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  1. Jacana

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    Four more today in the mountains. A bit disappointing to not get a few more characteristic birds of the area, but I probably wasn't high enough. 117. Water Pipit 118. Griffon Vulture 119. Eurasian Crag Martin 120. White-throated Dipper
  2. Jacana

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    116. Eurasian Whimbrel Nice to catch up with one of these today in Gijón.
  3. Jacana


    Lots of photos on eBird: https://ebird.org/checklist/S160747151 https://ebird.org/checklist/S160915621 https://ebird.org/checklist/S160820043 https://ebird.org/checklist/S160625016
  4. Jacana

    Samut Prakan, Bangkok earlier this morning

    I agree, and a very good bird for Bangkok! Very few records in Thailand away from the Mekong and the far north as far as I'm aware.
  5. Jacana

    General taxonomy megathread

    Fair enough and none taken. I also think it might be over the top. If the thread survives, it survives, if not, then that's fine too :)
  6. Jacana

    How Do You Pronounce ____________?

    I've always pronounced it as "Sprawg", although it's not really a species that comes up much in any conversations I've had. I'm sure I pronounced it that way in front of Americans before and no eyebrows were raised...
  7. Jacana

    General taxonomy megathread

    I propose using this thread as a space for general taxonomy discussion, queries, questions, comments etc. We can save other taxa-specific threads or updates threads for specific papers or authority decisions. Got a question about a name priorities? Have a novel thought on the use of hyphens...
  8. Jacana

    Two people break 10,000 species, and on the same day? Can it be?

    Once when I was living in Sweden I was certain I was about to finally tick off Hazel Grouse when I heard one whistling a bit further down the path. I was particularly happy when I whistled back and it appeared to respond a bit closer. I turned a corner on the path only to find I'd been lured by...
  9. Jacana

    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    I suspect that we won't see anything until March at the earliest, given their update at the end of December:
  10. Jacana

    Phylogeny of birds

    I'm surprised at the relatively late divergence times between many of those Aequorlithornithes. Especially considering how early other groups diverged. Some divergence times dated during the Cretaceous which are not currently recognised as separate orders, which might well constitute...
  11. Jacana


    I've had it in the back of my mind for a while that if a paper like this would come out, then there would be a surprise sister relationship between Salpornis and Trichodroma. It would have been a fun relationship, pity it wasn't borne out
  12. Jacana

    Two people break 10,000 species, and on the same day? Can it be?

    It was also spilt recently, so it's possible that the split was missed and added at a later date. Either way, doesn't explain the multitude of other peculiarities on the list.
  13. Jacana

    Two people break 10,000 species, and on the same day? Can it be?

    The buttonquail could conceivably be in the misidentification column too, given that all recent records are most likely Painted Buttonquail.
  14. Jacana

    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    IOC doesn't hyphenate like this. Cornell/eBird do, though I can't say why they hyphenate in one case and not the other. Whilst not wanting to reignite the Great BirdForum Hyphen Wars, Cornell/eBird's take on hyphenating in the first place is silly and inelegant, though I understand the logic.
  15. Jacana

    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    An initiator of a thread doesn't have any "ownership" of it. Since Andy started a new thread elsewhere to keep it to his liking, then he can post there and ignore this "hijacked" one. At this risk of hand-bagging a fellow member of this forum, Andy is one of the most common sources of derailing...
  16. Jacana

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    Today in Gijón: 114. Common Murre 115. Horned Grebe The grebe is a bit of a rarity down here, so good to catch up with it.
  17. Jacana


    McLaughlin JF, Faircloth BC, Glenn TC, Winker K. Divergence, gene flow and speciation in eight lineages of trans-Beringian birds. Mol Ecol. 2020; 29: 3526–3542. https://doi.org/10.1111/mec.15574 This paper has some enucleator data in it, including Alaskan samples. They find there's quite a bit...
  18. Jacana

    Shaming birdwatchers on social media

    At least in the UK, in general it is not against the law to photograph someone and put it on social media in the context that we're talking about. So talk of consent is meaningless. Of course, the person in the photo could try to sue for defamation, but then the onus would be on the...
  19. Jacana

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    Birding in the Cabo Peñas area today: 104. Common Greenshank 105. Osprey 106. Grey Plover 107. Dunlin 108. Black-tailed Godwit 109. Northern Gannet 110. Zitting Cisticola 111. Sardinian Warbler 112. Richard's Pipit 113. Black-necked Grebe
  20. Jacana

    Bogota skin

    Bogota Sunangel is one of the most famous examples of a Bogota skin. Bogotá sunangel - Wikipedia
  21. Jacana


    The important paragraph for this forum:
  22. Jacana


    Lukas J Musher, Therese A Catanach, Thomas Valqui, Robb T Brumfield, Alexandre Aleixo, Kevin P. Johnson, Jason D Weckstein. Whole-genome phylogenomics of the tinamous (Aves: Tinamidae): comparing gene tree estimation error between BUSCOs and UCEs illuminates rapid divergence with introgression...
  23. Jacana

    "Lost" birds. Again

    Well... You can take Yellow-crested Helmetshrike off the list. Wowzah!! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/613671574 https://ebird.org/checklist/S158955258
  24. Jacana

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    Three more today in Gijón: 101. Common Kingfisher 102. Ruddy Turnstone 103. Purple Sandpiper