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  1. NAB

    Waders, Cairns, Australia

    The smaller Sandpipers are Curlew Sandpipers
  2. NAB

    Accommodation on Shetland next September headache

    Our group of 3 birders normally do Scilly or Shetland each autumn and after a run of 3 years on Scilly, we decided to visit Shetland next year. I immediately noticed two things, compared to previous years, in that accommodation seems lacking and the price has shot up, especially if looking in...
  3. NAB

    RSPB’s New Logo

    Can you imagine the pro shooting rag the Daily Mail, the day after, if they did that :ROFLMAO:
  4. NAB

    Spring Migration, Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada, May 2022 (14/05/2022 – 22/05/2022.

    I've been following the sites on eBird for a few years, this along with the available literature, points to the second and third week of May being the best time. If I repeated the trip again, I'd probably make the first full days birding around 10/05. This said I cant grumble with the number of...
  5. NAB

    Spring Migration, Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada, May 2022 (14/05/2022 – 22/05/2022.

    Thanks and glad you enjoyed it. I hope to go back at some point in the future, to get some of those missing warblers. Mark the guy I was with, has previously founds his own Golden-winged Warbler at Pelee and Kirkland’s Warbler at Rondeau!
  6. NAB

    Spring Migration, Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada, May 2022 (14/05/2022 – 22/05/2022.

    As mentioned on a previously posted North American trip report, I've long had a fascination with New World Warblers. I've been fortunate to see a few species in the UK, but in the end, I decided to go across the pond and start finding them for myself. During the late 1990s I was working on a...
  7. NAB

    Pelee or Rondeau spring 2022?

    Thanks for the info, I actually used to work for a chemical company based in Sarnia, so I’ve flown from the UK to Chicago and then onto Detroit, before driving over the border. Unfortunately it was completely the wrong time of year for birds. I used to find the US/Canadian border tough going...
  8. NAB

    Pelee or Rondeau spring 2022?

    So Covid-19 allowing, my spring 2022 plan is to head from the UK to Ontario for spring warbler migration. My question is, do I primarily base myself at Point Pelee or Rondeau Provincial Park? Clearly Point Pelee is the more well known destination, but looking at ebird this Spring, Rondeau seems...
  9. NAB

    Don’t mess with a female Kestrel!

    Quite incredible this: https://www.wildlifekate.co.uk/post/kestrels-battle-a-hobby-incredible-footage-from-stow-maries-aerodrome
  10. NAB

    Songbirds are an Italian Delicacy

    Follow CABS (Committee Against Bird Slaughter) on Facebook, they do some good work.
  11. NAB

    Fair Isle Bird Obs Closing for Good?

    Why did they need to raise that huge sum of £650k to rebuild it after the fire, when according to this, they were able to claim on their insurance? http://www.fairislebirdobs.co.uk/insurance.html
  12. NAB

    Easily accessible wintering Wallcreeper?

    Thanks for the replies guys
  13. NAB

    Easily accessible wintering Wallcreeper?

    Thanks for the info
  14. NAB

    Easily accessible wintering Wallcreeper?

    Is anyone aware of any current and easily accessible wintering Wallcreepers i.e. where I can easily connect with during a quick weekend break from the UK?
  15. NAB

    Spring watch goshawks

    If you are based in Derbyshire, go to Derwent/Howden Reservoir off the Snake Pass in March and you will see them displaying.
  16. NAB

    Natural England scraps general licence to kill ‘pest’ birds

    The ironic thing here is that the RSPB and other conservation bodies, can no longer cull corvids to protect threatened ground nesting birds, which are on the red list. Timing could not be worse! I just don’t think it’s been thought through; yes farmers and the hunting fraternity have a lot to...
  17. NAB

    Why don’t finches like my feeder?

    I've given up with my nijer seed feeder, the local finches are only interested in my other feeders, which contain sunflower hearts.
  18. NAB

    Springwatch 2018

    Martin got pushed, as he was a middle aged white male, who wasn't representative of British Society allegedly. In fact, he said as much himself.
  19. NAB

    In search of Florida spring migrants April 2018

    Thanks for reading. I spoke to someone who claimed to have had over 100 yellow-billed cuckoos, following a thunderstorm a few years back; now that is a fallout!
  20. NAB

    Pinellas County, Florida Trip Report - 5-19th April 2018

    Fort De Soto Park Your reports make good reading. Regarding Fort De Soto Park, I was there last week and had some very good birding following a storm. The most productive areas for me, were the scattered live oak trees by the historical fort and the Arrowhead Trail (great for Warblers), which...
  21. NAB

    In search of Florida spring migrants April 2018

    I’ve long had a fascination with North American Warblers and Thrushes, where I’ve been fortunate enough to see 5 species of New World Warbler in the UK, along with 4 Grey-cheeked Thrushes, one of which I found myself on the Isle of Scilly. So when my wife asked what I wanted to do for my 50th...
  22. NAB

    Zeiss ht discontinued ?

    I love my HT's and would not swap them for anything!
  23. NAB

    Mull or Skye

    Have you considered driving across Skye and getting the ferry to North Uist? I've stayed on North Uist twice previously and in addition to Eagles and Harriers, its very good for Short-eared Owls, Corncrakes, Waders and Otters. I was also fortunate to see breeding Red-necked Phal's on my last...
  24. NAB

    Florida hotel for birdwatching?

    Key West I have a Florida holiday planned in early April and we are specifically staying on the Keys at Key West, so that I can bird Fort Zachary Taylor each morning, as its a real hotspot for passerines moving North and especially Warblers: https://ebird.org/hotspot/L127449 Its a 10 minute...
  25. NAB

    Willow Warbler or Chiffchaff?

    Chiffchaff - short primary projection when compared to tertial length