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  1. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Raven'

    Thanks, Screech. I took this photo several years ago and have not had another good opportunity to photograph them since!
  2. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Tree Swallow'

    Very nice! Great composition.
  3. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Western Tanager'

    I'm jealous, Mary! I've only ever seen these guys way up in the tree tops! Nice job :-)
  4. Ash-Throated Flycatcher

    Ash-Throated Flycatcher

    This guy was having a field day, snapping up tons of gnats.
  5. White Crowned Sparrow Portrait

    White Crowned Sparrow Portrait

    I was about 5 feet from this guy at a local Natn' Park. A nice sized mixed flock of white crowns and golden crowns feed frequently in the same spot.
  6. California Towhee w/ Nesting Material

    California Towhee w/ Nesting Material

    I haven't posted in a really long time, but I'm still taking pics!
  7. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Avocets Mating'

    Wow! Incredible shot!
  8. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Anna's Hummingbird Wings'

    Thanks, Gillian! Appreciate the nice comments.
  9. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Marbled Godwit'

    Thanks Rob!
  10. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Praying Mantis on Rose'

    Hi KC! I'm glad to be posting again and good to "see" you :-) I like these guys and the katydids too.
  11. Mexican Amberwing

    Mexican Amberwing

    Love these guys. Remind me of butterscotch candy. One of the smaller US dragonflies.
  12. Praying Mantis on Rose

    Praying Mantis on Rose

    Some of my 1st pics with the new camera. Still can't afford a DSLR (actually, can't afford the lens I want), but someday! I like this camera so far!
  13. Green Heron

    Green Heron

    I haven't posted in a long time, but I've gotten a new camera, so that is motivating me to get out more. This trip was the last with the old camera.
  14. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Night Heron Portrait'

    Hi slapsh0t61! Yes, this guy was at the arboretum as well. These guys have really adapted to human presence. When the people toss they bread to the ducks, they fly right over and join in. Probably not real nutritious, but they certainly take advantage.
  15. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Black Necked Stilt Reflection'

    Thanks, everyone :-) Abdullah, I'd love to upgrade to an SLR. I need to save my $$$$ though!
  16. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Northern Rough Winged Swallow'

    Thanks Marise and Lima :) Thanks, Abdullah, Nice to ehar from you. Hope you are doing well!
  17. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Acorn Woodpecker'

    Thanks Digishooter! They are a lot of fun to watch. There are 100's of holes in this dead snag and are usually one or more woodies on this tree.
  18. Willet and Mussels

    Willet and Mussels

  19. Gila Woodpecker and Seed Pod

    Gila Woodpecker and Seed Pod

    Taken on a recent trip to Arizona.
  20. Northern Rough Winged Swallow

    Northern Rough Winged Swallow

    They rest once in awhile!
  21. Leslie

    Comment by 'Leslie' in media 'Olive-backed Sunbird'

    The detail and colors int his shot are amazing!
  22. Green-Winged Teal Stretch

    Green-Winged Teal Stretch

    Another stretching bird. I was excited to get some teal shots. I've never been able to get real close before. Several of them were bathing in a little inlet in the bay.
  23. Stretching Sora

    Stretching Sora

    Once in awhile I come across a really tame sora. This guy was stretching like crazy. He would even stretch both wings over his back at this same time. Neat to watch!