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  1. Brian J Small

    Kenya, Nairobi National Park, Lark or Pipit?

    Butty Your comment is interesting as there are very few photos of juvenile Rufous-naped Lark. The images here, though scalloped, are fine for very fresh adult. One issue is the variability of individual feather pattern on Mirafra larks, but actually there is a juvenile image on BF (bird on...
  2. Brian J Small

    Reed Bunting ssp - Turkey

    E. s. reiseri Hartert, EJO, 1904 se Albania, nw Greece, Macedonia and w, c Turkey E. s. caspia Ménétriés, 1832 e Turkey, the Caucasus and n Iran
  3. Brian J Small

    Namibian Sparrow ID help

    Try this one - Field Guide to Birds of Greater Southern Africa
  4. Brian J Small

    Woodhouse? California? Hybrid Scrub-jay Nevada USA

    This may help - You are being redirected...
  5. Brian J Small

    Latest IOC Diary Updates

    I am working on a paper for British Birds and wondered, given that both Dutch and Swedish taxonomic committees have 'split' Buff-bellied Pipit' into American Pipit Anthus rubescens and Siberian Pipit Anthus japonicus, if IOC have any upcoming proposals that are likely to affect their treatment...
  6. Brian J Small

    Iran / Warblers

    In response, I am unsure you gain an accurate view of the primary projection in these photos. The outer rectrix is well short of tail tip, which though variable is more likely in Sykes's and the pattern of a broad and diffuse pale tip and inner edge is typical of Sykes's. The extension of P1...
  7. Brian J Small

    Iran / Warblers

    Lou. Why not a Sykes's Warbler?
  8. Brian J Small

    A weaver? Photographed on 27/1/24 on Fajara Golf Course, Serekunda, The Gambia

    Age-related - imm/juv https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/554526331
  9. Brian J Small

    Meadow Pipit or Skylark (UK)

    Neither location nor date is needed to identify this as a Meadow Pipit
  10. Brian J Small

    How to distinguish Indian from Blyth's Paradise-Flycatcher?

    Brief hints here - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/373580158_A_Blyth%27s_Paradise-flycatcher_Terpsiphone_affinis_in_southern_West_Bengal_India
  11. Brian J Small

    North Macedonia - Water or Tawny Pipit?

    Structurally, it is long tailed for Water I feel that the face pattern is nicer for Tawny, as are the centres to the median and greater coverts; I can't see the bill, but would it not be all black in May? The colours to me are an artefact of light, camera and post processing
  12. Brian J Small

    North Macedonia - Water or Tawny Pipit?

    I agree with Kuzey Cem, Tawny for me.
  13. Brian J Small

    Spinetail, Brazil, Pantanal near Poconé

    juvenile Yellow-chinned Spinetail - Foto curutié (Certhiaxis cinnamomeus) Por Saulo Gomes - adults have all-black bill Brian
  14. Brian J Small

    Hybrid baikal teal ? at Top Hill Low , Yorkshire last weekend.

  15. Brian J Small

    Golden Plover sp. in Sydney

    For me Pacific. Body shape/proportions, wing length, leg colour and I have never seen an American GP look like this in winter, with mix of golden and notched scapulars contrasting with pale edged/notched coverts (not that they may not exist, just that I haven't seen them). Brian
  16. Brian J Small

    Merlin? Tehran. IR

    Kestrel for me too, despite trying to make an identification from a very poor photograph. I have tried to get any more detail out, but not really possible; I think the marked black area is tip of outer tail feather, which is too short for Merlin
  17. Brian J Small

    Merlin? Tehran. IR

    Merlin photos from Iran - Merlin - Falco columbarius - Media Search - Macaulay Library and eBird A handful look like pallidus but not many Brian
  18. Brian J Small

    Brazil, Rio de Janeiro October 2023

    Without any major conviction, I wondered about young fm Plain Antvireo?
  19. Brian J Small

    Petition to AOS Leadership on the Recent Decision to Change all Eponymous Bird Names

    You are in favour of change to US bird names, yet in your own taxonomy you continue to use eponym's - e.g. Pinon Imperial Pigeon - according to Wikipedia "Rose de Freycinet, born Rose Pinon, (1794 – 7 May 1832) was a Frenchwoman who, in the company of her husband, Louis de Freycinet, sailed...
  20. Brian J Small

    Ducks on Fuerteventura

    On eBird the only images of a claimed Blue-winged Teal I can find are these - https://ebird.org/checklist/S154746851 - which are clearly not correctly identified. And https://ebird.org/checklist/S154113629?_ga=2.20604280.1143691913.1702399814-1092995303.1689690437 - which is Brian
  21. Brian J Small

    Warbler and Stonechat, Al Soudach Creek, Saudi Arabia

    From your images it is hard to ID the stonechat, but Al Soudah Creek is a well-known location for African Stonechat, so that is a likely ID. https://ebird.org/checklist/S152060997 Brian
  22. Brian J Small

    Kenya - Masai Mara 3

    L - Yellow-mantled Widowbird
  23. Brian J Small

    Anarhynchus from Egypt

    Thanks - I was using IOC 13.2 and http://jboyd.net/Taxo/Charadriidae.pdf B