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    Britain's most prolific egg collector, reoffends again.

    Given his previous convictions ( so no doubt about his guilt ) , can’t his image be circulated around all the nature agencies and displayed to the general birdwatching public at reserve visitor centres ? Then we could all keep an eye out for him while out birding . Pictures of criminals are...
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    Red-billed Tropicbird (finally) and other musings

    Bit strange really. There’s a record on ebird for the bwt 12th Feb but I’m sure there was at least one record ( including a photo ) during mid January which doesn’t appear on ebird now. Whether the record’s been withdrawn I’ve no idea. When I was there in late January there were three teal , a...
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    Two people break 10,000 species, and on the same day? Can it be?

    Hard to imagine how much money ( and time) it would need to get to 10k. Can’t imagine doing it with family commitments either. My world list isn’t greatly over 2k after 50years birding but then again I had a family and most foreign birding was done on package holidays with the family to Europe...
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    Red-billed Tropicbird (finally) and other musings

    There were three teal, a garganey and the blue-winged teal on that pool in January .
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    What’s your nemesis bird?

    Grey - headed bush shrike in the Gambia a few years ago in woodland near Marakissa. Was one of the target birds I asked the guide for .
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    Very busy at the bird feeder today!

    Have the parakeets become pretty much resident in the Poynton area ? Certainly well established across south Manchester now but I’ve only seen them a couple of times here in Macc. They seem regular now at Dunham Massey and also saw some at Quarry Bank this year.
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    Is Slimbridge wetlands the Mecca of bird spotting in the Uk?😄

    For variety of habitat ( including the immediate surrounding area ) , Minsmere is always a great place to visit, although I take John’s point about the crowds.
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    More IDs for Sal Cape Verde

    Would agree with sandwich terns .
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    mystery duck/ goose the second, Iwakuni Japan, 25th December

    Maybe the poster was thinking possible scaup with the right-hand bird showing quite a bit of white around the base of the bill ? Still think tufted duck myself.
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    Sequoia planting scheme in the uk

    Looks similar but I think the one on tv was in south wales .
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    Sequoia planting scheme in the uk

    Think they said that sequoia grow three times faster hence the great capacity for removing carbon from the atmosphere. What I can’t find out is how useful or not they are to our native insects,fungi,birds etc. Even in the states all I can remember around them were chipmunks and kinglets .
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    Sequoia planting scheme in the uk

    Just watched an article on tv about this . The main aim is carbon capture from the atmosphere as the trees grow to huge heights and particularly rapidly. Fabulous trees that I’ve had the privilege to see out in their native home in western America. We also have them in a number of our parks and...
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    Tennessee Warbler ? Last week - Ontario

    Think it’s a red-eyed vireo.
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    Cuba endemics from 18/02/24 to 01/03/24

    This whole thing seems bizarre. We did a birding trip to Cuba some years ago so that aspect isn’t a concern,personally. However, thousands go on package holidays from the UK to Cuba every year , so are we saying that all those people are then barred from the US unless they apply in person for...
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    Wader ID. Kiruna. N. Sweden today.

    Yes , agree. Caught out by thinking it was a larger bird from the photo.
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    Wader ID. Kiruna. N. Sweden today.

    With the length of both the bill and the legs , bar-tailed godwit seems the best fit. Just the leg colour seems odd.
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    Need help with finch - Norway (Tromsø)

    With those orange tones around the neck and breast , I’d favour brambling. Actually, you can see orange in the wing too.
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    Skipper I.D. Cheshire

    We found quite a few on the Dee-side of the Wirral yesterday ( including Burton Mere ) . I hadn’t realised that they had colonised our area before - I remember having to travel to the Suffolk area to photograph them back in the day.
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    Vax passport requirement?

    Has the WHO got the power to impose such a ban on international flights ? I’m sure a good number of countries would not bow to being dictatated to by an organisation that already has credibility problems over the Covid affair. Fully vaccinated,myself, so no personal interest.
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    Did Merlin Bird ID really hear these in my garden?

    Yes , it’s odd that it sometimes fails to pick up birds that are perfectly audible to me. Regarding some of the outlandish id’s , I wonder if the app is more governed by its American origins ? ( eg Eastern orphean warbler flagged as a thrasher )
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    Did Merlin Bird ID really hear these in my garden?

    I started using it this spring purely because my hearing nowadays can’t pick up birds like grasshopper warbler, treecreeper etc. and I’ve found it useful. Agree that I’d prefer to use my own skills and it has thrown up some daft id’s ( Crissal thrasher in Lesvos ! ) but overall I’ve been impressed.
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    Canada holiday - advice please

    Do you mean you’re flying between Calgary and Vancouver ? Shame if so because it’s a great drive between the two with good birding. We did that in 2019 at that time of year and took 5 days with 4 stops along the way.
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    Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Bedfordshire

    Hardly worth arguing, but 1+ means more than 1 to me i.e. Definitely not just 1 . Anyway,if you’re happy you saw a wild one, that’s entirely up to you.