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    Hawk ID Badlands, South Dakota, USA

    Need some help nailing down ID on a raptor seen on 8/23 in Badlands National Park of South Dakota. Bird exhibited short lived hovering activity, but seemed to mostly soar/glide on thermals. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Kowa BD-II 8x42 Reviews?

    Hello everyone, in light of all the excitement surrounding the release of the new Kowa BD-II series I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to look thru or handle the 8x42 model? I'm looking to find a replacement for a pair of Zen Ray ED3's and was curious if any forum members had real world...
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    Biggest Week in American Birding 2019 Recap

    Good evening, since I didn't see any other postings I thought I would share a recap of several days spent at the Biggest Week in American Birding. For the past several years I'd pondered the idea of going, and with this being the 10th anniversary decided now would be as good of a time as ever...
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    Fall migration by moonlight

    Hello everyone, curious if anyone else has experienced large night migration of passerines using the moon for observation? Yesterday (9/17) our area in East Central Minnesota saw a line of rain / thunderstorms. Following the storm the bird activity was incredible as a multitude of species fed...
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    Willet in flight?

    Looking for confirmation that this is an ordinary willet. Seen on 10/2, South Padre Island, TX. Thoughts?
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    Shorebird ID (South Padre Island, TX US)

    Good evening, I think I have a couple of id's nailed down but I always second guess myself. Any thoughts on the below pics taken 10/2 in South Padre Island, TX. Pic 1 I believe to be a Semipalmated Plover (darker brown back and dull leg color). Pic 2 I believe to be a Greater Yellowlegs...
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    Hawk ID (Eastern Minnesota, USA)

    Good evening, over the weekend I saw a hawk perched on my deck. Initial thoughts were that it was a juvenile Sharp Shinned, but now I believe it to be a broad winged hawk. Overall size, iris color, and foot / talon size would point to the later. Would be eager to receive others thoughts...
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    Warbler ID's, Naples, Florida USA

    Good evening, I was recently birding Corkscrew Swamp sanctuary near Naples Florida on 3/8/17. First pic shows a small olive yellow bird that I believe to be an Orange-Crowned warbler. Second pic I believe to be a juvenile, or female Common Yellowthroat. Thoughts or ideas? Thank you.
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    Wasp ID (Costa Rica Highlands)

    Good morning, I wanted to see if anyone is able to identify the below wasp. Found unfortunately by way of painful sting. Early December in the San Gerardo De Dota valley of Costa Rica (approximately 8000 ft elevation). Thanks for looking,
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    Hawk ID (Pacific Lowlands, Quepos, Costa Rica)

    Good evening, I was recently in the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica staying at a resort near Quepos. I saw a smallish hawk on 12/4 and am looking for ID advice, I believe it to be a Roadside Hawk. Thanks for looking
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    Flycatcher ID (Minnesota, USA)

    Good evening, today I had what I believe to be an Eastern Wood-Pewee hawking insects in my yard. It perched on a snag for several minutes and would make short flights to nab flying bugs. My location is about 30 min north of Minneapolis / St. Paul MN. I'm not very confident in my flycatcher ID...
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    Lark Sparrow Minnesota, USA

    Good evening, over the weekend (4/16) I had an unusual sparrow at my feeders. I'm located in East Central Minnesota. This individual was by itself and had field markings that matched to a lark sparrow. Just looking for a second opinion / confirmation. Thanks!
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    Hummingbird ID (Arizona, USA)

    Good evening, if anyone has a moment I would appreciate a quick ID confirmation for a hummingbird I saw in the Phoenix AZ metro area during early March of this year. I believe it to be a Broad-tailed hummingbird
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    ID Confirmations (Southern Arizona, USA)

    Good evening, I had the good fortune to recently spend some time birding southern Arizona and would appreciate any help confirming some ID's. Pic 1 I believe to be a magnificent hummingbird (Madera Canyon). Pic 2 appears to be a group of pine siskin's. Their tails were deeply forked with...
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    First scope (Advice needed)

    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for my first spotting scope and wanted to solicit the advice of fellow forum members. For budget purposes I would like to stay in the $500-600 range. Use would be primarily for waterfowl sightings on ponds / lakes as well as some deck use watching the feeders...
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    Raptor ID Minnesota

    Hello everyone, I have a question about a raptor I saw over the weekend. I apologize for the quality of the pic, the bird was quite distant. Bird in question was found along Minnesota's North Shore (Lake Superior) at Palisade Head....large rocky cliff area. The pic shows definite black hood...
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    Sea birds of Mexico

    Good evening everyone. I was going thru some old pictures and found several birds that I never got around to making a positive ID on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. * Both pictures where taken in the first week of March on Isla Mujeres (island off Yucatan peninsula of Mexico). I...
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    Hummingbird feeding activity / weather event

    Hello, just getting started with regular use of hummingbird feeders and curious as to their behavior. I'm located in Minnesota and our summer weather has been pretty consistent with temps ranging in the 80-85 F range each day. Several days ago we had a soaking rain that lasted for a good part...
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    Duck ID (MN)

    Have a couple of ducks that I'm trying to pin down id's on. Both are from Central Minnesota. The first set I believe to be female Common Goldeneye's? Sorry about the lousy quality of the second attachment, thinking these are Gadwall? Help would be appreciated! Thanks