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  1. Richard Klim

    The last post...

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. I've been largely deskbound, struggling with cancer since Jul 2014 (with various surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) and BF has provided a wonderful way for me to remain engaged with ornithology throughout. However, in recent days it's become clear...
  2. Richard Klim

    The last post...

    (...from me anyway.) With very best wishes to the many regular contributers to the taxonomy forums! :t:
  3. Richard Klim

    ABA Big Year 2016

    Nate Swick, aba blog, 17 May 2016: ABA Area Big Years In Progress: May 2016 Update.
  4. Richard Klim


    HBW Alive: Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) Red-naped Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus nuchalis) Red-breasted Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus ruber)
  5. Richard Klim

    White-tailed Rubythroat

    Collar 2005 (HBW 10).
  6. Richard Klim

    South Georgia

    Martin, Agrotis ipsilon isn't included amongst the insects treated by Burton & Croxall 2012.
  7. Richard Klim

    South Georgia

    Brit Birds, 16 May 2016: 'Team rat' leader named Conservationist of the Year.
  8. Richard Klim

    Neotrop Birds 18

    Neotrop Birds 18. (Received my copy by post yesterday.)
  9. Richard Klim

    Birds of Libya

    Go-South: 15 May 2016 – Oiseaux de Libye – Birds of Libya. Isenmann, Hering, Brehme, Essghaier, Etayeb, Bourass & Azafzaf 2016. Oiseaux de Libye. Birds of Libya. SEOF, Paris.
  10. Richard Klim

    Yellow Legged Gull

    Hammouda et al Hammouda, Hamza, Ayadi, Pearce-Duvet & Selmi (in press). Assortative mating for carotenoid colouration but not size in the Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis. Bird Study. [abstract]
  11. Richard Klim


    Arizaga et al Arizaga, van Wilgenburg, Alonso, Cortés, Leconte, Rguibi, Valkenburg, Vera & Hobson (in press). Breeding origins and pattern of migration of Bluethroats Luscinia svecica wintering from Iberia to Senegal as revealed by stable isotopes. Bird Study. [abstract]
  12. Richard Klim

    Accelerated speciation in colour-polymorphic birds

    Morphological basis of glossy red plumage colours Iskandar, Eliason, Astrop, Igic, Maia & Shawkey (in press). Morphological basis of glossy red plumage colours. Biol J Linn Soc. [abstract & supp info]
  13. Richard Klim

    A new AOU?

    Progress report: May 2016 Beissinger, Lanyon, Pruett-Jones, Martin, Raphael, Sullivan & Wolf 2016. Report of the joint AOU-COS Merger Working Group. [pdf]
  14. Richard Klim


    Forest Double-collared & Moreau's Sunbirds McEntee et al (in press). [pdf]
  15. Richard Klim

    Eastern Pacific storm petrels

    Sausner, Torres-Mura, Robertson & Hertel 2016. Ecomorphological differences in foraging and pattering behavior among storm-petrels in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Auk 133(3): 397–414. [abstract]
  16. Richard Klim

    Reference lists

    Sandgrouse & finches Joe Hobbs, 12 May 2016: List of Sandgrouse with References. v1.0 (May 2016). List of Finches with References. v1.0 (May 2016). www.dutchbirding.nl/references/551/joe_hobbs_lists_of_references
  17. Richard Klim

    White-throated Thrush

    Núñez-Zapata, Peterson & Navarro-Sigüenza (in press). Pleistocene diversification and speciation of White-throated Thrush (Turdus assimilis; Aves: Turdidae). J Ornithol. [abstract & preview] [Dagua (White-throated) Thrush Turdus (assimilis) daguae is treated as a distinct species by Ridgely &...
  18. Richard Klim


    Forest Double-collared & Moreau's Sunbirds McEntee, Peñalba, Werema, Mulungu, Mbilinyi, Moyer, Hansen, Fjeldså & Bowie (in press). Social selection parapatry in Afrotropical sunbirds. Evolution. [abstract & supp info] [Forest/Olive-bellied (Eastern) Double-collared Sunbird Nectarinia...
  19. Richard Klim

    2016 - World Yearlist Record Attempt

    Dutch Birding: Arjan's Biggest Year: April 30 - May 9.
  20. Richard Klim


    IOC World Bird List David Donsker, 9 May 2016:
  21. Richard Klim

    Lesser Whitethroat

    Votier et al Votier, †Aspinall, Bearhop, Bilton, Newton, Alström, Leader, Carey, Furnes & Olsson (in press). Stable isotopes and mtDNA reveal niche segregation but no evidence of intergradation along a habitat gradient in the Lesser Whitethroat complex (Sylvia curruca; Passeriformes; Aves). J...
  22. Richard Klim


    Cathartes aura meridionalis Other treatments... Kirk & Mossman 1998 (BNA Online): Ferguson-Lees & Christie 2001 (Raptors of the World): southern Canada and northern and central USA, ... Dickinson & Remsen 2013 (H&M4 1): Houston et al 2015 (HBW Alive): synonym of nominate aura...
  23. Richard Klim

    West Indies: new extinct snipe

    Steadman & Takano 2016. A new extinct species of snipe (Aves: Scolopacidae: Gallinago) from the West Indies. Zootaxa 4109(3): 345–358. [abstract]
  24. Richard Klim

    Mouse-colored Tyrannulet

    Zucker et al pdf Zucker et al (in press). [pdf]
  25. Richard Klim

    Two titles abandoned

    Mongolia Gombobaatar, Bräunlich & Boldbaatar. Birds of Mongolia. PUP.