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    Pesticides and herbicides largest cause of bird decline in Europe

    A study, reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: https://phys.org/news/2023-05-pesticides-herbicides-biggest-bird-decline.html https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2216573120 https://www.pnas.org/doi/epdf/10.1073/pnas.2216573120
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    flying with a buzzard

    yeah so all the songs are about eagles, but this guy seems pretty cool (I think this is correct section of forums to post this)
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    Falcon migration South Africa to Finland

    thanks so much for you effort. While I generally try to verify things before I repost/spread, I had little idea how to go about it here. You have done excellent work for which I have much respect.
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    Falcon migration South Africa to Finland

    A female falcon was equipped with a satellite tracking system in South Africa before migrating to Finlad. Image shows tracker data. In just 42 days, she flew over 10,000 km, at an incredible average of 230km/day and nearly in a straight line. h/t Laura Aboli
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    Red-billed Queleas destroy crops

    I saw this story today, it seems like they are definitely a threat to poor farmers. I can't believe the widespread use of toxic chemicals is the answer. https://www.chronicle.co.zw/quelea-birds-wreaking-havoc/ https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/news/2009/08/19 The second link says they have...
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    a bad molt day?

    It looks like this Carolina Wren is having a bad molt day with unruly feathers. Either that or a tumor or territorial fights, I'm not sure. It certainly caught my attention.
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    What is the best wild bird seed to buy

    mealworms will attract insect eating birds so if you want to shift your audience I'd say that would be a way to be different from sunflower seeds. I have a covered feeding plate so they stay dry. One day I had tried soaking them first but yellowjackets showed up.
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    Comment by 'radix023' in media 'Booted Eagle'

    That's a really nice shot.
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    Comment by 'radix023' in media 'cowbird01.jpg'

    I had a bird attacking the front porch windows, so I put up the camera to ID him. At first I wasn't 100% on the ID but when I played the birdsong it was an instant ID. First day with the tripod inverted I didn't catch him attacking the windows, only some feeding tray shots.
  10. cowbird01.jpg


    Brown-Headed Cowbird
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    Louisiana Waterthrush? (suburbs of Atlanta Georgia USA)

    Song Sparrow and Ovenbird were the other Merlin offerings
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    Louisiana Waterthrush? (suburbs of Atlanta Georgia USA)

    the Merlin app put this as one of three. The waterthrush is the only one with the eye band/line like this guy, but is "uncommon" so I figured I would check before declaring. Thanks in advance for constructive input!
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    Pine Warbler? First time seeing/photoing this guy

    OK, that does it. You have been so quick accurate and generous helping me with bird ID I have to become a supporting member. Merry Christmas, y'all.
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    Pine Warbler? First time seeing/photoing this guy

    Shot these about 30 minutes ago. Here in Marietta, GA USA. With those bold colors knew I hadn't seen him before.
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    downy vs hairy, the woodpecker debate

    today I was trying to capture some different behaviors and instead I got a new visitor. This time I can't plead color blindness because this one is black and white for the most part. The size makes me think hairy, the size of beak makes me think downy. Merlin ID'd as downy. I included the shot...
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    Comment by 'radix023' in media 'Hard to Swallow'

    Nothing wrong with culinary ambition
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    Eastern Phoebe?

    Marietta Georgia, USA two days ago: Merlin ID'd the top photo as Eastern Phoebe. This guy doesn't have the big head the allaboutbirds site shows, but searching here for phoebe photos, this doesn't seem as far off. Comments/expertise welcomed, thank you for taking the time to look.
  18. footpecker


    Later in day after the HTC RE's battery gives up (about two hours) sometimes these bird would come up that would grab a seed between their talons and peck at it. I just got silhouettes so I wasn't able to ID. Today I did. It's my black-capped chickadees!
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    Please help confirm bird: crow

    I'm sorry, took that a few hours ago in Marietta, Georgia USA.
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    Please help confirm bird: crow

    The only thing that is throwing me here is the eye color. The notes I found said juveniles could have white or blue eyes, turning to brown as they mature, but this looks to this colorblind guy like yellow:
  21. mourningdove.jpg


    I have been hearing these guys for a while before they actually made an appearance. At first I thought it was a pigeon, they even walk with that same head-bop syncopation. But Merlin says it is a mourning dove and the wing plumage doesn't match the pigeons around here. These guys also just...
  22. towhee


    This guy won't go up to the feeding tray, just scrounges the knockoff. The white on the end of his tail makes him stand out.
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    Feeding Research

    If you tell them interviewees will be entered into a drawing for Zeiss Victory 8x42 binos I think you will have no issues. How well is this project funded?
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    experiences in bird feeding: journal entry 9/8/2021

    Apparently once birds get acclimatized to something they will perch. Here you can see the tail of one guy who was literally on top of my camera: So I have been trying to get photos of the Towhees, preferably on the tray, but I haven't seen them in a week or two. Today I got a new visitor, a...
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    Comment by 'radix023' in media 'Short-eared Owl'

    Just stunning.