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  1. Biscuitman

    Starling Nest

    A piece of wood dislodged from my gable bedroom window and the remaining 'hole' has been inhabited by two Starlings for the last four weeks. Our 'noisy neighbours' have been building their nest and, having looked at my book on birds nests, appears to be quite a structure. They're still bringing...
  2. Biscuitman

    Black Backed Gulls

    Can anyone give me a simple way to distinguish between Great and Lesser Black Backed Gulls apart from size?
  3. Biscuitman

    New Camera

    Not sure whether to post this here or in the Nikon Category........ My old Fuji Finepix Bridge camera gave up the ghost (Internal battery dead) and I'm looking for something similar as a replacement to take some bird shots. I've narrowed it down to two, based on ease of use (I'm no expert) and...
  4. Biscuitman


    Just saw my first Blackcap yesterday in my garden just south of Aberdeen on the coast - I know, not very exciting, but a first for me. Didn't really recognise it at first but then realised it was a female with the brown cap. Took a pic with my phone but not good enough to post on here - my old...
  5. Biscuitman

    Birds don't like my Peanuts!

    I have quite a bit left of a batch of Bird nuts which they don't seem to like in the feeder! In fairness they don't look great, fairly dull and dry looking. Is there anything I can do to 'perk' them up a bit and make them more appetising for my feathered friends? Or is it the bin for them? Never...
  6. Biscuitman

    Mixed Bird Seed

    I'm looking to buy a 12.75Kg bag of mixed bird seed from Amazon and I'm not sure which brand to go for, as the reviews on all of them are (like the seeds) mixed. Anybody got any suggested tried and tested brands?
  7. Biscuitman

    White House Sparrow

    About September 2019 I spotted a White looking House Sparrow in my back garden. It turned out to be a Leucistic variety of the species. I was reliably informed by the RSPB (Scotland) that it wasn't an Albino, as it didn't have pink eyes. I continued to see it regularly feeding on most days in...
  8. Biscuitman

    Niger Seeds

    Hi everyone Just a quick one about bird feeders again. I bought some new Bird Feeders in January and the birds were reluctant at first but now use them all the time. However I had an existing Niger Seed feeder which attracted mainly Golfinches and Siskins pretty regularly, but they seems to have...
  9. Biscuitman

    Bird Feeders

    Hi there, this is my first post so hope I'm in the right place. I hang all my bird furniture on a large mature Escallonia bush in my back garden and it's usually alive with birds most of the time. Generally the common garden visitors. However the bush was getting quite large so I had to get it...
  10. Biscuitman

    Hello Fellow Birders

    Hi there I'm Jack - 'a gentleman of age' who's been watching birds for many years now. Originally from London now living in the NE of Scotland. Looking forward to contributing to the forum.