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  1. W

    macro and micro Herts UK

    The micro is carnation tortrix
  2. W

    Tortrix, Berks

    Looks like carnation tortrix.
  3. W

    Macro or Micro?? Scotland, August

    Looks to me to be a gem http://ukmoths.org.uk/show.php?bf=1720
  4. W

    Another headache Macro?

    I'd go for mottled rustic
  5. W

    Canon SX50 Specs

    Any chance of a few samples with the raynox? I'm still umming and ahhing whether this should be my new camera. Most of my shooting is macro but the long zoom will also be incredibly useful when our and about.
  6. W

    Macro for ID

    Size wise it fits with grey arches. It was just the white zig zags that threw me. Many thanks
  7. W

    Macro for ID

    Think this may be grey arches. Same size as dark arches
  8. W

    Oxford Moth for ID

    I'd go with Rustic Shoulder knot
  9. W

    Macro ID june

    I agree with Tri-counties birder on all of them
  10. W

    Three for confirmaton

    Looks like you got 3 out of 3 :t:
  11. W

    Help with ID Required

    For me they are- 1. Ruby Tiger 2. Shuttle Shaped Dart 3. Gothic 4. Large Yellow Underwing 5. Common Rustic.agg
  12. W


    It reminds me of a water carpet,but is not a form that Ive ever seen before. Interesting moth!:t:
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    Rivulet or Small Rivulet

    Small Rivulet for me too
  14. W

    5 for ID, Lancashire UK

    Yeah,it is a male bee moth. They are smaller than the females and more contrasting. I attract alot more females than males and (50 females with only 6 males this year) and last year I didnt get a single male! I have no idea why.
  15. W

    5 for ID, Lancashire UK

    My best guesses would be 1. Mottled Rustic 2. Crambus pascuella 3. Small Rivulet 4. Blastobasis lacticolella 5. Bee moth
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    Moth ID please

    Thats an Iron Prominent
  17. W

    mothing, help

    There are alot of different set ups out there and many moffers build their own. Its all a question of what you want and what your budget will allow. Alot of people use Paul Batty for equipment and supplies.His website can be found at.... http://www.pwbelg.clara.net/mercury/index.html Other...
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    Moth for ID

    Unsure about this one,FW was 15mm,and the more I look at it the less confident I am. So far Ive decided it was a Rustic/uncertain/mottled rustic and Pale mottled willow. Can someone please put me out of my misery?
  19. W

    Plume for ID

    Can anyone help with this one?
  20. W

    Noctuid for ID please

    Thanks Harri
  21. W

    Noctuid for ID please

    Can anyone help with this one please? Had 2 identical last night,very dark and indistinct,FW length of 20mm. I can just about make out the outline of 2 large kidneys on each wing but apart from that cant really find any features to help ID.
  22. W

    one for confirmation/ID

    Thanks Damian,just wanted to be sure
  23. W

    one for confirmation/ID

    Think this is a chamomile shark,but as its a NFM I could do with a confirmation
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    Old Coach Road: access by bike?

    I regularly travel along old coach road,and can assure you it is open to the public. I have never seen a ranger or warden down there,tho work does take place to keep the path clear and stop the plants encroaching tho I am not sure who does this work. It is indeed a good site for birding,and at...
  25. W

    2 micros for ID

    I cant decide which tort this is,and the poor angle on the pic doesnt help,but am sure one of you can decide for me;) 2nd one I cant even decide on a family,I was guessing Pyraustinae but cant find a match As always,Thanx in advance:t: