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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Zeiss Stenor 5x12

    This is the Zeiss Stenotar 5x12 made between 1925 and 1928, FOV 145m/1000m, weight 130g wit Leman prisms (acc to Hans T. Seeger "Feldstecher. Ferngläser im Wandel der Zeit", Bresser, 1987). Gijs van Ginkel
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    Rangefinding binoculars anyone using them?

    In case you still can not find the report: GPO Rangeguide 8x32: Weight 721 g, eyerelief 16 mm, FOV 135m/1000m, close focus 7,5 m, transmission spectra are also published for left and right hand tube, price 996 euros. Leica Geovid Pro 8x32: Weight 827 g, eyerelief 16 mm, FOV 135m/1000m, close...
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    Rangefinding binoculars anyone using them?

    jgraider, post 16, The title of the test report of, among others the GPO RANGEGUIDE 8X32 and the Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 is: "The new compact Zeiss SFL 8x30 and 10x30 and other compact binoculars by GPO, Vortex and Swarovski" by Dr. Gijs van Ginkel. It is from May 15, 2023 and published on the...
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    Rangefinding binoculars anyone using them?

    We have investigated two different 8x32 rangefinders: -1- the Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 and -2- the GPO 8x32 rangefinder. Both reports can be found on the WEB-site of House of Outdoor. The GPO rangefinder is because of the shape of its body also very well useful as a binocular for general use...
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    Leica eye candy....

    Tenex in addition to my previous post: a test of the ELcan 7x50 can be found on the WEB-site of House of Outdoor dating may 2016. The roof prism Leitz Elcans were made in 1974-1977 by Leitz Canada (approx. 2000 for the military and 400 samples for civil use. The military version is made in...
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    Leica eye candy....

    Tenex, post 142, The picture shown is a Leitz Canada Elcan 7x50 made in black or in grey. If I remember well I have investigated a sample some years ago. Gijs van Ginkel
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    G'day from Oz with Honesty about a pair of Carl Zeiss Binoculars

    There is a test of the Zeiss Deltrintem from the same time period as the one described here on the WEB-site of House of Outdoor. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Need help identifying my Zeiss Jena Marineglas 6x30 binoculars

    sophietayl, Zeiss produced this 6x30 binocular from 1907 until 1975 (Jena). Originally it was indicated as Silvarem and round 1915 also as "Marineglas". FOV= 130m/1000m, weight approx. 630 g. Gijs van Ginkel
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    New guy here

    Waltmarkee, post 1, According to Gary Hawkins the 6x24 Trinovid was released in 1963, so the binocular you show could be from that year, or from 1964 as you mention in your post. Gijs van Ginkel
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    CL 8x25

    Reinier, post 62, Try the Curio 7x21 , but the danger is that you never want anything else. We have the 25 mm binoculars of Zeiss and Swarovski but for our use the Curio wins. Gijs van Ginkel
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    The topic of eye relief. What is it actually?

    Andrew, post 9, It is not academic at all, the binocular company that made a special instrument to measure the eyerelief, was in my case Nedoptifa dr. C.E. Bleeker, a Dutch company that made quite a few optical instruments like binoculars, microscopes, magnifying glasses etc. It is worth to...
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    Swarovski Optik 70th Anniversary Video

    + Dalat, post 24, I had quite a bit of contact with employees from Swarovski when I prepared my history of Swarovski lecture for the Binocular History Society. I have not noticed any secrecy about their past and I received all information I asked for. My father was in the Dutch military when the...
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    Swarovski Optik 70th Anniversary Video

    John Roberts, post 3, On the WEB-site of House of Outdoor I have published a power point with regard to the history and development of Swarovski Optik. I presented it during a meeting of the Binocular History Society . Actually the company started making binoculars before WW-2 and a porro 6x30...
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    Choosing 8x32 vs 7x42 vs 8x25

    Blastermaster, On all our trips be it in the mountains, seaside or desert I use 8x30/32: light and compact enough and sufficient light gathering properties for many circumstances. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Which binocular(s) did you use today?

    Zeiss mono Dialy 6x18. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Habicht for birdwatching?

    Reinier, High transmission means that a binocular is very bright under all circumstances, but if the light level is low even high transmission can not make that higher. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Habicht with sticky rubber

    None of the 8x30 and 7x42 Habichts we have already for quire a few years show any sign of stickiness. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Can the geovids rangefinder binoculars be used for solely visual use?

    We have investigated among others the Leica Geovid Pro 8x32 and the GPO Rangeguide 8x32 . Both are very well suited for use as a standard binocular and especially te GPO Rangeguide has a very good handling comfort as a standard binocular since the tubes are less bulky as the tubes of the Leica...
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    vintage binoculars

    Gretchen post 1, You will probably get good information through the Binocular History Society and its internet facility Binopedia, where many very expert collectors share their knowledge and information. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Habicht for birdwatching?

    limonabe, post 59, Yes they have IF. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Habicht for birdwatching?

    ReinierB, different posts, If you are looking for something special: look for the Swarovski Habicht of the Swedish marines covered with a very strong navy blue material. excellent optical quality, undestructable, difficult to find and excellent optics. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Swarovski prices going up 7%?

    The SLC 42 is still produced it only got another label (Kahles), but since people seem to be attached to names, sales might not go as well as the Swarovski SLC. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Monoculars - anyone use these things ?

    Binocollector, post 14, Yes I use it frequently during long walks: very handy and optically of sufficient quality. Gijs van Ginkel
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    New / Updated Leica Ultravid HD+ coming

    Owlbarred post 33, You are absolutely right. Gijs van Ginkel
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    New / Updated Leica Ultravid HD+ coming

    The transmission spectra we measured from the Leica Duovid 8 + 12x 42 are shown if everything is going well. Gijs van Ginkel