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  1. white morph African paradise-flycatcher

    white morph African paradise-flycatcher

    White morph African paradise-flycatcher photographed in the grounds of Club Baringo on the edge of Lake Baringo, Kenya
  2. grey-headed gull

    grey-headed gull

    Grey headed gull taken at Lake Naivasha
  3. Nelbert

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Red and Yellow Barbet'

    Thank you all very much - they are both approachable and photogenic - a good combination!
  4. Nelbert

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Red-chested Sunbird'

    Very nice shot - they're tough to get sat still, so well done.
  5. Blue-eared starling

    Blue-eared starling

    Blue-eared starling, taken in Samburu National Park, Kenya
  6. Giant Kingfisher

    Giant Kingfisher

    Giant kingfisher taken at Lake Naivasha, Kenya
  7. Red and Yellow Barbet

    Red and Yellow Barbet

    Taken with a D300 and Sigma 150-500 at Club Lake Baringo, Kenya
  8. Nelbert

    Nikon D90 v D300

    Well I guess we'll have to agree to disagree then - I had both bodies out with the same lens on the same settings and downloaded both to the same pc and I thought the ISO performance on the low end on the D300 was slightly better - could be I don't have a pristine D90, but I can only call it as...
  9. Nelbert

    Nikon D90 v D300

    I've got both and find I use the D90 as my second body (usually with a macro on it) - I'd take Rockwell's comments with a pinch of salt - it's very easy to get excellent results from the D90 but it's priced below the D300 for good reason - it doesn't have as many features as the 300 - it is...
  10. Nelbert

    Marsh Gention

    It's an interesting point On the sites where I know it occurs in Lincolnshire, it is on sites where the habitat is managed in a beneficial way - on the sites where I know it's been lost the wetland is still there (except in one case) but the site is now either wet alder/birch woodland or is...
  11. Nelbert

    Marsh Gention

    There are a couple of regular sites in Lincolnshire for it, one a nature reserve and one a golf-course. The populations at poth sites fluctuate wildly year-on-year and probably as a result of the dampness of the ground conditions, but it is annually recorded at both sites.
  12. Nelbert

    Search for the Ghosts has begun already

    Sorry to hear that this year was not successful - I did note that it was almost ideal weather conditions for it. Still, there's always next year!
  13. Nelbert

    Dark Red Helleborines dug up

    I know the Peak District site very well (I work for the organisation which is responsible for it's designation) and frankly it's mind-boggling - the population in this area is in long-term decline, it's not especially numerous on the site and it's hard enough managing such sites with just the...
  14. Nelbert

    80-400 VR or 300 f4 with 1.4tc?

    Well I have to say that my Nikkor 300mm f4 with Kenko Pro 1.4x teleconverter mated with my new D300 is a bit of a revelation frankly, though I'm pretty convinced that this is as much about the body upgrade from D200 to D300 as it is about the glass.
  15. Nelbert

    Sorry to rake up wind farms again....

    It's a fair point about Uranium, though it's also fair to say that presently, there's a glut in the world supply of uranium and it's fairly cheap. Not that it need stay that way, as we've seen with oil, uranium prices could sky-rocket as more nations take the choice to go nuclear. My two main...
  16. Nelbert

    80-400 VR or 300 f4 with 1.4tc?

    Thanks all - yes, I am now thinking hard about a D300.....
  17. Nelbert

    Orchids in the Midlands

    Further to the Aceras reports, although numbers were down this year, the species has been found on a new site in the county, in the Lincolnshire Wolds a good 40 miles north of the other Lincs site. Only two spikes, but an exciting find in part because it's on chalk rather than Limestone (all...
  18. Nelbert

    80-400 VR or 300 f4 with 1.4tc?

    I've been using my trusty Nikon 80-400 zoom for a year or so and am pleased enough with the results but am getting a bit hacked off with how slow-focussing it is, especially in dull light. Has anyone had experience of it and a Nikon 300mm f4 prime with a kenko pro 300 1.4tc? Reach should be...
  19. Nelbert

    Orchids in the Midlands

    Aceras anthropophorum now flowering on their south Lincolnshire site. Numbers well down on last year - I only counted 4 spikes this year compared to 17 last. Be interested to know if other sites with this species have lower numbers. Anyway, photographed this rather nice example yesterday.
  20. Nelbert

    Epipactis identification - England

    Hi Sean, I'm down in Bucks/Oxfordshire for a long weekend this summer - could you PM me the location of these so I can have a look? Cheers Neil
  21. Nelbert

    Epipactis identification - England

    Give us a shout when you go!! Neil
  22. Nelbert

    Epipactis identification - England

    Cheers Sean - I live up the road from the Lincolnshire plants and they've certainly caused a few scratched heads round here. If we're talking about the plants on a reserve not far from Lincoln, I didn't know that the current thinking was Dune, they're in somewhat atypical habitat for Dunensis -...
  23. Nelbert

    Epipactis identification - England

    I've seen Epipactis leptochila sp. neglecta in SW Germany and it certainly looks very similar. From memory, I think this sub-species flowers a touch earlier than normal narrow-lipped helleborine, though that's in Germany.....
  24. Nelbert

    Goa - Baga Hill

    I can't wait - we're booked into Backwoods from the 2nd to the 5th December.
  25. Nelbert

    Recommended guides/drivers N Goa (Arpora)?

    Nice one - you off to backwoods?