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    Great Northern Diver

    Some at RSPB Dungeness at the moment and we were told they're quite rare there too. Much better picture than mine.
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    Mirrorless camera help?

    I have a similar setup to you but with the 65mm ATX, yours will gather more light and be much better than mine. While I've been delighted looking through it I've always been underwhelmed by the quality of the photos using a Canon M50 on the TLS-APO, at times the guy next to me holding an ancient...
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    Canon RF 200-800mm IS USM

    I've wondered about the 100-500 too as I know I'd find it more manageable the older I get but I also know I'd likely have a 1.4 extender on it most of the time at which point because of the design it's almost the same size as the 200-800 and not much less in weight. As I currently have a...
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    Just before Christmas I bought a R7 and the RF100-400 from John Lewis in their 20% off sale which along with Canon Cashback came to what I thought a very reasonable £1526. Also picked up the 1.4 teleconverter from Canon which with cashback was £370. Coming from bridge cameras and an M50 with an...
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    Canon RF 200-800mm IS USM

    The official UK Canon store has removed the 1st April date and now just says out of stock. You do wonder if all the initial production has gone to You Tubers which is a fair marketing strategy but announcing a product you can't supply seems bizarre. If they really didn't expect the demand then...
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    Swarovski ATS 80 25-50 W vs 20-60 vs ATX 85

    The T42 to EOS-M adaptor arrived yesterday and at £11 incl p&p the cheapest part of the kit. While the TLS APO cost a fortune even buying it at a much reduced price it is very easy to use just slipping on and off. Weather preventing much of a play but have already noticed the depth of field...
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    Swarovski ATS 80 25-50 W vs 20-60 vs ATX 85

    From October 3 you'll have a further choice of the ATC/STC 17-40x56 which is a lot smaller and lighter than both and I think will be £1820 (subject to change) https://www.swarovskioptik.com/gb/en/birding/products/spotting-scopes/atc-stc
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    Swarovski ATS 80 25-50 W vs 20-60 vs ATX 85

    I've had a reply from Swarovski who have confirmed their adaptor is an EF mount. Think the confusion arises as my Canon is a EOS M50 model and the mount is a lot smaller than the EF, just taken my EF and EF-M lenses out and the difference is substantial hence I have an adaptor to fit the EF...
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    Swarovski ATS 80 25-50 W vs 20-60 vs ATX 85

    On the digiscoping and camera adaptor, I've had a reply from Swarovski who I also think don't understand that mounts for a Canon EOS camera and a Canon full frame camera are different as they think the same adaptor will fit both.
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    Swarovski ATS 80 25-50 W vs 20-60 vs ATX 85

    Many thanks for that, have I ever used the centre column, I don't think I have as always adjusted on the legs. It's one more bit for play to creep in so I'm happy to not have it.. The Leofoto looks interesting and their web site actually gives specifications unlike many others. Does look like...
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    Swarovski ATS 80 25-50 W vs 20-60 vs ATX 85

    I have a similar conundrum wanting to upgrade from an ancient RSPB scope and tripod. Having purchased some Swarovski binoculars last year I'd like to stay with the brand, I've peered through countless ATS models but not the ATX. Weight is important so in either it would be the 65mm. Most dealers...
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    Canon EOS M6 with Swarovski TLS APO - needs two adapters?

    I have a Canon EOS M50 which uses the EF-M mount which I think is the same as the EOS M6 so I assume I need to use the T2 ring plus a EF to EF-M adaptor (which I have). I thought the 30mm TLS APO was the first size they sold and designed for APS-C which with Canon is EF-M so it seems odd they...