the same day? Can it be?

    so true years ago at the log call in the porthcressa will wagstaff got to green sandpiper and said 1 heard over the harbour, when it got to starling on the list a guy said 1 by the harbour giving a green sandpiper call
  15. Prestdj

    22 years of Birding

    started in 1985 aged 12 been hooked eversince
  16. Prestdj

    Which thrush? London UK

    sorry i should have explained more which is a bad habit i need to overcome so its obviously a thrush.......we can easily disscount ring ouzel, due to what we can see in the photo, we can also disscount mistle thrush and fieldfare due to the slender look of the bird (both of which would look...
  17. Prestdj

    Which thrush? London UK

  18. Prestdj

    Gran Canaria February 2024

    1 chiffchaff 2 im thinking one of the northern lesser black backed gulls looks very dark and long bodied either intermedius or baltic 3 lesser black backed gull 4 greenfinch 5 berthelot's pipit number 3 is interesting
  19. Prestdj

    North Macedonia - Water or Tawny Pipit?

    all the features of water pipit are here, the slightly upturned bill is a classic feature which race i have no idea
  20. Prestdj

    Poll: will you buy Swarovski AX Visio?

    over 20 years ago on a long drive home i thought wouldnt it be good if binoculars could actually id the bird! but i now think its a silly idea imo, for me the joy of birding is just finding birds yourself. as i did back in the 80's, i borrowed my dads binoculars and went walking around the local...
  21. Prestdj

    mytholmroyd 2024

    a very wet and windy weekend and we busy socialising on saturday so not much birding only oystercatcher heard flying over the house around 12am was new and very early good numbers of siskin flying over the garden plus the usual grey wagtails, buzzards are becoming more active in the lulls...
  22. Prestdj

    Shaming birdwatchers on social media

    not at all just commenting how it went from one to the other thats all and the full picture is needed before shaming
  23. Prestdj

    Shaming birdwatchers on social media

    how this gone from shaming birders on social media to hedgehogs??? classic birdforum
  24. Prestdj

    Your silliest/most entertaining/unlikely birding accomplishments

    the yellow breasted bunting we found on fair isle 1989 showed to a few meters sadly a lot rarer now the common yellowthroat on scilly 1997 just popped out feet away from me great looking bird the bempton albatross took so many attempts to see it, first it was so far out at sea you could just...