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  1. K

    Binocular bargains

    Styrka S5 8x32 & 8x42 are pretty low on Amazon right now. $144 for the 8x32 (msrp $450) $184 for the 8x42 (msrp $480) I grabbed one of each and will be very pleased if they are comparable to a Monarch 5, or similar.
  2. K

    Weaver Super Slam 8.5X45 open bridge circa 2009-2014

    The Weaver SS 8.5x45 offers a fantastic view. I logged many hours with mine last fall was nothing but impressed.
  3. K

    Binocular bargains

    I just received the Montana's. I would echo Frank in stating that these are an all-around solid binocular. They are build well and remind me very much of my Brunton Epoch's in both view and construction. Like...I honestly don't know if I could tell the difference in a side x side comparison...
  4. K

    Binocular bargains

    I expect that they will be weaver super slam-ish, but won't know for sure until Wednesday. If they are anything close to the Weaver or Brunton Epoch 8.5x I will be very, very, pleased. Plus, they're 80% off of the $800 street price so I can tell my wife: "I didn't want to. I HAD to..."
  5. K

    Binocular bargains

    Bresser Montana ED 8.5x45 on sale for $173 @ Amazon. Snagged one, should've snagged 3...
  6. K

    Binocular bargains

    EO Denali Chuck, I saw one of your posts a while back about the denali. Is it safe to assume the one you've had good experience with is the updated model? When read your first comments on the denali, I wondered if it was the old or new model as they were both available at the time. Thanks!
  7. K

    Replacement for Celestron Nature 8x42

    All decent choices. Of those on your list, my money would be spend on the Vanguard. IMO the Prostaff 7S and Kowa SV are near the same binocular but my pick of those two would be the Nikon due to slightly larger FOV. I owned one and enjoyed it. I never liked the Diamondback series in the...
  8. K

    Your Favourite, Not Your Best, Bins?

    My favorite isn't what I use most, but I smile and shake my head every time I see a view through my bargain bin($70) Yosemite 6x30's. Too bad the cold weather here has me grabbing something else from November through March due to focus tension issues with this configuration. I also have the...
  9. K

    Beyond the Sightron II 8x32

    I ended up going with the 8x32 Mojave over the Sightron. The fact that it was slightly brighter, sharper, had a better focus mechanism, & better ergonomics did it for me though I will say the view from the Sightron was certainly comparable. I just found that the Mojave was just better all...
  10. K

    Athlon Midas 8x42 Initial Impression

    diopter Frank, Does the Midas have a locking diopter or click adjustments? I read one review on Amazon that said to adjust the diopter you turn the entire eyepiece housing and reviewer had issues with this. I didn't put much credibility in that review because that just didn't makes sense to...
  11. K

    Which sub-$300 8x42 to try next?

    I would really like to hear what you think of the Midas. I'm thinking if its similar to my Carson ED but with a larger FOV, it could be at the top of the heap at this price point.
  12. K

    Which sub-$300 8x42 to try next?

    Thank you for the suggestions. I did own a Terra for a while but never gave it a fare shake. For $269, that one should earn consideration.
  13. K

    Which sub-$300 8x42 to try next?

    Well, I'm down two pairs of vehicle bins after letting a couple pairs to go to elder relatives for their upcoming hunting trip. They were my beloved Carson ED and a newer Elite L series that I got on the cheap. So, my stable is down to the following: 6x30 kowa 8x25 prostaff atb 8x32 mojave...
  14. K

    Polaris Optics anyone?

    I noticed some binoculars on Amazon branded as Polaris Optics. They have some interesting models that look similar to the Celestron trailseekers and others that I can't quite pin point. Note their 8x32 pioneer model for $70 has quite a few positive reviews. Also their ED glass model the Sky...
  15. K

    Biggest WOW binoculars you have ever looked through?

    My most recent WOW moment was when looking through a new pair of Weaver Super Slam 8.5x45's that I picked up on the cheap. The low cost had something to do with it. I was anticipating a great image based on other reviews and the Weaver's didn't disappoint. I was giggling with excitement and...
  16. K

    $400 binocular??

    So many choices but the Mojave 8x32 is a good one for $350.
  17. K

    Nikon Prostaff 7 (not 7S) versus Bushnell Excursion HD 8x42

    I'm guessing you meant the Excursion HD. I've owned both the prostaff 7 & Excursion HD and I would take the prostaff over the Excursion.
  18. K

    8x42 $200-$300.... Carson?

    I have a pair of the Carson ED's in 8x42. They are a good binocular for the price. For the standard asking price of around $250 I have not owned anything that I would pick over the Carson. Having said that I have not tried a Trailseeker or a ZRS HD. Some more info here...
  19. K

    Sightron "Blue Sky" II 8x32

    Walter, I own a Carson 3D ED 8x42 and have owned the 8x32 BSII. I would put the Carson very close to the Mojave 8x32 (my favorite 8x32) in terms of clarity and brightness. It is a very good binocular for the price. Sorry, that's about the best explanation I can give as I'm a pretty amateur...
  20. K

    2015 Zen Ray Zrs hd 8x42 or prostaff 7s 8x42

    The Vortex Warranty is great but I prefer the Nikon 7S to the Vortex. I don't think it is as bright but the construction seems better to me and I like how they handle, though they are a little longer than the vortex. The Diamondback seems very similar to the Alpen Shasta Ridge, Zen Ray...
  21. K

    Closeout spotter for $39.99!

    Sorry that I was unclear. I would say the view is equal with both scopes aside from one having some dust/coating particles on the lower edge. I have experienced this before with a couple cheaper rifle scopes so didn't think much of it other than it should be mentioned.
  22. K

    Closeout spotter for $39.99!

    Mike's thoughts about the little Bresser mirror mine. I find it to be a good usable scope. 15-30x works best for me being an eyeglass wearer. Yesterday evening I had a buddy take a look through the Bresser at four deer in a snow covered field. As he zoomed to 45x he made the comment: "Not...
  23. K

    Celestron Regal M2 question

    Thank you Thanks for the information. It's good to know the ER is still sufficient at max power.
  24. K

    Celestron Regal M2 question

    Assuming the eye relief of the celestron zoom eyepiece is the same for the 65 & 80mm scopes, I'm curious how it works for those of you who wear eyeglasses. Do you have any issues at full power? I'm considering this scope and want a usable 45x so this is the determining factor in which size...
  25. K

    Closeout spotter for $39.99!

    Thanks for the report, Steve. I will have my scope tomorrow and will post my thoughts here as well.