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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Alexis Powell

    Why have helical focusers become popular?

    How about the B&L Discoverer scope w/helical focus, when did it come out? The 15-60x60 version was quite popular in the 1980s (and maybe didn't exist until that decade? Was there an earlier version with helical focus? The older balscopes and spacemasters had knob focus). --AP
  2. Alexis Powell


    The III is fully multicoated whereas the II is mostly multicoated. In practice, I don't see a difference. --AP
  3. Alexis Powell


    My very best wishes to you Lee, be well, --AP
  4. Alexis Powell

    how do you feel about the asymmetrical design of Pocket 8x25?

    I like the single hinge design well enough, but no more or less overall than a double hinge design with positive stops (e.g. Leica Ultravid). My only complaint about its execution on the Zeiss 8x25 Victory Pocket, is that the reach to the knob for the index finger of my right hand is actually a...
  5. Alexis Powell

    Plastic lenses

    Plain glass wipes clean fairly easily, plastic does not, but if you buy plastic glasses, including sunglasses, that include hydro and oleophobic coatings, you will find them easy to wipe clean (though best practice is to use a bit of detergent and water). Lenses, whether glass or plastic, with...
  6. Alexis Powell

    Eyeglasses - a few unqualified remarks

    For anyone reading this thread, my best advice is to use the posts here (and past threads devoted to eyeglasses in the BirdForum archive) as data or points to consider to accelerate your own thinking and exploration, but there is no substitute for finding what works best for you individually...
  7. Alexis Powell

    Zeiss Dialyt Binoculars Rubber Casing Issue

    Use 3M VHB adhesive film (e.g. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/b40065871/ ) to attach it. Nothing better that I know of. Reversible if necessary, yet is super durable. --AP
  8. Alexis Powell

    Dead forum

    I think the performance of this forum demonstrates that how you build it has a big influence on how many come. Unfortunately, the new build (i.e. the location of Watches in the Field) is inferior to the old. --AP
  9. Alexis Powell

    Cornell Lab sub $600 8x42 review

    Indeed, so much so that I find polycarbonate unusable. Most of my glasses are glass, a few are CR-39, my progressives are Trivex. --AP
  10. Alexis Powell

    Does the Manfrotto 501-PL plate fit a Gitzo G2380 fluid head?

    I haven't been on the forum for a while, so sorry for this late reply and maybe you've already got this sorted, but the answer is yes, those plates are the same overall standard. Also, Sirui makes some plates that fit, though they may not work exactly right with safety tabs/stops etc depending...
  11. Alexis Powell

    Leica Pocket like all purpose bino?

    Could you please clarify which Zeiss Victory you don't like as well as the Curio? Presuming you are referring to one of the double-hinged models, is it the 8x20 Compact, 8x25 Pocket, 10x25 Compact, or 10x25 Pocket? If one of the Compact models, is it a dielectric coated unit or not? What leads...
  12. Alexis Powell

    Jiggle, or 128rc issue

    Yes, I'm frustrated the same way. For Manfrotto, I've seen a fair bit of variation among individual units. I sent one back and it was replaced under warranty, the new unit having tighter tolerances. Glad your 3130 is better. If you find an easy way to disassemble and repack the other head, I'd...
  13. Alexis Powell

    Swarobright Coating and P-coating

    Thanks all, for enjoying my post. I must say that I don't think I/we really nailed anything specific down here except that it doesn't seem like there was much concern for coordination between the various departments at Swarovski. The Swarovski advertising might seem surprisingly lackadaisical by...
  14. Alexis Powell

    Swarobright Coating and P-coating

    Hi John (posts #21, 22), I have magazines, catalogs, and optics reviews from that time period in my files, so last night I dug out a few to have a look and stroll down memory lane. What I found matches my recollections from my post yesterday and--as you found in the Swarovski online catalog of...
  15. Alexis Powell

    Jiggle, or 128rc issue

    I think I understand the problem you are describing. If so, you are saying that the mechanism allows for some jiggle that is especially noticeable as vertical movement. Does it go away if you tighten the horizontal panning knob all the way? If so, that is a problem that I've noticed in many of...
  16. Alexis Powell

    Focus Travel Adjustment

    Yes, they can be adjusted. Years ago, I had the repair staff at the Bushnell headquarters in Lenexa KS make that adjustment to one of my B&L Custom Compacts. The bin now focuses more closely and cannot be adjusted very far beyond infinity. I don't know if Bushnell still has a repair department...
  17. Alexis Powell

    Swarobright Coating and P-coating

    Interesting that you reference that old thread. I was the last one to post in it, and, my claim at the time was that all EL binoculars had Swarobright. I must say that I have a hard time believing that is not the case. If they didn't have Swarobright, they must have had something that was darn...
  18. Alexis Powell

    Which 10x42 binoculars are you using the most?

    I don't like 10x so I rarely use them with one exception--I've been using Nikon 10x25 Stabilized as my bicycling bin for the past couple years. I don't like it very much but it does the job. --AP
  19. Alexis Powell

    Plate compatability for rapid switching from Radian Pro GT tripod to window mount

    Superficially similar in some ways to Manfrotto 200PL but there are some obvious differences as well. SecondHandBirder, If, by some chance, the Manfrotto clamp for the 200PL is compatible, you could add to a window pod, as I describe in the following post...
  20. Alexis Powell

    Spike in star test (question)

    Yes, please. --AP
  21. Alexis Powell

    Inter-pupillary distance

    Yes, my memory about the IPD spec was faulty. I checked mine and they are also 57 mm. --AP
  22. Alexis Powell

    What's your favourite bins of all time..... and why?

    What? How can you say this? I like the Swift Audubon but it is not sharp to the edges, --AP
  23. Alexis Powell

    Advice needed on binoculars for 7 year old

    Wow, this was not my experience--in any way--with my kids. Kids differ from unit to unit. --AP
  24. Alexis Powell

    Inter-pupillary distance

    If the bins are current or recent models, this spec should be available from the manufacturer's website or catalogs, though sometimes they are wrong (usually erring on the side of listing a larger minimum IPD than the actual limit). Detail oriented binocular businesses or private sellers will...
  25. Alexis Powell

    Advice needed on binoculars for 7 year old

    In my experience, the most important things to consider with kids are minimum IPD spec, ease of focusing, and close-focus spec. IPD (interpupillary distance) varies a lot with age and from person to person. Although all kids start with eyes very close together, by the time they are 7-10 years...