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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Loud Green Man

    Swarovski prices going up 7%?

    I will third that. Speaking of thirds, did you know 1/3 of Jaguar Land Rover vehicle sales are exported to China? As long as China is unable to develop a leading brand name in optics, I’m confident Z/L/S will rule the BF roost. LGM
  2. Loud Green Man

    To Kill a Grackle

    The RSPB shoot predators in the interest of one or more preferred species. While I’m sure they don’t take pleasure from it this nonetheless demonstrates a certain ‘value’ is placed on one critter over the other. LGM
  3. Loud Green Man

    How do you carry your binoculars?

    In my experience the biggest disappointment with bino harnesses is not that they fail to deliver the promised benefits but rather so few users understand in advance the discomfort of walking through a Summer woodland with the equivalent of a ‘D’ cup sports bra clamped to their man boobs! Trust...
  4. Loud Green Man

    Disappointing Leica Repair

    Just realised this is not a Swarovski thread! LGM
  5. Loud Green Man

    Swarovski habicht 7x42

    Now that’s interesting as the intense purple edge halo is what I see when viewing strongly lit critters through my Zeiss 8X56 Night Owls but not with the 7X42 Habicht. Of course that could be caused or exaggerated by the camera lens? K
  6. Loud Green Man

    Swarovski habicht 7x42

    Yes I have and they are very good but clearly lack that all-important unrestricted FOV that is apparently so important to birders. Even when they’ve located the target (species)! They are also waterproof which is important to me: LGM
  7. Loud Green Man

    Why do scopes have less contrast/saturation than binoculars?

    Because two eyes are better than one. Not 🚀 science LGM
  8. Loud Green Man

    Optical Realities

    There’s definitely a number of “faults” listed in WJC’s delightful graphic that applies to several top end bins from Leica and I don’t mean that arising from wee🕷 ingress! LGM
  9. Loud Green Man

    Autumnwatch 2022

    From what I hear most home gardens are now an extension of the property but without a roof. Think funky stone paving or decking to accommodate outside dinning and a hot tub. LGM
  10. Loud Green Man

    Autumnwatch 2022

    I’m wary now of any figures emanating from Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer Watch since their suggestion the total area of all UK home gardens was greater than our National Parks/Wild Places combined. LGM
  11. Loud Green Man

    Autumnwatch 2022

    Ask Autumnwatch? LGM
  12. Loud Green Man

    Bird Flu in seabird colonies

    It’s getting really bad now down here in the SW. I spoke to a landowner this morning where I manage roe deer and he informed me the fields look like the Somme. Dead birds everywhere, geese, ducks, pheasants, buzzards, crows and seagulls, you name it. LGM
  13. Loud Green Man

    Long term quality...Leica or Swarovski

    I find this ironic as the only issue I had with my Duvids was the oh so frustrating focusing wheel and in particular it’s tendency for notched-like over-travel. Had them rebuilt a number of times c/o Leica Mayfair and finally sold them immediately upon return from the Portugal servicing HQ...
  14. Loud Green Man

    Do we have resident parakeets?

    They’ve been in the Bexley (South East London) area since at least the early 70’s and I regularly see and HEAR them throughout the Central London parks. LGM
  15. Loud Green Man

    Zeiss 10x56 Night Owl

    I’m still looking for a 15X56. LGM
  16. Loud Green Man

    Zeiss 10x56 Night Owl

    The only negative issue I’ve encountered is indeed a “bright purple trailing edge” when viewing an object with strong backlight. I’ve also noticed that the angled (ergonomically designed?) eye cups are very important as the ocular lenses are a 🧲 for stray light when a low sun is behind one. Of...
  17. Loud Green Man

    Neon Green 8x40 version.

    Awesome but can’t help feeling such a delightful green wrap would be far more at home on a pair of Zeiss as such would compliment the view through said bins.
  18. Loud Green Man

    Resolution sharpness and contrast.

    Reminds me of a reviewer who described the view through X brand of Alfa bins as having a plasticity-like quality. Can only think he’d been smoking something other than Old Shag! LGM
  19. Loud Green Man

    How do you carry your binoculars?

    Cool idea but does little or nothing to address the swing when stooping. LGM
  20. Loud Green Man

    Zeiss 6x42 Skipper.

    You guys are just so out there! LGM
  21. Loud Green Man

    Zeiss 6x42 Skipper.

    Cut off by Zeiss as they reference “West Germany” when selling off old stock post reunification or split and broke away due to constant flexing? Looking at how they appear to project through a neatly punched/molded opening in the rubber armouring I would think that if Zeiss still have stock a...
  22. Loud Green Man

    Grizzley shot

    I guess this will take some believing but prior to the UK handgun ban I owned and regularly shot one of these, albeit I concede a situation never arose whereby I had need to deploy within a 🏕 or indeed anywhere in Tunbridge Wells other than the Speldhurst range: LGM
  23. Loud Green Man

    Grizzley shot

    Sadly it clearly didn’t die soon enough and primerilly because the now dead and allegedly “stupid” lady failed to deploy a firearm. Ironic given the Country in question where packing a handgun along with the energy bars would hardly be considered cutting edge stuff. LGM
  24. Loud Green Man

    UK Deer Population

    Let’s not see this thread consigned to “Ruffled Feathers” please. There’s plenty to debate without resorting to class warfare tropes. K
  25. Loud Green Man

    UK Deer Population

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting eradication albeit a stated intention of such in the context of Muntjac might be sensible. I found the following rather interesting as it is a dramatic example of a rejuvenated habitat after removal of non native species...