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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Gray C

    Swarovski SLC 8x42 Leica Ultravid BL 8x20 Hawke Frontier ED X 8x32 Zeiss Jena 8x30

    Swarovski SLC 8x42 Leica Ultravid BL 8x20 Hawke Frontier ED X 8x32 Zeiss Jena 8x30
  2. Gray C

    NL Pure vs EL - 10x42

    Enjoy your ELs. You will not regret buying them.
  3. Gray C

    FHR for 10x32 and 12x42 NL

    This is the only regret about my SLCs. I'd like a FHR for it
  4. Gray C

    NL Pure vs EL - 10x42

    I have the 8x42 SLC and I am perfectly happy with them. The view is bright and crystal clear and I don't feel that I am missing anything at the far edge of the view. The difference in view between the EL and the SLC at the outer edge is minimal. Yes the EL gives a marginally clearer view but...
  5. Gray C

    Current RSPB 8x42 HD binoculars?

    Hawke Frontier EDX 8x42 is a good alternative with excellent after sales service too https://www.birders-store.co.uk/hawke-frontier-ed-x-8x42-binoculars.html
  6. Gray C

    A strange 8x32 choice.

    If you use a Rick Young harness you do not notice the weight as it's distributed across your chest. I can carry my SLC 8x42 all day long and barely know they are there.
  7. Gray C

    Selling el 8x32 second hand binoculars.

    I wonder if they ever got sold?
  8. Gray C

    A day afield with 8x42 NLs after 20 years using 8x32 EL and EL SVs.

    I'll stick with my SLCs. I don't notice any glare with them.
  9. Gray C

    In dilemma Noctivid 10x42 vs NL Pure 10x42

    Yes, but Dennis is right about the 8x42 SLC. They tick all the boxes and are top notch binoculars
  10. Gray C

    Problem with green coating of EL SV 8x32

    The SLC (2017) armour is more leather like and seems to be a lot tougher than the newer armour on the later models of EL and NL. I'm glad I stuck with my SLCs and didn't get tempted to buy the NL
  11. Gray C

    Frodsham Marshes

    Yes, park on the bridge at Marsh Lane and walk from there
  12. Gray C

    NL Pures Optically superior?

    I actually prefer the view through the SLCs, but I guess I am in the minority here? Apart not having the flat field of view the optics on the SLCs are identical in my opinion to the ELs. Maybe I am biased because I do not like a flat field of view?
  13. Gray C

    NL Pures Optically superior?

    If you so not like field flattening lenses, get a pair of SLCs. As good as the ELs in my opinion
  14. Gray C

    Swarovski sellers dilusional?

    I prefer Omega
  15. Gray C

    8x42 NL image circle

    I am blind in one eye so I can't comment on this from a personal point of view lol
  16. Gray C

    Swarovski 12x50 EL versus 15x56 SLC

    I actually disagree with your comment that the EL is more alpha than the SLC. In my opinion they are different in view, but both are alpha, top quality optics in their own right
  17. Gray C

    Neon Green 8x40 version.

    It looks like something you would get out of a kids lucky bag
  18. Gray C

    Neon Green 8x40 version.

    I'd give that one a miss
  19. Gray C

    NL Pures Optically superior?

    Don't forget the SLCs. They are optically as good as the EL. The only difference being the view to the edges is not quite as sharp, but as a plus there is no rolling ball effect
  20. Gray C

    Best Alpha Glass for Low Light?

    SLC 8x42 for me
  21. Gray C

    Pick One ALPHA 8x42

    SLC 8x42 for me. Fantastically clear and very bright image
  22. Gray C

    Opinions on the 8x42 Frontier ED-X

    For the money they are excellent. I often use them instead of my Swarovski
  23. Gray C

    Rough and dirty Hawke 8x42 APO review

    I have the ED-X in the 8x32 format and they are excellent
  24. Gray C

    Opinions on the 8x42 Frontier ED-X

    8x32 ED-X are excellent for the money. No complaints from me
  25. Gray C

    Never seen any of these before

    https://www.allgadgets.co.uk/marine/pc/bynolyt-searanger-iii-7x50-compass-binocular-13p87.htm?atc=1&idproduct=87 They float and have a 25 year guarantee which is good. What they are like optically I don't know, but I came across them purely by chance